Lance Rogers Marijuana Attorney Creates a NARC Agreement for Mother Earth aka “Outliers Collective” in El Cajon

 Update:  It is no surprise at all that Med-West was raided.  It is being charged as an oil manufacturing plant for which Lance Rogers was the attorney.  Somehow Attorney Jessica McElfresh is being charged as being part of the operation.  Her office and home were raided and all records taken.  Stay tuned to find out the part Lance Rogers played in all this.  You will notice an unusually large number of raided stores with Lance as the attorney.  Read More here:
Lance on You Tube while Med-West is being raided claiming to be their attorney

CityBeat asked Lance Rogers, the attorney who represents Mother Earth, why its paperwork doesn’t disclose the issue of warrantless law-enforcement access to records. Rogers responded that the agreement does state that the cooperative is “operating in full compliance” with “San Diego County Code § 21.2501,” the ordinance that requires the access. We asked Rogers whether it was fair to assume patients know that’s what “full compliance” means.

Lance Rogers, Harborside Soros “Don Duncan”, Narc Pound Dealer Dion Markgraaf, SuperNarc (NCIS?) Eugene Davidovich negotiated with the county to expose GROWERS, PATIENTS, AND VENDORS TO ANYTIME SEARCHES OF THEIR RESIDENCES, BASED ON THE FACT THAT THEY HAD SIGNED A PAPER COMPLYING WITH COUNTY CODE 21.2501, which not only turned over all info to law enforcement, but actually had the software company have multiple meetings with the Sheriffs office so the sheriffs could tap into the computer from the actual sheriffs office.  Multiple reports were received by the weedly news of Sheriffs showing up unannounced at people’s houses demanding to search WITHOUT A WARRANT.

This was put together by a disgusting human being, a failed actor, a horrible lawyer and all around shitty person with the moral values of a rock; Lance Rogers.

Medical-marijuana patients have a false sense of privacy.  City Beat originally could have cared less due to all the advertising, but when they saw a chance to steal info from the Weedly News, they lept right on it.

It was the Weedly News that originally reported that Don Duncan, multimillionaire agent for George Soros of Monsanto fame, was having Bob Reidell, the former high school buddy and current pot dealer Dion Markgraaf (registered Narc according to attorney Mark Bluemel), who was Narc’d out of the way for SuperNarc Eugene Davidovich to take over (300+ stores closed).

Was that hard to process?  Don Duncan was looking for a front man for his Harborside Lobby aka “Americans for Safe Access” to open a mega store that would take the San Diego Pot Market and deliver the money at black market prices back to his backers (Soros, Dutch Mafia…You get the picture).

They chose Bob Reidell who had been slinging weed since high school with his buddy Dion Markgraaf.   Markgraaf was shoved out of the way by an anonymous phone call (while at lunch with known narc Eugene Davidovich), which resulted in a raid of Markgraafs house and a bizarre plea agreement that allowed him to leave the country for 18 months and have all charges dropped.

ASA leader deposed by SuperNarc Eugene Davidovich.  Davidovich then brings in known narc Terrie Best.  She had the same state cop (Timothy Norris) on her case as well as the same prosecutor drop her case that planned Operation GreenRx (Chris Lindbergh).  That after she did her pc1000 for heroin and meth sales, as well as Fraud.  Turned Narc she did and the Narc Org put her on the board of Stepping Stones, a Court Ordered Drug Treatment Center where you can’t graduate until you turn in your friends, and dealers.  Welcome Terrie Best!

When presented with a massive amount of documentation proving their narc status by Attorney Mara Felsen, Don Duncan (ASA-Harborside Corp) replied, “I don’t care if he’s a cop”.  Ditto for Terrie Best.  As the San Francisco ASA originals have long pointed out, Harbor side actually rewards customers (and even pays them) to locate other shops and competitors so Harborside can call Law Enforcement.  Never mind that Harborside founders Duncan and D’Angelo have been working with the DEA since D’Angelo’s huge cocaine bust in Maryland.

Since what you do not seem to comprehend is that Americans for Safe Access purports publicly that it is working for safe access, and zoning and they have stuff on their website to encourage small collectives to be public, etc, EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION SHOWS THEY ARE THE LOBBY FOR RESTRICTIVE PERMITTING HERE AND IN OTHER CITIES (2010).

The real job of ASA is to raise up the black market and wipe it out.  Then corporations with DEA ties and Homeland Security ties, as well as local City Attorney’s offices, etc set themselves and friends up in stores TO CHARGE BLACK MARKET PRICES.

In cities where they achieve their goal of furthering their pot monopoly through ASA and Don Duncan, who stores he has opened through his CAnnBe Corp (bringing it around 100 million dollars a year) they then have ASA AMBASSADORS enforce the monopoly by working with police to shut down stores. ASA AMBASSADORs=NARCS


Where did Lance Rogers get his fame?  Because as the Corrupt DA attempted to Fry Operation GreenRx defendant Jovan Jackson, a fight was brewing in the San Diego Courthouse.  The judges were mad at the way Bonnie Dumanis was attempting to control them through her blacklisting scheme….Jovan got lucky when his judge was on her last case at the courthouse and moving on to better things.  She ruled everything in Jovans favor, regardless of the merit.  Even though Lance could barely see his way out of a paper bag, he ran off as the hero.  He had done nothing at all, but had no problem representing himself as the next best thing to sliced bread.

