And Justice For Few The Joe Barber Story

Mr. West,
The true story of my husband Joseph may be parts , like part 1 of say, 3 or 4 due to the length of evidence, twisted words and lies on the parts of the courts and law  enforcement. Accounts I wish to put in the story to better understand what he went thru then and what he’s going thru right now as we speak..
I must get his story out to people, as many people as I can, as fast as I can.
He goes to court the 23rd. Of March and he needs help. Serious help. My husband has helped so many people in the last 10  years and all can be proven. All  he’s asking for is a little help in return.

Part 1. In 2010 we moved into an apt. Complex here in Hesperia CA.
We lived in # 73 and was excited to have a place to lay our heads settle down and just relax.
We weren’t there a month when one day our two dogs got out of our apartment and decided they wanted to play and check out the neighborhood!  My son Dakota, his friend Krystal, my husband Joseph and I went running after them to get them back in the apartment.

While looking we had herd thru the grapevine that a small child had been bitten by a black dog.  My husband and I looked at each other with dismay .  Knowing one of our dogs was black , out loose and running around the complex somewhere was unsettling to say the least. We both knew our dogs weren’t mean or the biting type, anything was possible with animals and we hoped for the best.
While looking for the child and its parents to see if the child was alright our son Dakota had found both dogs and put them in the apartment.  Moments after we came upon 2 black men  and asked if they were the parents of the boy we had herd been bitten by a black dog? One man spoke up
His reply was very angry, and he said, ” your the ones who own the black dog who bit my son?”
This man was a huge man probably weighed at least 235 give or take a pound, Joseph weighed about 170 give or take a pound.  The big man  immediately pulled back his right arm and with a very tight fist punched Joseph right in the face. Joseph went flying into the bushes next to the chain link fence that surrounded the pool area at the apartments.
Before he could stand even half Way up the big man clenched his fist harder and punched Joseph again in the face forcing Joseph back again into the bushes.
With hurting Joseph’s pride and embarrassing him with the two sucker punches he just got from this man in public,  he quickly got up with the help of our son who had watched in horror his father being beaten by this man. Joseph like most of us started yelling at the big man, who’s name we found out later was Harold Arnold the 3rd. Telling him while being helped to our apartment that he had a 45 bullet with his name on it.
Knowing we had no guns in our home,  when Dakota brought Joseph back into our apartment he was out of it and grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to run after Mr.  Arnold the 3rd.  The knife he grabbed was a carving knife and he never made it past the steps above our apartment door, about 3 or 4 foot from our apartment door before my son and I stopped him from going any farther.

We put my husband, my son his girlfriend and the dogs in the car and went directly to my sisters home about 4 miles away. We called the police several times and explained what had happened. We asked for there help in getting justice for Joseph.  They told us to come back to the scene of the crime or they would arrest him and all involved for running.
We came back to the apartments as asked of us. Joseph was laying down in the back seat of our car bleeding so badly you almost couldn’t tell who he was. The paramedics were called they came to the apartments examined Joseph and said besides being very bloody he seems to be alright. But suggested he go to the hospital with them. Joseph not knowing the extent of his injuries as of yet refused there proposal.
He was still very angers that this man just beat him down without thought and didn’t even allow us to find out if in fact #1. Was the child alright, #2. Was it our dog in fact that bit his child?

When Joseph tried to run with the carving knife to carve him a piece of Mr. Harold Arnold the 3rd. Like I said never made it anymore than the 3 or 4 feet from the front door, all the sudden there were 30 or so people standing out side their doors and on the green grass by the pool area and out on their
Balcony’s over looking the pool area.  Once more almost all were black.
There were 1 or 2 people over in our area apartment num. 73. That saw Joseph try to get past the stairwell with this carving knife. Next thing you know Mr Arnold the 3rd. Was told about what they had seen and lo, according to Mr. Harold Arnold the 3rd. Joseph was running around brandishing a knife threatening him and his young son that he was going to kill them both…

