Narc Alert San Diego ASA – ARMA riddled by Narcs – Attorneys are Complicit

Americans for Safe Access is NOT a patient group.  It is a conjunction of Organized Crime and Corruption of Politicians and Law Enforcement.  George Soros of Monsanto was the original funder of Americans for Safe Access.  The purpose of ASA is to disrupt attempts to end marijuana prohibition.  ASA creates chaos in any given city and then offers to be the answer to the chaos.  They do this by offering that they, the Dutch Mafia front Organization called Harborside, can help the government close down competition if THEY get a RESTRICTIVE PERMIT.

In San Diego, California, the ASA group is run by narcs, and most of the long term attendee’s have long history of snitch behavior.  Among themselves they don’t even hide it.  Here are some of the many documents regarding the leader of ASA and the way his court cases are fake and all the dates line up with the activity of Police Sting Operations.  Goal: Corruption of local government to control pot market and keep prices high. (See below)

Lets use that knowledge to look at the current situation.  On the one hand you have Eugene Davidovich who had a previous court date dropped at the request of the prosecutor 3 days after a detective went and got a medical marijuana card to pose as a patient to begin Operation GreenRx.  This was done by the same judge who would preside over his later trial, you heard it.  Same judge.  And to give the medical defense to the jury, Eugene did not have to have a single patient testify.  The cops were at the most polite, the main cop actually going on vacation in the middle of the “trial”.  IT was not like any other court hearings or trials I had witnesses before.

EUGENE DAVIDOVICH JOINED FACEBOOK UNDER THIS NAME “EUGENE” IN JUNE OF 2008 – HE JOINED THE WASHINGTON D.C. NETWORK…The same time “Operation GreenRx” started.  Operation GreenRx was a diversion of Federal Grant Money by NCIS, ATF, Local police, and the San Diego Attorney office.

Eugene rented a small office next door to a medical marijuana store.  He befriend the people and did a few deliveries for them.  All 4 related stores were raided, most shut down 2 months later.

Another big lie he repeated often through the media was how he was “raided at gunpoint”.  Wrong again.  They merely knocked on his door with an arrest warrant.  They did not even have a search warrant.  There was no raid.  And he was never fired from any job.  And he had no reason to even rent that office next door to tIhe marijuana store in the first place.

It was August when the 4 stores were raided.  Nothing happened until October.  It is thought that the Operation GreenRx buys started around October 13,  On October 18 Eugene Davidovich went and got a medical marijuana card.  Weird.  If recs are generally written for a year at a time, then why did he wait until then?  Did that mean he did not have a card before that?  Perhaps he had one of those 6 months recs.  Just one more weird coincidence that his next actions coincided exactly with the next phase of “Operation GreenRx”.

Two months after the stores were closed, Davidovich had a 5 time loser named Kevin who was begging the courts to not send him to prison, wire up a grow room.  He grew the plants for 8 weeks only.  He never put them into any bud cycle.  Then he called Brad (not his real name) and asked for help to tear down his room.  Brad reports being shocked that he would rip apart this room with never budding the plants.  Eugene Davidovich may not have known about that part of the grow, his naval training not included in that.  Brad also stated from that moment on he believed Brad to be a cop, he realized he was being filmed.  He was so freaked out he left town.

When the raids came, Davidovich did not suffer the same fate of many, with violent gun toting thugs bursting into his house.  Instead a polite knock, a kind of “going through the motions” kind of thing.  They hung out for 7 hours.  It would be NARCOTICS DETECTIVE TIMOTHY NORRIS, THE SAME NARCOTICS DETECTIVE WHO WAS THE COP WHO ARRESTED TERRIE BEST FOR METH AND HEROIN SALES AND FRAUD.

Instantly Eugene Davidovich with his whole one ounce of pot was instantly placed on the “District Attorneys high profile” list.  Nobody else was on it.  Not just from this Operation greenRx which netted a couple months of meth, half pound of heroin, guns, 400 plants about 20,000 in cash.  This DA high profile list does not even contain Mexican mafia, twenty ton trucks of marijuana, tunnels brining tons under the border.  Just little old Eugene and his 1 ounce of pot.

In fact, unlike the other arrested, the police did not even take the $700.00 Eugene Davidovich had in his wallet that day.  It was a gentlemen’s arrest.

Eugene did find himself in an even better place to infiltrate the local group, known as the porthole to the police, the local ASA – Americans for Safe Access group.  The downside of this group is that being open to the public, just as many narcs and undercovers attend these meetings.  Thus the name, “porthole to the police’.

Eugene Davidovich schmoozed his was from one person to the next.  Like a black widow spider, he would try to Kill or “erase” them once they had served their purpose.

He moved into one womans house, who kicked him out after she became suspicious and after he showed her that he had stolen a patient database from a store while pretending to work on their computer.  He also disclosed to her that he had applied for NCIS, which stands or Naval Central Intelligence Service.  He told her that he never imagined himself to be spending time around people like her or “those ASA people”.  She watched him practicing new stories daily on the people that came to visit her house.  He was actually molding an identitiy.  “It was weird.  He was such a good liar you would only know he was lying if you knew the actual truth.  He could hold eye contact and mimic the correct mannerisms for even the biggest lies.  He reminded me of some of the sociopaths that I saw when I worked as a social worker for juvenile parole,  He was one of the best, definitely with the top 4 of sociopaths.  I asked him to leave.  I told him he could not stay at my house anymore,  He was very angry.  He has threatened me, and this harassment he manipulates others to harass me, last month he hacked my home computer.  I believe he is a psychopath.  Very dangerous.”

