Welcome to Zion, You are Awake Now

stopsign marijuana patientsPatients under Prop 215, want and need real protections, not empty promises by Prop 64, and not a corporate takeover of our human rights to grow our medicine. The strategy of requiring a medical ID card will haunt us no matter what the regulators end up doing.

A more reasonable framework for plant freedom is to treat those who are not sick yet as medical users as well, requiring no ID and No disease to qualify. Preventative medicine is still medicine. The war on Marijuana Users must end, but to use more regulations and controls is the opposite direction we should be going.

hindsightDon’t forget, there once was a time when we had only 10 Laws, and life went on in society with those basic 10 laws. Now we have millions of laws on the books, and are we better off for it? NO , but the government is bloated, wasteful and clashing with the very people it claims to protect.

As in the MATRIX, the people in the dream, the ones who are no threat to the system are left alone. The sheep, the robots, those who do what their handlers want of them, be productive slaves and keep feeding the beast are the ones we must reach with the truth of who they are and how their freedom has all but been eliminated by over regulation. This war for Cannabis Freedom is simultaneously a war for Human Freedom.

Only when we UNJACK, and unplug from the machine, do we see that we are more than what the government allows us to be. We are citizens of the universe, destined to be completely free. It is as if the government has a monopoly on what is reasonable and good, what is acceptable and what is not, with no lateral deviation from that norm. The problem is, who gets to decide what is reasonable, what is good? Shouldn’t we the people decide for ourselves what constitutes normal behavior on an individual level?

So here we are at another government election, full of Matrix style propaganda, the sheep, mostly young rebels, believe they are fighting the war against them by using the limited set of tools they are allowed to use, but not seeing the deeper reality that they are exchanging one form of control, namely prohibition, for another useless form of control, hyper-regulation.

The boot is still on their neck. To be completely free, the Cannabis plant must be treated like a plant, without any penalty or restriction. The Only laws required already exist. If  I injure you due to my actions, I need to make you whole. If I steal from you I must be dealt with.

But hyper regulation, controls and taxes on a beneficial plant do nothing to protect my individual rights and freedoms from being trampled by another. They are designed to protect Me from Myself. And until we eliminate that design flaw from this or any future regulation, especially one voted on by the people, we cannot have true personal freedom.

Yes, we should have laws, but laws that seek to protect freedoms, restore freedoms, and make injured parties whole again. Not laws designed to limit the use of a plant by making it very difficult to grow, or consume, or that continue to fine, punish or jail humans over a plant, that is really no more dangerous than a cold beer, Teflon Donand in many cases safer than a cold beer.

The legislating of a perceived morality issue, controlling a persons actions with a law designed to deter their free choice, is no end of any war on people or their choices. Those are flaws with Prop 64 and many other modern laws, but mainly they are a product of the Stockholm syndrome. We have been in bondage to the government system of control for so long, that we cannot see outside of the box and we tend to agree with our captors, that gruel, a glass of dirty water and a moldy piece of bread are good enough, while many of them are feasting at the table of excess on our backs with the tax revenues that are supposed to benefit US.

By our nature, we as the repressed cannot see, understand, conceive of or craft better legislation until we shed the shackles of control placed on us by our government, and unfortunately for us, the corporations with the millions who are playing the system for their benefit at our expense. Promising the regulators an entire new billion dollar source of revenue, from people who have been bled dry, there is no more money to be had, and continuing to tax the working class will result in the ultimate collapse of our society, as the divide between the 99% and the 1% grows even larger. Stephen DAngelo

Limits on how much you can grow, carry, consume, potency etc.  are all attacks on personal freedom designed to limit our exposure. It’s time we stood up as a society and exclaimed, enough is enough, strike down the “I’m your daddy, and I know what is good for you” types of laws. A Final end to the war on people who choose to have an altered reality occasionally will be the result.

prop 64 marijuana legalization aumaVote NO on Prop 64, Send a message to the world and the government, you can tax our gasoline and our incomes, and the stuff we consume, but we will no longer support your wasteful, bloated system and jails for profit using hyper regulation, by taxing a plant that we all agree should be completely free.

California can do better
Welcome to ZION.
Joe Hemp

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