Prop 64 AUMA is fake trick

The Truth about AUMA

by Letitia E. Pepper

AUMA will charge 15 percent excise tax, plus both State & local use & sales taxes, all of which can be increased

in the future by a two-thirds majority vote. (See section 34011 and Section 10. AMENDMENT.)

Will these taxes benefit the 99 percent?  No.  A special, and unusual, provision in AUMA provides that none of these taxes will go to benefit the General Fund, or to public schools or to community colleges!  (See Section 34018.)

Instead, a self-perpetuating, bloated, AUMA-created bureaucracy of appointed, un-elected officials, their staffs (and their pension plans!) will suck up every last bit of revenue from all taxes, fines, fees and any other income generated from marijuana, including even the other taxes that AUMA places on top of the excise tax!) (See Section 34011.)

AUMA creates new marijuana-related felonies, misdemeanors and infractions (see, e.g., section 11362.4, subds.(a) through (h)), and even sends minors caught growing marijuana to jail for 16 months, 2 (two) or 3 (three) years.  (Section 11362.4, subd. (e).)

Under AUMA, individuals’ right to grow, possess and even use limited amounts of marijuana can be altered or entirely revoked by the State legislature with a simple majority vote, to further AUMA’s purpose to tax and control marijuana.

(See AUMA’s Section 10. AMENDMENT.)  Revoking individuals’ new AUMA-created existing right to grow marijuana for

themselves would certainly further AUMA’s intent to tax revenue and obtain control over all marijuana!

Instead of a predictable, state-wide system, AUMA creates a patchwork of inconsistent regulations across all cities and counties.

It allows all cities and counties to ban outdoor cultivation and to apply local taxes, permits and license fees to all growers, even to medical marijuana patients growing a

little indoor marijuana for their own use. (See Section 11362.2.)

AUMA makes California’s constitutionally legitimate medical marijuana laws subservient to inapplicable federal law, thus putting at risk Californians’ existing right to use herbal marijuana as both medicine and as a nutriceutical, and forcing them back into the waiting arms of Big Pharma. (See Section 11362.85.)

AUMA improperly treats marijuana, a non-toxic, euphoric drug and valuable medicinal herb, like toxic tobacco and alcohol.

California Already Has the Best Medical Marijuana Law in the Land, The Compassionate Use Act (The CUA)

Let’s Keep the CUA Intact and Expand Its Benefits to All Adults by Supporting

Jack Herer’s California Cannabis Initiative 2016!

Prepared by Letitia E. Pepper, Director of Legal and Legislative Analysis for Crusaders for Patients’ Rights,

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