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California voters fell prey to what I consider to be one of the biggest scams of all time when they passed prop 64 aka A.U.M.A.  Remember by voting this in you were to be paying less for medicine? Well it got your votes because most people were only thinking about “getting high today”. Well what’s high will soon be the prices of medication to meet the new demand on “pesticide free” medication since this newly released news of contamination in 93% of medicine tested. Pulling their products (weed) off the shelves in sunny Southern California. meaning from L.A. south to the Mexican border.

As far as business goes what a “Perfect Storm” situation for “Harborside” to excel in since Stephen Deangelo owns a part of Steep Hill Labs. What I am sure you will not see is Harborside take any products off their shelves.

From what I gathered is one, they have their crop harvested and ready to go out but with the competition something has to go, it won’t be anyone from Oakland’s Monopoly, with his 26 millions he claimed Harborside made years ago, and still continuing with no loss in volume or demand, what I feel is a bumper crop ready to go, what better way to promote both Steep Hill’s Lab and Harborside’s business, getting you trapped at both ends, one eliminating competition, and controlling what’s good and what’s not. I wonder if I am the only one that see’s this pattern emerging?

When I read the story;

Investigators Find Contaminated Weed In California Medical Marijuana Supply

Steve Birr

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/01/investigators-find-contaminated-weed-in-california-medical-marijuana-supply/#ixzz4dHQsOmqZ

The name “Steep Hill Lab’s” out of Berkley bells went off. sure enough there it was.  Maybe this is why everyone has been quite lately? waiting for “their” perfect storm to approach, or pushed the storm from paper to chaos to create a “green stampede”. Opening the door for A.S.A’s Teflon Don Duncan to recreate “Thinning of The Herds”12/-2010 L.A. Times to eliminate competition as he did when Measure D was passed.

I guess they are hoping you smoke so much that you can’t see what’s going on through the smoking mirror’s they placed in front of California’s medical marijuana community?  So far it’s worked according to plan. This ahs only opened the doors for greed to step in again. This will be the first steps in total control of California’s Multi Billion Dollar business. Control the market you control the prices, and what they have invested in this scam, their return will triple.

So now California is over-stocked in “contaminated medical grade cannabis”, what are they to do? These so called open shops will have to dispose of their “bad product” and restock in order to stay in business, again supply and demand. But you voted in these monopolists and now you got it, lock stock and barrel. Holding both ends of this spectrums seems California’s voters are getting way more than they expected, and what’s worst is they have secured this position and there is nothing anyone can do now.

William W. West


Steep Hill Lab is a California-based medical cannabis laboratory that opened in late 2007, making it the first medical cannabis lab in the United States.[1]


The company was founded in 2007 by David Lampach, Addison Demoura, and Stephen Deangelo, all prominent medical cannabis activists working in California during the post Prop 215 time period that extended from 1997–Present. Steep Hill Lab routinely analyzes samples in the California medical cannabis market for active compounds, microbiological contamination, and pesticides. Steep Hill Lab also created and distributes its QuantaCann system, the first instant onsite potency analysis system to emerge in the nationwide medical cannabis industry.[2]

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