More proof Asa is a NARC Organization – Terrie Best and Eugene Davidovich installed as Narcs

Don Duncan00 Michael Llamas 00 Eugene DAvidovich 00 Don Duncan 00 dion markgraaf 00 tERRIE BESTEugene Davidovich was mysteriously dropped into San Diego’s medical marijuana scene in 2008 during Sting Operations known as Operation GreenRx.  San Diego Attorney Mara Felsen soon produced documentation showing that every date associated with Davidovich 2 fake cases lined up exactly with the police activity of at at least 2 sting operations.  Davidovich soon set up the local ASA leader, known narc Dion Markgraaf.  With Dion out of the way Davidovich then brought in Terrie Best, a woman from an anti-drug group board who did not use marijuana.  Together they rid the local ASA chapter of anybody

who had a clue as to what these two were up to.


Documentation showing that both Eugene and Terrie had the same cops involved on their cases.  Terrie, was recruited as a snitch after her two fraud cases, her heroin sales, and her meth cases had her looking at prison time.  Attorney Mara Felsen insisted that Davidovich was actually a full out NCIS Fed.  Another San Diego attorney Mark Bluemel, who happened to be best friends and golf buddies with Davidovich attorney Mike McCabe states that Davidovich was working for the Feds but Mark does not actually believe he IS a fed.  That issue is still open to debate.  Bluemel did also state that he saw Dion Markgraaf’s narc agreement with the district attorney office while defending Dion’s codefendant Steve McWilliams in his civil suit against the city.  This of course, was before the FEDS drove Steve McWilliams to suicide.


On what is called a “Juris Criminal History Report” it is clear that Davidovich’s dates line up ever to closely with police activity to be coincidental.  Both cases were handled by the same top judge with ties to the city attorney’s office.  Davidovich social security number does not belong to this fake identity he is using here in San Diego.

Eugene Davidovich MarijuanaEugene Davidovich MarijuanaEugene Davidovich ARMAEugene Davidovich 0026

Where did this person come from? A N.C.I.S.  Spook? A undercover fed? Can anyone in the escape from the controlling of San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Market? A known and proven thief of activist property to self promote his secretive way to the top.

So what is the goal?  Is this local corruption.  San Diego’s own version of “Fast and Furious” where some in local government seek to cut out their own share in the pot market?  Or is Davidovich

simply there to continue busting people in the Soros-Monsanto funded effort to eliminate the black market and yet keep black market prices for the elitist 1% who run our country?  Or both?

Davidovich has been reported to be introducing Michael LLamas (seen below) to local stores in San Diego.  They introduce this as “CannaBank”.  Michael Llamas loves to give the appearance of a smooth talking and rich Mexican looking to invest in the Marijuana Market.  Davidovich will tell you about his long (fake) history and give credibility to the fact that Llamas simply wants you to fill out applications providing personal and financial details.  This pair of narcs will then tell you they will fund your store and help you get a permit.  Davidovich now has his puppet narc Terrie Best appearing to run the ASA chapter, while he appears to run his new lobby group called ARMA.  What they actually are trying to find is where you hide your money.  As narcs, they get 20% or more of the take if they can help get you arrested and money or property seized.

terrie best americans for safe access terrie best chris lindberg (3) Terrie Best ASA Marijuana Terrie Best San Diego ASA terrie best marijuana ASA terrie best marijuana asa Terrie Best San Diego ASAEugene Davidovich ARMA

The information about Michael Llamas has been known by Eugene Davidovich long before any award was given and knowing Llamas’s background should of made any honest person run. The past shows Eugene Davidovich is known to associate with a known embezzlers. His association with Nichole Scott and her husband James Franklin, another Federal Narc enabled the busts and information gathering on hundreds of people.

When you look at the past and who was doing what then and who is doing what now red lights should be blinking like a neon light.  Anybody associated with Davidovich should be suspect.  If this man, or anybody from ASA comes into your store tell them to leave immediately.  Do not go to any of these groups and turn over any personal information.

Endless Summer/ Operation GreenRx San Diego’s sting operation to eliminate the rise of medical marijuana through fear tactics resulted in 14 arrests of legal patients that for the most part were following state AG guidelines. What a perfect time to introduce an agent to infiltrate into this new movement and gather information to further “their” cause.

no search warrant


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