This of course is and was  hogwash, especially when   The actual punches went down there were only 5 witness to what had really happened.  Joseph and myself, Mr. Harold Arnold the 3rd. And a tall skinny black man with Arnold the 3rd. Who by the way during the time Arnold was punching Joseph the tall skinny black man stepped back a few feet keeping himself clear of Arnold’s wrath.  And my son who watched from a short distance away.   There were no other witness to the event at the time, but according to Mr. Arnold the 3rd. The whole complex of black people on this side in front of the pool area saw what happened and were coached on the knife incident on what to say..
Even though the police were called several times for help by my son, myself and my sister, fell on deaf ears.  The police took Joseph after the paramedics left and for HIS safety set him in back of one of the cruisers. The police interviewed all of us and in the mean time setting Joseph in 2 other cruisers one after the other. We asked what they are doing and why they are putting Joseph in so many different cruisers. Of course they wouldn’t tell us why they were doing anything much less, why isn’t that Harold Arnold the 3rd. Isn’t in one of those cruisers?
They said they are arresting Joseph for brandishing a deadly weapon and trying to hurt Mr. Arnold the 3rd. And later found they charged him with resisting arrest… I couldn’t believe my ears. These police actually believe that Mr. Arnold the 3rd. Was the victim they had recordings of all our calls and lied on the stand and said there were only 3 calls that night at that time . One was about a fight, the second was about a dog biting on a child and a third was a call about a battery . No mention of all the calls that we have made within an hours time from the punches to when we got to my sisters home.


pt. 2

When the cruiser pulled out of the parking lot to bring Joseph to jail the cruiser stopped right in front of China Harris’s apartment . Who is the apartments  manager at the time of the Topaz Apartments, she watched and could hear all that was going on. She her self said she watched the cruiser stop in front of her apt. The officer got out of the cruiser opened the back door told Joseph to get out. According to China Harris, she could hear the officer but herd nothing coming from Joseph. She said she could see he was very bloody to his face and was surprisingly quiet.

This is where the arresting officer , Crouch, was telling him he didn’t like the fact he was bleeding all over his car.. so he pulled Joseph’s shirt up over his head and pushed him back into the seat of the cruiser. On the stand the officer, ( Officer Crouch.) said that Joseph was yelling all kinds of horrible names about Arnold the 3rd. That he should be getting arrested to.. spitting blood at him and not responding to his demands.
So right then is when he stopped the car, not knowingly, in front of China Harris apt. Both back doors were open when Crouch and another officer reached in cuffed his feet to the floor and bagged and gagged him clinching tightly around the mouth. He was going in and out of conscienceless when Joseph said the next thing he remembers was being pulled out of the cruiser by his feet hitting his head and face on the bottom of the cruisers door then placed on a gurney to the first hospital. Miss Harris manager at the Topaz Apartments says she herd nothing coming from Joseph that day but Officer Crouch was loud telling Joseph he didn’t like him bleeding in his police car and saw him pulling up Joseph’s shirt over his already bloody head and face and saw the officer with no empathy at all towards Joseph push him in the chest , back into the squad car. So as you can see two different versions of what really happened.
Now they did bag and gag him but that was another stop farther down the road before they got to a hospital or any jail..

See photo 1, letter to PD Mr. Dan Degriselles.








See pic 2, letter to Judge Nakata
All was completely ignored as if they never existed.
Also they tried to say it wasn’t admissible because a security guard did the copying of the tape.. FALSE , it was an officer of the courts, he was sent there by joes attorney after several hours of pleading with the PD.
So there is another lie to ignore the truth.

See pic. 3,

where the PD IS SPEAKING TO THE investigators , look at the last line…..the public defender himself knew that Joseph may not understand himself of why they need to do this or that . He knew of the surgeries and the drugs he was on due to the surgeries and knew he was probably not in his right mind to understand what was actually going on and the need to do so.

Look at pic. 4,

from the PB defense theory 1.
Saying he sees Joseph was pretty beat up, and the guy Arnold has priors of same manner but won’t use them against him.

Pic. #5. Shows prosecution theory and defense theory #2.
The prosecution is trying to bury Joseph in lies.. Pic. #5. Def. theory #3 and pros. Theory .

