Minority Death Tolls Increase Through State Taxes

   As a cancer survivor and cannabis user, it has helped me through these tough times taking chemo-therapy and radiation treatments. Thinking I was cleared recently I have turned towards the worst, soon to have a P.E.T. scan to confirm yea, or nay. Although Mary6land has approved medical use it is still trying how to obtain it’s money more than how it cares for it’s people. As with most good things, it sooner or later becomes profits vs people / patients.

During my brief research I have noticed Maryland has allowed other people the permission to set and obtain licenses to operate within the state, this is a slap in the face of Maryland tax payers and residents knowing the money will be headed to their home state, taking away from Marylanders. This money and licenses were to keep money here in the state, yet the Maryland government is willing to allow someone else that only see’s Maryland as their opportunity to make serious bank, and they will.

This money they are willing to go could be used to help feed homeless people, help with shelters so badly needed, and schools and help with low income lunches, another badly needed for our children.

  What seems to be such of a importance overlooked is there are people that need this medicine and yet each day it gets farther and farther away from the ones that have a hard enough time paying the bills they now have due to the limitations of federal funds S.S.I. they survive on now. Blinded by lobbyist funding political life styles that deflect their real reasons they were voted into office for. A form of geocoding by elimination of the weaker society, and like “them”  we try to enjoy the cards life has given us to play with.

No different that older day of our countries beginning, we are being taxed to death and something needs to happen or soon will. an American Nation Wide Tea Party like our forefathers of Boston did in protest of England’s over taxing.

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