Marijuana Legalization Based on Lies and Greed to Keep Black Market Prices For A Plant

Californians will lose most of their current legal cannabis rights if AUMA passes. 

The large Agricultural companies such as Monsanto will benefit.  The pharmaceutical companies who want to take the easy to grow cannabis plant out of circulation will benefit.  The private prison system will benefit as more people than ever will be sent to prisons for cultivating their own marijuana.  Monsanto Marijuana

In Washington State the “legal-lies” of I-502 have resulted in a recent 10 year prison sentence for Lance Gloor, for providing medical marijuana to the sick and dying.  Growing medical cannabis plants, 73 to be exact, within the guidelines of a state approved dispensary for medical cannabis patients with medical cannabis cards.  LANCE GLOOR WAS SENT TO PRISON BECAUSE THE 1% ELITISTS WHO PAID OFF THE GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR PERMITTED STORES DO NOT WANT COMPETITION.

It is all about creating a fake scarcity based economy.  This economy must deny the fact that marijuana grows as easily as tomatoes.  The high prices reflect the high costs of prohibition, raids, court hearings and jail sentences.  The plant itself, even at this time cost only $200 a pound to grow, and that is a generous estimate.  In a competitive marketplace with larger farmers the price would be about $10 an ounce.

So the 1% Elitist pigs who are drooling at the idea that they are now positioned to takeover the market desire the black market prices and profits also. Auma Marijuana Legalization

The only way to accomplish this is to eliminate all competition.  Competition includes individuals cultivating their own plants.  In Washington State, the I-502 permitted stores (all sources suggest fake lottery with political insiders granted permits) than banded together and crushed medical marijuana.  It took 2 years to destroy medical marijuana and now Lance Gloor is going to prison to terrorize all those in Washington State who dare to believe they possess human rights. Lance Gloor

It gets worse.  This year, activists in Washington State worked hard to get a bill introduced that would allow a very small amount of home cultivation.  The I-502 Permitted Stores banded together, hired pharmaceutical lobbyists to crush the bill to prevent anybody from cultivating their own marijuana.  These I-502 stores literally worked to keep cultivation a FELONY so that people would be forced to come and by their marijuana at ridiculous prices that have no reflection on the reality of costs to grow.

In addition, Washington State Activist Steve Sarich and others brought marijuana from I-502 stores to an independent testing lab and the average marijuana in I-502 stores had between 12-17 pesticides.

Steve Sarich

The “Blue Ribbon Panel” in California brought people who had co-written I-502 to California to craft a similar bill for the super elites to take the market and eliminate competition by declaring all those who grow their own plants to be felons and criminals.  AUMA

These people learned from Washington State.  Instead of Crushing medical after the fact they focused on a 2 pronged effort.  The CoFounder of Harborside is named Don Duncan.  He runs a group originally funded by George Soros (Monsanto) called “Americans For Safe Access”.  The thing is, the group is not safe.  It is run by criminals and works to find corrupt politicians to payoff to get restrictive permitting. This group has quite the playbook.  First they find a shady lawyer who is really working fir them (eg. Lance Rogers, Kim Simms) to get a bunch of people to open stores.  When 40 stores are open, Duncan and his lobbyists go to city council and say that they can help “stop the chaos” and “shut down the stores” if the city will give THEM RESTRICTIVE PERMITS.  Harborsides goal is to become the “MacDonalds of Marijuana”.  They are attempting to accomplish this through bribery, extortion, payoffs, gang stalking, sabotage, and ratting out their competition.  Many people wonder how the founder of Harborside was busted for a major cocaine trafficking in Maryland and did not serve jail time as that crime would have normally been a 3-5 year prison sentence.  Sources say that DAngelo was working for the DEA prior to opening Harborside.  Under that agreement he could not be arrested and could assist with the DEA raising up the black market while stealing seeds and busting growers.  The IRS is the way the feds typically get rid of their informants, research Al Capone to understand fully. Harborside Dan RushASA lobby for harborsideEugene Davidovich 0069Terrie Best San Diego ASA










In San Diego, the FEDS moved Michael Llamas from Tracy, California where he ratted out 10 codefendants and sent them all to prison for 4-14 years to San Diego where he appears with Eugene Davidovich (ARMA/ASA/NARC) to pretend to be an investment banker attempting to gain financial access to stores.  Attorney’s Lance Rogers and Kim Simms have gone along with this ruse in order for financial gain.  CLICK HERE TO FILE A BAR COMPLAINT.  It’s easy if you have been scammed by these attorney’s.ASA rr Don Duncan