Look close where the officer claims Joseph was spitting on him( sort of ) the officer states..
to me you either were or you were not spitting on the officer.. also in pink tells how Arnold the 3rd got away with everything except a scratch and that Arnold was a big man, not afraid of anything the PD thought he was one tough cookie.”
He also states that Joseph was beaten and beaten soundly….
He also adding asking for the officers shirt he was wearing at the time to be checked and for his medical records, which by the way never got..

View pic. #6

where the investigator rolls a roll-a-meter to see the distance from pool area to our apt. This is to show that Arnold couldn’t have seen Joseph with a knife or anything else in his hands to threaten him with… he says it was approximately
195-200 feet unable to view apt. 142 where they say and others say they saw Joseph with a knife .
How long is a foot ball field? 120 yards or 360 ft.
So here we got these people who say they say Joseph brandishing and threatening Arnold almost a foot ball field away… hummm, interesting isn’t it??

Check out pic. # 7
Showed the distance of our apt #73 to all locations, how can he ID what kind of knife or that it was even a knife at all from distance????

Pic. 7.

Sent to the PD from Gregory from spcda.
He tell PD that the bills are in the double digits at that time. Also the the( so called victim ) had only a scratch on his pinky from punching Joseph..

Pic #8
These are my questions I’ve asked to be asked of Arnold and the guy that was standing with him on the stand, but they were not asked.


When I found out that for a parent who was afraid that his or her child was bit by a dog , then WHY DID THEY REFUSE THE PHARAMEDICS to look or examine their son?????
Because there was no bite I. The first place. It was only a small scratch from our dog being excited and wanting to play…


Part 3. Epilog…

Joseph was coerced into making the plea that he made just one week before jury.
Even tho he knew later what he had done it was to late. (at least that’s what we were told )
So he did his probation and he did break it once or twice, both times was to help his sons, first his first born who was very much hooked on meth. Before he was able to get to his son he commuted  sue-aside, hanging himself on a tree with a garden hose.. ( RIP ) Joshua .
The second time was his youngest who we found out he also was hooked on the same drug.. scared to death of loosing the second son he went and brought him home..
Thank God he is still with us today and doing well..
So when he got arrested, Feb. 24th. 2017
And charged with the same crime he pled out to in 2010, it really surprised us. He has for years now done everything he could do to help others, weather food, cloths, bedding, money when he could, even food for the homeless family’s animals who are in a sense, homeless themselves, Ids, or just some one to talk to, Joseph has been there for them.
He is a good man and doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s been given, jailed and confined..
We are asking if anyone can help please do.  Call the judge, call the courts of Judge Nataka,
Let them know how you feel about the unjust Joseph has had to endure.. and still is enduring as we speak.

The lies of the police, the lies of the fake Aunt Cindy, even the knowledge of knowing what had really happened by his public defender, yet he didn’t care enough to defend his client the way he should have, the most unjust was from the judge himself. He knew of the surgeries and the drugs he had to have for the pain the hole time he was incarcerated all the way up to the hearing that day. He read the notes, the copy of discoveries all the details and still refused to see the truth..

If you are well enough off to help someone and have empathy towards a man who in actual events never did anything wrong but try to find the parents of a small child who we thought was bitten by our dog to see if he was alright…
Then please help him by sending him a care package or money on his books for phone calls to his family or lawyers. Then please do what you can.. he goes to court the 23rd of March, I  hope and pray they let him go.
We need him home, we miss him, we love him..

The courts mighty decision was made solely for the money they make filling the beds in the jails.. not caring if the man is guilty or not guilty.
What a shame the world has come to this..
How many others are sent to prison, knowing they were innocent , just pushed aside and marginalized, forgotten in time, for time is all they have, time is their enemy, time, weighs heavy on all of us , who have to wait..

Please give if you can, in any way you can.
Weather a letter, phone call, money for commissary. What ever you can afford would be most appreciated.. thank you…
His wife of 29 years,

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Joseph Barber
Booking #
9438 commerce way
Adelanto Ca. 92301

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