In 2011 we started warning you about MOTHER EARTH COLLECTIVE IN EL CAJON.  Allegedly Don Duncan is/was a silent owner.  Eugene Davidovich made no secret of looking for the right front man for Duncan.  They found former ASA Chapter leader Dion Markgraaf high school buddy named Bob Reidel.  Bob had a small marijuana store which  had been shut down.  It soon came out that schmuk attorney Lance Rogers had created a “collective agreement” that simply reference a 20 plus page county code that specified all grower / vendor info to be shared with the Sheriffs.  The president of Proteus software stated that he had multiple meetings with the sheriff to enable the sheriff to access the full database from their office.  People soon reported that Sheriffs were showing up on doorsteps demanding entry.  Sheriffs explained that signing the collective agreement waived the members 4th amendment rights as per county code.  City Beat sent our work to an independent evaluation agency which determined that the customer/members were being mislead and lied to.  City Beat to credit for our work in this article. 

As many stores do, Mother Earth Dispensary rolled over “ownership” and began calling itself “Outliers” collective.  According to Darryl Cotton, he was raided shortly after beginning the interview process to be a grower for Outlier Collective.  Sheriffs soon came to Darryl Cottons establishment where he proudly walked them threw his aquaponic grow setup.  Medicinal Mike Boris aka Medicinal Mike of NugLife Radio and Adela Falk of Pow420 are both known ASA information scouts and information gatherers.  They were all part of this process and part of Darryl’s tours.  Here is what Darryl has to say in his own wordsOutliers Collective

00 tERRIE BEST 00 LInda Davies 00 Eugene DAvidovich 00 Don Duncan 00 dion markgraaf 00 Adela Falk marijuana legalization aumaASA Americans for Safe AccessDon Duncan Eugene Davidovich 2 ASA ARMA asa marijuana

As soon as I saw a picture of “Cartela Adela” Falk at Darryl Cotton’s garden I knew it would not be long before he was arrested.  “Cartela Adela and her little fella” now promotes themselves as freedom fighters by writing letters to prisoners.  00 Adela FalkHer website gives the false idea that she is raising money for prisoners.  A closer look reveals she is raising money to by herself a camper.  Adela was brought into the scene by accused government agent/narc Eugene Davidovich.  Adela Falk spent the next couple of years engaging in gangstalking, disruption and smear campaigns to upset and overturn any attempts to get fair and competitive zoning for marijuana stores.  It is our opinion that Adela Falk now works as a “scout” for the ASA Narc stores to locate growers and competitors and get them shut down.  If you want to get busted, simply let Adela Falk into your grow.POW 420 Adela Falk pow 420 Adela Falk

Within months of allowing Adela Falk into his grow,  Daryl Cotton was raided and arrested as predicted.  He was shocked because he was working with “Women Grow” (another corporate lure to bust growers) and ASA schmuck attorney Lance Rogers.  Lance is San Diego ASA attorney and in our opinion a con man.  Immediately Lance sold himself out to ASA in exchange for money and promotion.  Lance gave seminars about how people could open their own “legal” marijuana stores if they paid him thousands in cash, Lance was really working for ASA ( which is actually a lobby for Harborside, DEA and George Soros Monsanto andAdela Falk pow420


whose objective is to eliminate competition to keep black market prices for the worldwide corporate takeover and recriminalization of cultivation). Lance rogers marijuana san diego


The goal of ASA was to create chaos and pretend to be the answer to the chaos.  As ASA sponsored and arranged to bring their traveling circus of stores to overwhelm San Diego, leader Don Duncan 00 Don Duncan

was at City Hall promising to be the answer to the chaos IF THEY WOULD JUST GIVE HIM AND HARBORSIDE 4 PERMITS TO OPERATE SUPER STORES, HE PROMISED TO HELP SHUT DOWN THE REST OF THE STORES. (LINK)  This same group used meth addicts and mentally ill stool pigeons to disrupt attempts to get level 2/3 zoning on the ballot.  This group is also part of the larger group originally funded and still working for George Soros of Bildeberg and Monsanto.  This group of narc, mentally ill nut jobs is also known as “Soros Funkie Junkies”.

If attorney Mara Felsen is correct, Don Duncan had already been working with the Federal government to raise up the underground market for years in order to keep black market prices for corporations under the guise of “legalization”.  Mara Felsen adamantly insists that Eugene Davidovich is an actual federal agent.  mara eugene fed WEEDLYARMA ASA Eugene Davidovich 56 Don Duncan eugene a cop Eugene Davidovich Affadavit due Eugene Davidovich ARMA ASA Marijuana San dIego Eugene Davidovich ARMA ASA 34 Eugene Davidovich ARMA ASA 55 Eugene Davidovich ARMA ASA Eugene Davidovich ARMA Eugene Davidovich Marijuana jso Eugene Davidovich Marijuana San Diego ASA ARMA Eugene Davidovich overthrow stores Eugene Davidovich timothy norris Eugene Davidovich wa dc network Gerald Eugene Law Enforcemtn

So Darryl was confused as to how he got busted.  Apparently he never read the articles on the WeedlyNews.  Documents have been provided openly for years proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that most, if not all, of the people running ASA are Narcs who are actually working to get people arrested in exchange for a restrictive permit for themselves to operate a store.  In addition, once in a store they operate by paying off politicians, police and turning over growers and vendors to the police.  This has been proveable time and time again.  Each time a new victim  comes into the scene, that person is pampered and deluged with fantasies about how ASA will help them get rich.  Each time the person gets arrested.  ASA then steps in to “help” support them for the court case, with the only real purpose to make sure they are kept silent.00 adela 2 00 Adela Falk 00 dion markgraaf 00 Don Duncan 00 Eugene DAvidovich 00 LInda Davies 00 tERRIE BEST

Part of the ASA strategy is to control the message of people who get arrested so that once they realize that they have been played, they will stay silent.  This is the job of known narcs Terrie Best, Linda Davies, Eugene Davidovich, Neil Plastique, Sharoc and others.  They play a simple exchange of money for pot and have no problem exchanging their freedom for yours.




