Minority Death Tolls Increase Through State Taxes

   As a cancer survivor and cannabis user, it has helped me through these tough times taking chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Thinking I was cleared recently I have turned towards […]

Within Your Own Heart

 It’s such a sad thing to see how greed has turned itself on our sick and dying fellow human beings,  now to keep the fuel burning at any cost, any cost […]

A Cannabis Manifesto By Dennis Peron

A Cannabis Manifesto By Dennis Peron Download PDF I’ve been told that I should not fight the inevitable. That the polls say this or that and you just have to […]

Welcome to Zion, You are Awake Now

Patients under Prop 215, want and need real protections, not empty promises by Prop 64, and not a corporate takeover of our human rights to grow our medicine. The strategy […]

Colorado Pesticide List Update (Sept. 26)

Published on October 10, 2016 Twitter                                                      Kerrie Badertscher Cannabis Consultant, CEO, Otoke Horticulture, Certified Prof. Horticulturist – ASHS; author: Cannabis for Capitalists The list for pesticides that can be […]