Arma Kim Simms Cannabis



davidovich lies - Copy - CopyEugene Davidovich ARMA







Dan Rush was recruited and groomed by Don Duncan for his role as Medical Marijuana Unionizer – UFCW 5.  Under this scam, ASA would get laws passed that a store must have union approval to open.  Dan Rush is part of the ReformCa group with NAACP sellout________, Don Duncan and the rest who are concerned only with their own self interest.  These people are creating a second prohibition but they themselves hope to get rich.  Dan Rush was recently indicted by the FBI for charging $600,000 cash in a brown paper bag to make sure no other stores in a certain proximity would receive union approval. Dale+Dale+DanRush_0184 Dan Rush Gavin Newsome Indictment







This is Don Duncan and Steph Sherer’s idea of Safe Access?

Americans for Safe Access and Harborsides Stephen DAngelo must have paid a pretty penny to have a law called MRSA (MERSA – like the infection it is) written which grandfathered in Harborside and the Prop D stores in Los Angeles, which shutting down 90% of the rest of the state.

Prop D was Don Duncan’s bill in Los Angeles that shut down all stores except for the 100 plus that he allegedly has a private cash ownership in.  Don Duncan ASA Prop D Americans For Safe Access

All this proves to me is that our entire government is a bastion of corruption right up to the Governors office.

MRSA is an unconstitutional infringement of prop 215 and much of it could be challenged and thrown out in court.  The second prong in this Devils pitchfork is called AUMA.  AUMA is George Soros bill.  To understand AUMA you must understand George Soros.  George owns (at last check) at least a couple Billion dollars worth of Monsanto stock, as well as other stocks that will benefit.  George essentially controls DPA, NORML, ASA, LEAP and all the other groups that travel together pretending to be a “broad based coalition”.  These groups are actually all funded and controlled by Soros with the OVER-CONTROL, OVER-REGULATE agenda.

The sole purpose of this agenda is to raise up the black market and turn it over to the elite 1% who seek to criminalize any and all competition for the purpose of creating a false market which continues the black market pricing.

Anybody schilling for AUMA is either paid or has a financial interest in the outcome. Chris Conrad with DPA

Why is AUMA a bad iniative?


The people schilling for AUMA are spouting out lie after lie.  Here are some examples:

AUMA protects prop 215 – FALSE – Auma says that prop 215 and any laws past by the California legislature will remain intact but can be changed by a simple majority vote of the legislature.  That 6 plants they are teasing you with?  Fact is in California, you can grow what you need with a $35 per year recommendation from a Doctor.  Under AUMA you lose that right and can grow 6 plants indoors or be charged with a felony.

It goes on and on.  For a full analysis from Marijuana Activist and Attorney Letitia Pepper click here.

Wording of AUMA with comments in red by Attorney Letitia Pepper. CLICK HERE

The first issue is that MRSA was passed.  MRSA was a bill Co-Written by Don Duncan, Harborside and The police Chiefs to grandfather in Duncan and DAngelo’s stores and shut down the rest of the state to prepare for big AgriCorps like Monsanto.  Thank of the “grandfathering” as a political favor for providing the prison system with so many new slaves.

If AUMA passes MRSA is automatically cemented in and cannot be challenged.

If the marijuana movement was a chess game, we would be at checkmate.  Years of sabotage by “Americans for Safe Access”, with their use of mentally deranged meth addicts and meth dealers, has brought to the door of Monsanto Marijuana.

Attorney Letitia Pepper attempted to warn people at a Democratic meeting and was harassed and attacked by individuals who have a financial interest in creating this second prohibition.

2 minute version:

14 minute version:


Letitia Pepper recently wrote this letter to all concerned:

