PLEASE SHARE – 3 MINUTES TO UNDERSTANDING MARIJUANA MOVEMENT HE WHO CONTROLS THE SEED CONTROLS THE WORLD ~ George Soros  George Soros, THE major shareholder of Monsanto, is a controlling […]

America, Don’t You Care?

Since November of 1996 the idea of making cannabis useful as the healing plant is, was, and always has been seems to finally begin to hit home, debunking the lies that […]

When Do We Hold States Accountable?

  Maryland apparently has a problem with bringing minorities into this new money making business, with a Jim Crow/ sharecropper  approach towards people of color being brought into the medical […]

Did You Miss the Real Story

California voters fell prey to what I consider to be one of the biggest scams of all time when they passed prop 64 aka A.U.M.A.  Remember by voting this in […]

Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

  In order to be afforded legal protection of the Maryland Medical Marijuana law, qualified medical marijuana patients must register with the state patient registry and possess a valid identification card […]

The American Dream Sal’s Story

Sal’s Story By, Suzanne Button Sal is my friend and he’s a lonely man who lives in the bushes of the high desert, he moves from bush to bush so […]

The Strange Case of Eugene Davidovich

Eugene Davidovich one applied for NCIS and dreamed of being an undercover agent.  His 1st known case for marijuana was dismissed under suspicious circumstances by Judge So at the request […]

Don Duncan asks San Diego for Restrictive Permitting Process – New Proof!

DON DUNCAN WANTS OFFERS HIS POT MONOPOLY AND RESTRICTIVE PERMITTING AS A WAY TO DEAL WITH THE “UNCHECKED PROLIFERATION OF DISPENSARIES IN SAN DIEGO”. http://<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Qu8UIHIYmDY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> […]

Within Your Own Heart

 It’s such a sad thing to see how greed has turned itself on our sick and dying fellow human beings,  now to keep the fuel burning at any cost, any cost […]

A Cannabis Manifesto By Dennis Peron

A Cannabis Manifesto By Dennis Peron Download PDF I’ve been told that I should not fight the inevitable. That the polls say this or that and you just have to […]

Welcome to Zion, You are Awake Now

Patients under Prop 215, want and need real protections, not empty promises by Prop 64, and not a corporate takeover of our human rights to grow our medicine. The strategy […]

Colorado Pesticide List Update (Sept. 26)

Published on October 10, 2016 Twitter                                                      Kerrie Badertscher Cannabis Consultant, CEO, Otoke Horticulture, Certified Prof. Horticulturist – ASHS; author: Cannabis for Capitalists The list for pesticides that can be […]

What Do You Know About Prop 64?

  There will be a quiz…study up children… Here are the REAL answers, so if any are used in the debate you can tell if they (prop 64 proponents)  are […]


PROP 64 – IN THEIR OWN WORDS Tuesday, September 27, 2016 by pt rothschild “IF THEIR PENS ARE MOVING…” BSC, CA – We’ve all heard that a politician “will tell […]

$10,000 Worth of Legal Analysis about Prop. 64, FREE!

   (from Letitia Pepper) An Attorney Who Uses Marijuana, Loves California, And hates how Lynne Lyman Is Lying about Prop. 64) Lynne Lyman’s Yes on Prop. 64 message (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69ndkRkbMBk). Most […]

Transparency or Pot Monopoly?

   Dear President of the Board of Supervisors London Breed and City Attorney Dennis Herrera I am writing this letter to reiterate our concerns regarding this taskforce. Our previously expressed […]

On Flushing Plants

On Flushing Plants :   I have a Ph. D. in Plant Molecular Physiology and my thesis was on the molecular genetics of plant senescence, so this is a three […]

Morals for Sale, get um While there (their) Cheap

I recently saw an e-mail that disturbed me by shaking my foundation. It just couldn’t be! But it was, or read that way. _________________________________________________________________________     OMG.  Some lay person is saying […]

So Others May Live by Michael McShane

by Michael McShane        Starting in 2010 in Michigan I got an opportunity to get a “Medical Marijuana” recommendation to grow and possess Cannabis. Originally I thought it was […]

The State Of Medical Marijuana In Washington State.

   High I’m Brian Tiger Weedz Smith. I’m a medical marijuana patient/activist who lives in Seattle Washington. I was against i502 because it’s promise to not affect M.M.J. was obviously a […]


  PROGRESSIVES AGAINST THE PROP. 64 ADULT USE MARIJUANA ACT We are a group of pro-legalization Californians concerned about the impact Prop. 64 would have on our environment, young people […]


  https://voteknowprop64.blogspot.com/?m=0 PROGRESSIVES AGAINST THE PROP. 64 ADULT USE MARIJUANA ACT We are a group of pro-legalization Californians concerned about the impact Prop. 64 would have on our environment, young […]


https://voteknowprop64.blogspot.com/?m=0 PROGRESSIVES AGAINST THE PROP. 64 ADULT USE MARIJUANA ACT We are a group of pro-legalization Californians concerned about the impact Prop. 64 would have on our environment, young people […]

Will It Be Worth Established Freedoms Patients Now Have?

