What’s Different

America is now facing recreational cannabis use over it medical usage which leaves me wondering is their really any difference? Yes their are different grades which as a patient is helpful in determination of what strain one chooses to use which makes a big difference is what their needs may be.

I can remember being able to obtain “pot” when I was at a young age, and have not seen that scene change after 30 + years. Back then I had no idea I was self – medicating. The one thing I do remember is using it I did not go out and commit the crimes “they” associated by it’s use. I didn’t go out robbing, becoming violent, or beating women, as claimed by this “Devil Plant”. Maybe I was lucky and couldn’t afford “the devil’s touch”?

Now that life keeps moving onward, looking back and seeing how the truth has begun to set this plant free from propaganda is moving towards what it was intended for, to relieve both stress and medical use, which each day it seems to be finding more medical breakthroughs than ever, mostly due to it’s ability to heal and cure so many problems humans have.

So why is it so hard for our government to admit they lied to us on such important issues as health? The biggest problem is Big Pharma sees itself losing ground and money. Once the only game in town, Chemo therapy and radiation send more killing agents into your body than before, creating cancer to once again to appear later as our bodies due to using conventional governmental approved medicine. Still forced to use in states that have not yet allowed medical cannabis to be passed.


The cost of just one Chemo treatment could buy a home and still leave you enough money to purchase enough medicine to continue a normal life in most cases. Each chemical used in creating chemo is deadly to human beings yet lobbyist sliding kick-backs to our politicians keeps Americans dangling on the end of a rope. Again it comes down to profits / money before people, and the people lose as usual.


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