She had become suspicious but it was too late.  She had already suggested to him that he take Dion Add to dictionary out to lunch and talk to him about taking over the local ASA group.  Dion had been asking somebody for years to take over.  It was on one of these lunches that an anonymous call was placed to the sheriff in Vista and Dion ended up with the sheriff at his house, detaining people, claiming he smelled marijuana, obtaining a warrant and then searching the house, arresting Dion, his girlfriend Joan, and taking Dion’s son into CPS custody.  This nightmare ended for Dion and his family with the agreement they leave the country for 18 months.  When they come back after 18 months these charges will be dismissed.

So Davidovich proceeds to chase all current members out of San Diego ASA.   Except one.  Standard military strategy is if you invade and take over a group of people you keep one of them.  It is called an “anchor”.  This “anchor” must be a sheeple who will go to the program and is so gullible he will believe what is told to him without question, as his loyalty is to the overall name of the group,s so he does not question anything that happens.  In the case of SD ASA the “anchor” is named Rich.  Rich is a nice guy, smart, a great grower, but the Operation GreenRx raid and jail time did a number on his head and he has never been the same.  If anybody, even in other chapters wants answers they can use Rich as this “longtime ASA member” who, like the Stepford Wives, is kept sufficiently brainwashed to repeat what he is told.  A few of the known local ASA narcs such as Neil Plastique, Linda Davis and Sharoc stayed.  They work for money or weed and have loyalty none other but themselves.  They were fine and some even willingly took part in the ASA Narc program.

The ASA Narc program is to locate marijuana businesses and get them shut down on behalf of Harborside CoFounder Don Duncan and Stephen Dangelo, who himself had his own large previous cocaine bust that went unpunished but that’s another story.

As numerous storefronts reported suspicious activity, this man who never had a storefront, or a collectve, never even budded any plants, and whose background and identity do not add up, gained trust, mostly by bashing the person he probably works for, he gained access to alot of information.  But, as in all deep undercover operations, that is not enough.

Now Davidovich appears to be sucking up to Don Duncan, literally.  His mannerisms with Duncan mirror Duncans, prolonged eye contact, subtle gestures.  If Davidovich isn’t gay he is doing a great job of acting.  Who wouldn’t act the part with so much money to be had?

If Davidovich knows where your money is, than when you get raided he gets a percentage when you get raided and your money seized.  Ditto for his Cohort narc Terrie Best who early on bragged about being a narc.  It looks like she has gone a bit undercover now that it is time to shut down the rest of the stores that did not receive the insider permits.  She is coming for you and they will use their “ASA Ambassadors” to do it, just like the standards set by the father ship Super Narc store itself Harborside.  Harborside rewards customers with piddles of buds for locating stores that Harborside founders can then call the police on. Arma Kim Simms Cannabis Don Duncan





AAs Craig Beresh worked tirelessly through the NORML chapter he started to get a level 2 and 3 zoning regulation on the ballot for marijuana stores, ASA and Duncan used all resources to destroy efforts to have a fairly zoned marijuana market in San Diego.  ASA and their allies only wanted you to open stores so that they could use that as leverage to close down the stores in San Diego in exchange for them controlling 4 permitted stores.  Get it?

ASA was started to protect the financial interests of Don Duncan.  He has started Berkeley Patient Group, Harborside, LaPCG and probably many others, and having a few patients available for protests is kind ot the same theory AL CAPONE used when he had soup kitchens for the poor and fed them out of the same bars where he made his millions.  “If you let the police shut us down, you won’t get your soup,”  He would tell the poor.

As the ASA mantra twists the law and tries to convince patients that if they do not support the monopoly that is really the seam underbelly of ASA they are somehow traitors to the cause.   In the grand plan of creating chaos and then walking in the back door greasing palms with an offer to provide “safe access” with only his 4 store plan, ASA does not care about you or patients.  If you own a store, in the long run, the goal is to use you and then put you out of business.  We have lot’s of proof of that or we wouldn’t even say it.

So why should we care if Eugene Davidovich is really working for the government?  If he puts you in prison, takes your house, your children to CPS?  Should we care that he uses a group of meth addicts, or former meth addicts, all with convictions for drugs and / or violence to harass and overturn medical marijuana groups, threaten activists in San Diego?  Why should we care?  You tell me.

After Eugene Davidovich was firmly implanted in the local marijuana he brought in fellow narc Terrie Best.  Terrie Best had the same cop, Timothy Norris bust her for Heroin, Meth and 2 fraud cases.  She never disclosed that she also had the same prosecutor drop who case who planned operation greenrx.  When she was first brought in she openly bragged about being a narc.

This is your warning.  ASA is the lobby for a larger agenda of controlling the pot market.  Their “mixers”, “we-grow” type of bullshit activities are merely to locate you and shut you down when the time is right.  Attorneys such as Lance Rogers and the other schills who hang around like vulture know the score.  They make money off all sides.  Any attorney who associates with ASA or the known narcs of ASA is not working on your side and never will be.

If you have a store, and Lance Rogers, Kimberly Simms or the other Motley Crue of thieves and liars puts on a presentation welcoming you to “the industry”, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.


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