Within Your Own Heart

prop-215 It’s such a sad thing to see how greed has turned itself on our sick and dying fellow human beings,  now to keep the fuel burning at any cost, any cost at all with (A No Survivors Agenda).  Attacking prop 215 for one reason, to put their hands on the potential money that could be generated through patients that for the most part can’t afford the costs now from cannabis stores. Yet they seem to know it’s a do or die situation in a large majority of these cases.

Though it does not come to me as a surprise, remembering in 2010 protesting in the streets of San Diego with signs to support the collectives and co-ops San Diego had, and now I am glad to see them close for one reason, they were not following AG Guidelines. To operate a true collective or co-op means at the end of the year all participants were to divide between it’s participants everything according to the input they placed into it, be it money, plants /medicine, but all costs for their yearly operations were to be equally divided, separated and tallied up. Yet have I ever witnessed this, but they didn’t mind people, usually their customers standing in the southern California sun without sending a bottle of water to them, only on a rare occasion send anything out for them. closed-collective-gate

That in itself should of been the warning I needed to see, but trying to place a good world into a corrupted one just doesn’t fit. With all of these so called “help groups” such as D.P.A., N.O.R.M.L. A.S.A. to name just a small few there was to me more important fights to continue with, after-all I am a patient and I know how important it is to save prop 215. When years after the pages of history are turned back, maybe then will the light be clearer and brighter?

Now with A.U.M.A. aka prop 64 rearing it’s nasty head up to gobble any and all opportunities to control something that was never intended to be a profit making proposition, but only to give sick and dying people a chance to choose what they use. Pharmaceuticals pushed to doctors with incentives to use their chemical compounds they call “modern medicine” when the real facts are, no one can actually predict what that drug they give to you will do to you? It’s an approximate guess it can treat you, not cure you. My personal reasons for this is once cured, they don’t need “treatment” thus illuminating continued business / profits. Which to me actually is understandable, with one exception, you can’t take it with you when you go. Willing to allow innocent people to become criminals and disrupt their family life, all over a plant made to heal humans, now wallets or bank accounts. prop 64 marijuana legalization auma

What it has shown us is who’s all about the greed and what they can get from you. In the wake of their control no one is immune from the destructions soon to follow. Misleading everyone but the elite few or the ones that have read this geocoding  plot of tax money that will never reach the destiny it’s said to be going to. Another way of blanketing their agenda. If they are so hell bound on total control, what on God’s green Earth would make you possibly think they would hand anything back? So these so called tax allegations will not go towards schools as stated, but will go towards reinforcements in making their interests are secured.

shark-lawyer  A.U.M.A. aka proposition 64 simply put is a “Bad Apple” that will make all the apples go rotten. When the ones “we” the public look at for justice plot to help put together a package such as the likes of prop 64 should tell you something about the majority of lawyers. This may be the new version of N.O.R.M.L. most public support is coming from “MMJ lawyers” a link to more money, not one I’ve ever met had their “client” in mind unless it was personal, never do they work for free, and as far as Pro-Bono goes, that is something they HAVE to do once a year, and I would be willing to bet, it’s not their “all we got boys” ATTITUDE that is put in the mix. Nevertheless, for the life in me I can not see where they could find any type of self accomplishment it the promotion or supporting this, knowing what it stands for and what it represents for the people of California and it’s patients. If this is what lawyers now have to do to survive, I would try another line of work that is within the lights of co-existing with others.




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