Reasons Why Medical Cannabis should be Decriminalized

  As an activist that fought hard for patients rights, has my time become come full circle? I can and will beat this so this is not going to become my demise. As of today it has dropped from stage three to stage two. I am now one day beyond my 1/2 way point of radiation treatments  and one more chemo treatment before I can walk away from this nightmare.

It’s not the cancer that has made me disappointed it’s because of how this movement I tried to fight for that has all the honors. Talking to my doctors about my life in California the last twenty years and what I did there as far as fighting for patients and their rights, my doctor agreed with me. I explained to him I was not putting him or his process down, I just wanted to enlighten him on other way this can be treated, I as him to go and watch “Run From The Cure” by Rick Simpson, thinking he was just blowing me off so the next patient can be seen, I said to him, “Now when I see you in a week I am going to question you on it. To my surprise  he actually watched it and was more than interested in it. I was the one blown away, we talked an extra 15 minutes on the movie.

My doctor was telling me about the problem singling out the compounds that work and how difficult it is, my statement “Why fix something that isn’t broke, the “high” you get is God’s way of saying thanks for choosing me and my medicine”. I think he was impressed that I wasn’t asking for narcotics for the pain, I told him I had my ’bouts with that and wish not to travel that road again. After 9 hernia operations for one hernia was enough for me. If it weren’t for Richard Hertz giving me an ounce of Jack Herer I would not of been able to kick the morphine habit I left the hospital with. Try kicking a morphine habit with an eleven open wound over the weekend, no fun in that, trust me.

I actually had to cut our conversation short, but he impressed me, “Hats off to you Doc” you did listen.

To the ones that did send me help, both some financial and medical THANK YOU. I would mention your names but feel that is private and no ones business but mine and yours. So just to let you know, your help was greatly appreciated and needed. What strange is they were for the most parts strangers, now treasured friends that if I ever can be of any help I will try my best to do the same.

For the ones that would never see any loss for helping and didn’t, shame be on you. The days and time spent trying to help you and watch your compassion turn to greed says it all to me about the type of person you are.

Today, radiation and chemotherapy



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