Enter Terrie Best, known ASA narc, known narc of the Operation GreenRx scandal.  Terrie Best was convicted of FRAUD on two occasions, years apart. Terrie Best is a convicted Meth dealer and heroin addict.  Under a plea deal Terrie Best former codefendent was sent to prison and Terrie Best went to a 9 month rehab for drug addict dealers with dual diagnosis (Mental Health Issues).  Even more interesting is that Terrie Best was brought into ASA after Eugene Davidovich took over the group in 2009.  She did not use marijuana but spent her time gathering information on people and helping Eugene Davidovich to rid the group of anybody who knew he was a narc.Americans for Safe Access Terrie Best 223

Terrie Best ASA Snitch























































Research into the background of Terrie Best revealed, in addition to her Fraud, Meth and Heroin convictions, that she appeared to have the same narc handler as Eugene Davidovich.  Eugene’s false story was that he was a defendant and should be trusted.  He claimed he had been raided like many of the other co-defendents.  Juris Criminal history documents put out by San Diego Attorney Mara Felsen showed that Davidovich had never been raided and under his extremely suspicious case was a signed voluntary release with Detective Timothy Norris that he allowed the police into his home and in fact spent half a day with them00 Michael Llamas







before being “booked into the county jail” with other defendents to infiltrate the local medical marijuana community.Mara letter to DA re Ci Eugene and Terrie

Prosecutor Chris Lindbergh was a Co-Planner on the Operation GreenRx sting and it was no surprise to find that Terrie Best had her cased dismissed after becoming a full blown narc by prosecutor Chris Lindberg.  Chris is the prosecutor who went on stage with DA Bonnie Dumanis to falsely inform the public that “Dangerous Gangs Selling Drugs to the Military” had been arrested.

Terrie Best was on the board of a local Anti Drug  rehab center which is well known in the San Diego area as part of the Court Ordered Treatment Program which forces the participants to write down all the names and addresses of their friends and fellow drug users and to turn this into the police.

It is long known by Insiders of the Marijuana movement that the group “Americans for Safe Access” is actually a lobby created by and for and by Harborside Marijuana Store (supposedly in cahoots with the DEA)  to raise up the black market, map out the supply lines and cut them off.  However, the work under the pretense of representing the sick and dying’s right to purchase cannabis (from Harborside, Duncan and those who pay extortion money) at black market prices.  In addition, according to the website the GreenPulpit.com, they have been stealing, borrowing and collecting seeds for years with patent-pendings to make themselves richer at the expense of freedom for all.

Unlike most people, Darryl Cotton actually took the time to read the 60 page prohibitionist nightmare called AUMA.  He wrote an in depth analysis of AUMA and how it would destroy medical marijuana and shut down small growers under water restrictions and more.  He went to the local “Americans for Safe Access” (American Sheriff Association) narc group and they let him speak.  What happens next is classic and we have heard this story at least a hundred times:

Within weeks he receives visits from a bunch of self proclaimed “Asa Activists” NARCS. Keep in mind that if you see anybody telling you they are part of ASA you can safely assume they are a narc and working with the DA office to get you busted and shut down.

As Darryl put his grow up back up after the raid they are tromping through taking photos of themselves.

But here is the kicker:

Local Narc Meth Dealer Fraud convict Terrie Best puts Darryl in touch with National ASA.  According to Darryl, national ASA called him and told them they

like his grow op so much

they want to promote it

but ONLY IF HE STOPS WARNING PEOPLE ABOUT AUMA /  Prop 64 and the actual purpose of AUMA which is to shut down medical marijuana and criminalize home cultivation.

So, here it is:

This is Daryl Cottons assessment about AUMA   You can read his assessment of this global corporate takeover and the continued criminalization of the average person here:


Appeals Attorney Letitia Pepper has also written an in depth assessment of AUMA which you can read here:


This low quality 4 minute video will give you a clear confession by the people running ASA that they have been working with the Federal govt on their own behalf.

Understand the real ASA agenda as we pull back the curtain from the land of Oz.Linda Davies ASA narc Linda Davies Known Narc 1









Story Ideas?  Contact William Walter West @  Wm.W.West@gmail.com

00 Michael Llamas

00 Michael Llamas


  • The truth is, Prop 64 is worse than the prohibition in the four “Free” States.

    The only people for Prop 64 have a financial stake in keeping prohibition prices for themselves. – That includes the greedy growers millionaires now walking on the backs of the activists who sacrificed their freedom to cultivate this plant

  • Brother Cotton is the voice of reason here as we continue to debate 64 all over California…it is apparent that the opposition wants to silence his forcefulness into this debate. He is a legitimate passionate expert who see through all the bullshit and now people are trying to destroy his voice, all of you need to puff,puff and pass!
    No matter where you fall in line on legalization in California, you need to become members of 151, this battle is just beginning and I’m with Brother Cotton!

  • Hillary Clinton is a terrorist.
    Sean Parker has donated multi millions to terrorism & terrorists
    I personally do not support terrorism
    Fuck AUMA; and FUCK Sean Parker 🙂 .

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