The next thing Lance did is began hanging out with known narc Eugene Davidovich.  Now safely a buttboy for ASA, Lance had Eugene’s hand so far up his ass, nobody knew who was really talking.Don Duncan Arma Kim Simms Cannabis It did not matter that a known Federal Narc named Michael Llamas had been brought down from the Sacramento area to work with Davidovich.   After Michael Llamas turned Federal Witness put his 10 co-defendants in his own fraud scheme to prison for 4-14 year sentences.  The feds moved Michael to San Diego and known FED NARC Davidovich began introducing Michael Llamas to local Mom and Pop Stores as a “rich Mexican banker” who wants to help them take their stores to the “next level”.  (Just fill out the paperwork about where you hide your money).

A good 300 stores were located and shut down with this Narco scam.  Since Narcs typically get 20-25% of the money, it’s anybody’s guess how much Davidovich, or his sidekick co-narcs Michael Llamas and Terrie Best have made at this point.  Or how much they had to cut the other “Asa Ambassadors” who are as easily replaceable as any mentally ill meth addict on the street.

AN ASA AMBASSADOR’S SOLE JOB IS TO LOCATE COMPETITION FOR LATER SHUT-DOWN.  IF THEY CAN GET HIGH IN THE PROCESS, ETC, NO PROBLEM.  Soros and Harborside have an endgame here.  It’s called eliminate the competition.

Millions were at stake and if Lance could have a chance at fattening his wallet, who cares about selling out the masses.

Enter “Mother Earth El Cajon” – Don Duncans MultiMillion Dollar windfall, for which he had manipulated and probably murdered for.  This store has allegedly rolled over into new ownership and is calling itself “Outliers Collective”.

“Right now, it is self-regulation,” says Eugene Davidovich, the local spokesperson for the pro-medical-marijuana Americans for Safe Access (Narc installed by DA office in 2008). “It is an emerging field where standards are being developed as we go.”  (Yes, regulations like threatening to murder people who asked for regulations.)


In July, Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative in East County became the first dispensary to receive official clearance to operate legally under San Diego County’s collective ordinance.  Yes, because encouraging a bunch of stores to “go public” and then going into the local government factions and offering to help shut them down works wonders.  It’s called “create chaos and pretend to be the answer to that chaos”.  It is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  So, as ASA held multiple meetings with spineless jellyfish loser lawyers telling the public to “go ahead and open up” and “it’s just a civil offence”, many took ASA at their word and were used as cannon fodder.  So nice to write to them in prison CONSIDERING ASA PUT THEM THERE.

See Don Duncan elicit government that he will help shut down stores (after his sham lawyers told them it was all legal to open.)

But the collective is also compiling new data on its roughly 2,000 members on every visit.

“We track how many dollars they’ve spent, how many types of medicine they purchased, the type of medicine, the quantity of medicine,” Riedel says. “Everything is tracked, just like if you go Rite Aid. You can go to Rite Aid right now and say, ‘I need my print-out for the last year of what I’ve done with you guys.’ They can give you that. We can, too.”

One reason they collect that information is that it’s a requirement of the county ordinance. Another clause in the ordinance says that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department must have access to these records, as well as a complete roster of the col lective’s membership. This isn’t spelled out on the membership agreements.

“This definitely needs to be disclosed to collective members,” Givens says. “I think there is a potential for abuse, and, to me, that’s a significant issue.” (Ya think?)

CityBeat asked Lance Rogers, the attorney who represents Mother Earth, why its paperwork doesn’t disclose the issue of warrantless law-enforcement access to records. Rogers responded that the agreement does state that the cooperative is “operating in full compliance” with “San Diego County Code § 21.2501,” the ordinance that requires the access. We asked Rogers whether it was fair to assume patients know that’s what “full compliance” means.

“It’s my position that stating the law does put the patient on notice, but if there is additional information that would make it more clear, I’m happy to review it,” Rogers says. (Dickhead with no moral values.  Cha-ching)



That’s one reason dispensaries should disclose how they store the data and what methods they take to protect it. Robberies at collectives have become common in San Diego, with three cases in August alone. There’s also the question of what happened to records that were obtained during law-enforcement raids as far back as 2009. The Sheriff’s Department and the San Diego Police Department say they don’t maintain a database of patients. The U.S. Attorney’s Office didn’t respond to inquiries, while the District Attorney’s office didn’t deny the existence of such a list.

“The District Attorney’s Office has not, and will not prosecute a legal, legitimate patient who uses medical marijuana,” the D.A. said in a prepared statement sent via email. The office would not respond to direct questions regarding patient privacy. (HAHAHAHHA, BIGGEST BULLSHIT STATEMENT IN THIS ARTICLE)

“Davidovich, who became a DA placed figure in the collective community after he was prosecuted for his involvement in a collective, believes that law enforcement is, indeed, using the information to investigate patients.” (Wow, really?  And the fact that over 500 documents have been put out showing he was working with the police in 2008 and 2009 to bust people, you can safely assume he still is).  See other articles.

“They’ll seize whatever they can in the collective, and later on, they’ll use that information to compile lists and databases of patients for whatever future prosecutorial use they may have for it,” he says. “That’s a major problem, and I think that to protect the collectives, I urge folks to keep patient records in electronic form and keep it off site in case of a raid.”


Cannabis is easier to grow than tomatoes, 100% safe, and if it were a real market, would cost close to nothing.  The profits for these corrupt government workers awarding themselves and their friends permits would be not worth chasing.

Any attorney that represents any ASA, GLACA, ARMA, or Harborside related store should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY.  Don Duncan and his Narc Organization, ASA and Harborside, Glaca, Fed Narcs by any other name are not their to work on your rights, patient rights, or distribution rights.  Unless you mean THEIRS. 









If you get shut down and Lance Rogers was your attorney, here is where to file a bar complaint:

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