The Strange Case of Eugene Davidovich

Eugene Davidovich one applied for NCIS and dreamed of being an undercover agent.  His 1st known case for marijuana was dismissed under suspicious circumstances by Judge So at the request of the district attorneys office.  This took place only days after the undercover detective obtained his medical recommendation and Operation GreenRx officially had begun.  Eugene then rented an office within several weeks, for no apparent reason.  He worked for his brother at his brothers company “Direct EDI” and had no need for any kind of office.  Eugene ingratiated himself to the marijuana store next to his office, pretended to be broke and did a few deliveries for the people he met there.  Soon all 4 stores were raided and closed.

In October, Eugene installed a small grow operation.  Coincidentally, NCIS, ATF and the local narcotics task force had rented a house to begin their buy /bust operation.  On October _______Eugene Davidovich obtained a medical marijuana card.  Made the delivery.  Then proceeded to tear down the grow operation just two months into it, prior to the plants budding, but just long enough to establish cultivation, a necessary piece of any marijuana defense.  In December he dismantled his grow op.

Eugene was not raided like the other defendants.  The police simply went to his door and knocked.  He voluntarily spent 7 hours with the police.  He has been caught in numerous lies about his case.

Eugene Davidovich has orchestrated numerous attacks on others in the medical marijuana community in San Diego.  Accused of death threats and instigating assaults on one woman, to one assault he commandeered caught on tape, to the overthrow of medical marijuana  

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