When Do We Hold States Accountable?

  Maryland apparently has a problem with bringing minorities into this new money making business, with a Jim Crow/ sharecropper  approach towards people of color being brought into the medical marijuana field? There has been a request to halt operations until a fair and in-bios meeting held to discuss why 15 other companies won the titles to operate with some being from out of state winning “Maryland’s Green Medical Lottery”.  Years after it’s approval for Marylander’s ground has not been broken so to speak while the people go on suffering, like waiting on a witch-doctor to come to the village a hundred years back. “Oh Lordy did the masters done forgets us-n’s agin”? Is this the attitude they take looking down on “The Unelected”. From California to Maryland it all comes down to who can afford what, Oh they can all join in the “Game of Luck”. But it’s “The Bank’s Hand” that needs to be watched. So as this “emergency halt” takes place, the chips are being stacked.

The misconception that the people in this are “We want to help you” type personalities is a joke, never underestimate business minded people, they have invested bank into this and that is what is on their minds, getting the investments back and make a healthy profit while doing so. This is “Business Cannibalism 101” do not be fooled, everyone makes a mistake, it’s part of being human, but that doesn’t go in business. Especially in business’s making millions in months at a time. When it comes to cultivation cost’s are cut dramatically when your both middle-man and supplier. Indoor plants take about 3-4 months to produce and around 1-2 months to properly cure to a consumers taste, smell and quality.

 Alternative Medicine Maryland requested Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams of Baltimore to issue an injunction against the commission until this issue can be solved, noting the licensing process needs to be stopped, this commission appears to be poised to grant final licenses before everyone involved has been screened and rightly approved.

It’s fairly obvious the company wants the court to weigh in, top see if proper procedure has and was followed according to the law? So how in-bios is it when race equality is not part of the selection process? Alternative Medicine Maryland’s motion is based on a deposition from last week when the company’s lawyers argued that a lawyer for the state stated in a deposition last week that  “their” regulators did not consider applicants’ race when awarding these preliminary licenses which is required by Maryland law. After four years this should of been foreseen and dealt with before-hand, or is this a another delay tactic being used until a different plan can be put into action?

African-Americans who make up about a third of the state’s population received not one initial approval to grow this needed healing plant from 15 apps to produce and distribute the product. With time running out a desperate plea was made to judge Williams showing there was no attempt made to see if all of our communities were covered rashly or fairly, Lawyers for Alternative Medicine Maryland’s wrote Judge Williams stating. “It is undisputed that the commission made no attempt, nor did it actively seek racial and ethnic diversity during the licensing process.”


The commission’s chairman, Paul Davies,  did not respond to a request for comment.

Erin Cox stated; A leader of a medical marijuana industry group said in a statement that the filing would delay making medical marijuana available to patients in the name of “money and power.”














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