How to Prevent Your Vape Tank From Leaking

Vaping has no shortage of character when it comes to crazy user experiences and quirks you will encounter along the way. Among these is the infamous ‘leaky vape tank syndrome’. E-liquid messing out all over the place can be a nightmare to clean up. It also translates to wasted money every time e-liquid is lost through tank leaking.

It seems that no matter how expensive or sophisticated a vaping device you may have, you will still have to contend with a leaky tank from time to time. However, unless you’re absolutely sure you purchased a faulty device to begin with, the problem of e-liquid leaking out generously from your tank can be easily avoided.


How to fill up tank correctly

The first step to prevent a leaky tank from ruining your day is to exercise care and attention when filling it with e-juice. The lesson to be learned here is that once something becomes a habit we tend to rush through it just to get done.

Think back if you’ve had a tank go leaky on you before. You’ll remember that you probably rushed through the process of filling it. So there’s a hint as to where many leaky tanks are born. Sure it’s something that you do so often it feels like second nature. But you’ve never heard of someone filling a tank with their eyes closed.

So next time you’re filling up take a deep breath and go through the motions carefully and deliberately. Most vape tanks feature a top vent or chimney, which is responsible for bringing fresh air into the vaping chamber. Even a drop or two of e-liquid down this chimney can result in spit-backs and eventually leaking.


Never place a tank sideways

You would think with most manufacturers promising air tight construction and ‘leak proof’ designs that setting your device on its side won’t cause any problems. The fact is that a tank on its side is more likely to develop a leak regardless of what the device maker has promised you.

What happens when you set a tank on its side is that the internal seals which ensure everything is tight and dry can become loose. And once the seals are loosened your tank will continue to leak even after you place it an upright position. Many vapers have attested to this fact that in order to remedy intermittent leaks they had to take the entire tank apart, and put it back together making sure everything was sure and tight.


Looking after your tank seals

If you’re still experiencing tank leaks after following the previous tips, the problem could be more severe than expected. Each of the individual parts that make up the tank’s body need to be inspected. Have a closer look at the seals and o-rings. Damaged seals are notorious for causing a tank to leak so check and see they’re still in good condition. Also check each of the threads on the tank’s pieces and see that they have not worn out through excessive tightening. If all is good go ahead and put your tank together while gently tightening. It should all line up together in one body without any skewing. If you still experience leaks it means your tank unit is no longer airtight and one of the joints in your tank setup could be damaged.


Give the old Vape Tank a wash

Still no luck ridding yourself of leaks? Many vapers are in the habit of filling up with a new e-liquid without cleaning out any remnants of the previous e-liquid which was used. This is sure to result in residue building up over time. It can also start showing up where it’s not supposed to, like inside the air intake vent. Time to clean out all the gunk collecting inside your tank. Once you’re satisfied let your tank dry completely before assembling it. You may be pleasantly surprised you’re finally rid of the leaking problem.