PROGRESSIVES AGAINST THE PROP. 64 ADhttps://voteknowprop64.blogspot.com/?m=0https://voteknowprop64.blogspot.com/? AdULT USE MARIJUANA ACT We are a group of pro-legalization Californians concerned about the impact Prop. 64 would have on our environment, young people […]

If Prop. 64 Passes

        OMG.  Read this article (bottom) and see how, if Prop. 64 passes, then anyone using marijuana — not as medicine but as a dangerous drug, which is what Prop. 64 […]

Lanny Swerdlow: Fair Is Fair

      Lanny Swerdlow, back in the 2010, the days of Prop. 19, assiduously avoided letting anyone who was pro-marijuana and anti-Prop. 19 present any information to the MAPP or […]


HISTORY REPEATS SWERDLOW INCIDENT – POT GOONIE POPPED Part 2 BSC, CA – What an amazing weekend!! I witnessed the battlefield decoration for a couple of front-line activists of the […]

Dear Letitia Pepper

  Dear Letitia Pepper:     Can I possess all the marijuana my six plants produce, if Prop. 64 passes?       Signed,       Worried Patient with HIV   Dear […]

Attorney Letitia Pepper Arrested for

Here is a brief report on Letitia Pepper’s recent false arrest in West Hollywood on August 20, 2016.     The City of West Hollywood co-sponsored a “Cannabis Education Forum,” […]

Hempfest Founder Bans Speakers at Hempfest

Talking outside of both sides of his mouth, Hempfest Founder Vivian McPeak allowed the Fake “legal-lies-ation” iniative to dominate Hempfest.  All Speakers had to support this clear attempt to legalize sales […]

Who Killed Bud Kushman?

BUD KUSHMAN & The Eugene Davidovich Story …. Bud Kushman said” ‘could not have done a better job’…. ‘than if he (Eugene Davidovich) was working for the government…hmmm ‘ “………. […]

The Roses Are Dead Because of Greedy Bullies

   When are we going to finally wake up and see “The Roses” are dying? Prop 215 has and always will be patient oriented because THEY NEED IT. the misunderstanding […]

Prop 64 – AUMA Legalization for the 1%


If They Have No Bread, Give Them Kef

         If Californian’s pass Prop 64 or A.U.M.A.  this November then we as patients will be advancing backwards instead of forward. At length I recollected the thoughtless saying of a great […]

Vote NO Because You Know! 64

     Not one patient I have ever spoken to has ever denied anyone from using cannabis, all use is medical. It’s important to clear the air about what patients want […]

What Have We Learned So Far?

With every story there are always two sides, usually one is good the other not so good. In November of 1996 California passed A Compassionates Law called prop 215.  It […]

Maryland’s Got Talent

   Yesterday I went to go see how I wanted to set up to record a friend of mine that will soon be playing at this venue, and it was […]

Judge Francis Young – On issue of Rescheduling Cannabis

Judge Francis Young – On issue of Rescheduling Cannabis  In The Matter Of ) ) Docket No. 86-22 MARIJUANA RESCHEDULING PETITION ) _______________________________________) OPINION AND RECOMMENDED RULING, FINDINGS OF FACT, […]

Whatever Happened to Activist Ken Estes?

The Spirit Within Leland Cole I thought I would share a funny experience that I had some time ago, while walking on Vancouver’s east side. It had a touch of […]

San Diego’s Local Talent Trey Tosh

   Sometimes it’s nice to break away from my norm and record other interests I have, one is good music, and when one comes across an individual such as in […]

I Can’t Hear You……Pyle

  The trend setting state California seems to be slowing itself to a quite whisper. There is an emerging threat being forced down our throat A.U.M.A.  and no one has […]

The Hall of Shame

This awareness is something no one seems to touch on about A.U.M.A. is it’s ability to launder monies made by these hidden supporters. What a perfect format enabling this to […]

What Can You Take with You?

   California will soon face their biggest medical cannabis decision with A.U.M.A. attempting to control you and the entire California movement through deception and well paid advertising trying to convince […]

Tell Me What I NEED 2 KNOW and Why?

Thank you, Dr. Bearman!      We don’t need a 62-page long initiative — UNLESS we are trying to hide its actual impact on people in a bunch of legalese. […]

Spring is Here

 Robins picking worms, singing their merry songs of spring. The trees begin to awake from their winter’s slumber as temperatures slowly warm, bringing life into another year on Delmarva and […]

“Anyone Else with Juice”?

