America, Don’t You Care?

Since November of 1996 the idea of making cannabis useful as the healing plant is, was, and always has been seems to finally begin to hit home, debunking the lies that make it an illegal substance, this fight for truth has only gotten started. Amazing steps in medical breakthroughs from a treatment for Autism, cancer, and just about most ailments man faces, relief of some sort can be found in this plant. From food, fiber, cloth, to clothing, and slowing our carbon footprints we leave on Mother Earth, we keep showing our primitive side, like some wild animal that has the meat and running off with it so no one else can eat, as this movement has shown, time and time again.

It’s no wonder humans can’t co exist with the greed that inhabits (most of) our minds I see as a step towards humanity that can not be taken. We watch as other’s in a better advantage take from us that have actually have sacrificed our freedom, time and families fighting for truth to other’s can par-take of God’s fruit. But again the human factor gets shoved in and all hell breaks loose. Before taxes were introduced, a move that separated a lot of good people to go back into seclusion knowing Uncle Sam would come to take it away as they have done so in the past, piping out some law of they have the right to do so and without you having any say in the matter. Like this country’s faith in it’s government is both lacking, and self destructive ways would lead us astray.

Unable to longer hide the lies of how and why it became illegal, they now have turned their attention on “how to make money” from it if allowed to be used nation wide again. In a slow ease into our life’s, “The Pursuit of Happiness” one of so called rights as Americans, is  made into a money making tax idea before our eyes, and we as a nation are just sitting by and allowing ourselves to be raped financially for something that should be DECRIMINALIZED, not legalized, the difference is legally they can tax you for it, decriminalizing means everyone can do it without repercussion.

I watched California get fooled by one word, “legalize” just like when a blind baby’s candy is taken away, soon the tears will begin to flow, and the crying will soon start, and there is little if anything you can do, remember, you voted for a word without reading the rest, that and the fact a lot of it was purposely left out before the voter could actually read a 64 page jumble of legal chatter, most people and some lawyers couldn’t fathom. So they voted for “legalize” and soon will be getting the ride of their lives, what was already there, actually was better than what they will have in 2000 it was reduced to just a $100.00 fine and no more for an ounce or less in your procession if you did not have a medical card.  Now you will be facing prison time if caught with 2 or more, and that is legal, thanks to prop 64.

As I watch other states begin to ease up on seeing cannabis users as “pot-heads” and attitudes change into “available tax money” the country scam is in effect, again patients are being taken advantaged of, as usual. How sickening it is to see how they feed off the sick and dying, in the name of money, not that we all can’t use it, I know I can, but still I am amazed how they sleep at night knowing some suffer because they can’t either afford to purchase it, or it’s still illegal in their state, yet there’s not a state, county, area, or region and or country with the exception of both The Artic and Antarctica, it’s not found and able to grow in their climate. So what’s all the fuss about?  It’s about MONEY, and POWER.

I am not saying everyone I know has this attitude, not at all, I am saying the ones in power or control today do, and like a bad weed in the garden, their roots go and grow deep, recently, an article was published stating 93% of southern California’s medic al cannabis was contaminated with pesticides and unhealthy for consumption, this was put out by Steep Hill Labs, with most people had no idea that it is partially owned by Harborside’s owner Steven DeAngelo, what a coincidence, Steve has the largest retail shop, and is located in the middle of the activity, Now according to these so called shop owners that supply “Medical Grade Cannabis” to patients, shouldn’t all of that medicine of been tossed, or bagged and refunded from the suppliers? Go figure. Today we all face a new gauntlet to get through, yet it remains the same,

   “There’s nothing in the streets,  Looks any different to me.  And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye.

And the parting on the left,  Are now parting on the right,  And the beards have all grown longer overnight,

Meet the new boss,  Same as the old boss”.       

William W. West


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