Maryland Taxing Forces Lags While Patients Die Waiting

While Marylanders are forced to wait until legislators work their magic inserting taxes for their selves, people keep dying.

It’s time “they” get over the stereo typing of calling Medical Cannabis user’s “Pot Heads” hell bent on making them (pay the price) to self medicate. Dragging their feet while others head north to obtain this needed medicine, which is allowing Delaware to grab the price of both customers and money to slip away.

Listening to the propaganda means nothing to someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer and need help now.  From a patients point of view shows voters have wasted their time hoping their voices are being heard. As usual they are not, nor does it seem they care once elected.

Delaware has just announced they have approved to allow recreational cannabis to be sold only proves this to be more factual that fictional. Again as Marylander’s watch the first state remain first in leading America’s mid-eastern area.

Maryland has made another claim that state dispensaries should be open by late August, not considering how many more lives will be lost by their delays, nor do they seem to care about it’s people but what or how much they can squeeze out of patients before signing off. Another system contaminated by taxes and outside influences such as A.S.A. and N.O.R.M.L., groups designed to take all of your “donations” in return giving nothing back but delays and excuses with no intentions of ever helping except to get publicity and a piece of “The   Spotlight”  Proven by their last 20+ years with no intentions in sight to change.



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