 As a prior conviction [marijuana] , Rob Kampia comes to mind — although, for sure, I don’t know if he has any financial interest in the outcome of that abominable CRT-A.U.M.A.. […]

The Year 1996

In November the year was 1996 California voters passed what was known as (Prop 215) “A Compassionate Act” which gave sick and dying human beings a choice of either using […]

M.M.R.S.A. Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act

  Jerry Brown, California’s Governor, just signed a new law, the Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act (M.M.R.S.A.), that violates Prop. 215.  M.M.R.S.A. purports is to change the Prop. 215 rights held […]

When We Create Addicts

It Seems these days the narcotic problem has infiltrated our youth as everyone looks for answers to this epidemic plagiarized our community, families, and lives with no end in sight. […]

Blinding The Blind

It’s so easy to sit back after something has happened and make statements like,  “if it were me, I’d of….) or ” I knew this was going to happen all […]

Legal-Lies-Nation vs Legalization

 With so many it appearing to be on the take in California’s medical marijuana movement we are left with a very important question, “What about the patients”? A long ago […]

California’s New Non-contestable Market

  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Non-contestable market) In economics, the theory of contestable markets, associated primarily with its 1982 proponent William J. Baumol, holds that there exist […]

Pulling The Trigger

This is what pulled my trigger, and for me to see so many being set up by political crap of greed I speak out. As God is my witness, William […]

The Trey Tosh Band

 Trey Tosh, by far one of the most entertaining persons I know, alone or with other musicians, Trey simply adds to it all.           From Fresno, […]

Is There Room for Me? Create

Unless you’re closely associated when AB266 comes in everyone will be looking towards the black market to obtain their medicine. A modern day mafia take-over of Prop 215 and SB-420 […]

When Too Late means that, Too Late

For years the weedly news has informed the activist as well as patients / readers of the monopoly game being played under your very feet, Now it is all but […]

Legal vs League Haul

I have been told of unmarked helicopters dropping off two men dressed as D.E.A. or some type of government / military style of cutting down from what I understand as […]

Pot group offers support to AIDS patients

Written by Tamara H. Sone, Coachella Valley residents who have AIDS may get some relief when it comes to paying for medical marijuana. Lanny Swerdlow, registered nurse and founder of […]

Black Tuna Diaries

This is an interview with the first person federally convicted under “The King – Pin” law. One of Americas first pilots that flew in tons of marijuana that was given […]

Help Is On It’s Way

A Harley biker is riding by the zoo in Washington , DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the […]

“New Pledge of Allegiance”

BY A 15 yr. OLD SCHOOL KID who got an A+ for this entry (TOTALLY AWESOME)! Since the Pledge of Allegiance And The Lord’s Prayer Are not allowed in most […]

555 PEOPLE or “We The People”?

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.. Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, […]

Maxine’s Yearly Dementia Test

It’s that time of year for us to take our annual senior citizen test. Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, […]


Overdose Alcohol (alcohol poisoning) According to the US National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus: “Ethanol poisoning is caused by drinking too much alcohol,” and can be found with respect to “Alcohol […]

Fourth Marijuana Conviction Gets Slidell Man Life in Prison

http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2011/05/fourth_marijuana_conviction_ge.html#incart_hbx Cornell Hood II got off with probation after three marijuana convictions in New Orleans. He didn’t fare too well after moving to St. Tammany Parish, however. A single such […]

Thanks for defending one of our own Rev. Ryan!

This was copied from the blog of Rev. Ryan The link to his blog is http://xcannabis.com/2011/04/mob-mentality-religion-activism-politics-its-all-the-same/   Categorized | Call to Action, Cannabis Education, Medical Marijuana, xCann News Tags | […]

The Canasol Eyedrop

– Ian Allen/Staff Photographer The Canasol eyedrop, a derivative from cannabis (ganja) that is used in the treatment of glaucoma. Teino Evans, Staff Reporter CANASOL, THE locally produced drug used […]

FOX40 News ::Chris Biele April 25, 2011

> Attorney: Decade-Long Medical Marijuana Court Battle Nears End > http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-news-potbattlenearsend,0,2282833.story (has video – claims 30 federal prosecutions since 2008 Obama announcement?) SACRAMENTO- The operators of a medical marijuana operation […]

San Diego’s Balboa Park Rose Garden

Earlier in January I took video of the ones that created Balboa Park’s Rose Garden. As I promised I was going back to check on the roses, they turned out […]

Amee’s Article 108 Tattoo Studio

  Article 108 Tattoo Studio Located between Broadway and “C- Street off 7th Avenue is some of San Diego’s best tattoo artists available!   Customized and such detail anyone desiring […]

Big Toe @ Balboa Park on Earth Day

Big Toe is a local guitarist that has been playing guitar locally at so many events and is well known for his talents. He performs locally and at fund raisers […]

Music In The Air

I was in Balboa Park today for Earth Day 2011 and as usual the San Diego weather cooperated with it’s sun-worshipers and smiled a warm sunny smile on our area. […]

Sir Lake-alot to the Rescue San Diego

Is it possible to reverse the problems the patients in San Diego have to face just to obtain a safe natural medication that has been the conservatory of so many […]

James Stacy speaks out

James Stacy once faced federal charges but somehow the judge decided to grant probation to James instead of giving him the time he had been threatened with. James seems to […]

Remembering Jack Herer R.I.P. my friend

I was able to make this memorial service for The Father of Hemp Mr. Jack Herer along with other San Diegains to pay our last respects to a friend I […]

Minority Death Tolls Increase Through State Taxes

   As a cancer survivor and cannabis user, it has helped me through these tough times taking chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Thinking I was cleared recently I have turned towards […]