Please copy and repost we are in grave danger of all these forces coming against us. The wisdom of Letitia Pepper and we really need to be strong against this incursion that AUMA represents : As an attorney, I have been horrified at the increasing level of corruption in California as Marijuana Mafia money flows into government officials’ hands.
California’s Legislature, and pretty much all its local jurisdictions, have been unlawfully refusing to follow the Compassionate Use Act, which has given people the right to choose cannabis, instead of all the other products from which the government makes more money. And that right also has included the right to grow it for themselves instead of buying it from a government-controlled monopoly.
But since the end of 2015, local jurisdictions have been even more encouraged by the State of California, via the Legislature’s unconstitutional adoption of the Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act (MMRSA), to engage in this kind of terrorist act, directed at people who choose whole herbal cannabis over other “legalized” “drugs” like alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs.
These local jurisdictions, which are now essentially state-sponsored terrorist organizations, are linked by, and share marching orders via, the evil League of Cities and the California Chiefs of Police, who create the game plans in use and then disseminate them to all members. Members of the League and of COPS don’t dress in white robes and hoods, but they are just as complicit in violating Californians’ constitutional rights as was the Klu Klux Klan.
Instead of burning crosses and conducting lynchings, the League and COPS just use attorneys who prepare and disseminate “model” ordinances that purposefully violate the Compassionate Use. They then advise elected officials to adopt the position that if a constitutionally-protected right is the way, just act like it doesn’t exist, and if pressed by the citizenry to follow the law, just say “Sue us.”.
In the old South, elected officials also just ignored the Constitution of the United States and its Civil War Amendments, and passed their own Jim Crow laws. Those unconstitutional laws did not have the legal, but abstract, support of the federal Constitution. They did have, however, the social and physical support of decades of historical discrimination plus brute violence and terrorism conducted by not only government officials, in the form of the police and sheriffs, but unchecked civilians, in the form of lynch mobs, as well.
In today’s California, our elected officials, including Governor Jerry Brown, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the state Legislature, have been ignoring the plain and simple language of the Compassionate Use Act, Prop. 215 for 20 years. (Please notice that Prop. 215 took up just two pages, not the 62 pages of “The Adult Marijuana Act,” AUMA. The complete text of Prop. 215 is at the end of this comment.) Our elected officials therefore meet the definition of traitors, for they have intentionally violated their oaths of office, which require them to uphold the federal Constitution only (and no other federal laws) and the laws and Constitution of California.
They enacted MMRSA in behind-closed-door deals that were facilitated by lobbyists for cannabis “industry” (i.e., corporate) interests, such as democratic operative and registered lobbyist Willie Brown. They knew MMRSA would intentionally violate the Compassionate Use Act, but why should the People’s constitutionally-protected rights stand in the way of what politicians want? (FYI, here’s a photo of Brown with Gavin Newsom, who will be a big beneficiary under MMRSA, but only as locked into place by AUMA, if AUMA passes.
As the November election approaches, expect stories of these terrorist acts to increase, along with the manufactured drum beat of “we must do something! we must do something!”, all designed to make people vote for “marijuana legalization.” This drumbeat will come from other NGOs, the groups that we have erroneously assumed had only our interests, the interests of consumers, at heart. In reality, these NGOs have been steadily working to be sure that access to cannabis remains tightly controlled (and hence more lucrative for governments and monopolies) via “legalization” instead of decriminalization.
Those groups include NORML, ASA, LEAP, MAPP, the Brownie Mary “Democratic” Club, and now, sad to say, the Southern California Chapter of the ACLU, the California Chapter of the NAACP,and all the rest of the sell-outs to AUMA. They are all going to try to push people, by reporting acts of terrorism like this, and saying “we must do something!”, into voting for The Adult Use of Marijuana Act. AUMA is a trick, a trap, designed to trick us, the PEOPLE, into abandon our existing constitutional law, the Compassionate Use Act. These acts of terrorism are illegal under the Compassionate Use Act, but if AUMA passes, it legalizes all of them.
Why? Because AUMA doesn’t really “legalize marijuana”; it legalizes taxing, regulating and controlling — via criminal laws and threats of fines and punishment — people who choose to use cannabis.
People did not abandon the Civil War Amendments because of the Jim Crow laws, or because of acts of official and unofficial terrorism. Californians should not let themselves be stampeded into voting for AUMA. AUMA is a trick, a Trojan Horse, and the Democratic Machine and the drug cartels are fully behind it. So register to vote and Vote NO on AUMA.

Activist Mickey wrote this letter in response to the attack on Letitia:

Dear Lanny Swerdlow,

It is more than unfortunate that you “kicked” Letitia Pepper Esq. (and all her helpers) out of the hall during the Democratic Convention.I bet you are humiliated by your loss of composure and inappropriate language during that discourse.But, in a land of the free, home of the brave and a country where freedom of speech is protected, why did you not let Letitia give out her pamphlets with faith that the democratic process would work things out.Suppression of free speech is never a good thing.

Also, we have an opportunity to take advantage of Letitia Pepper Esq.’s expertise.She has freely given upwards of $35,000 of free legal advice which is meant to protect our Compassionate Use Act. 215.WE IN CALIFORNIA HAVE NOW THE BEST CANNABIS LAWS IN THE NATION. She is telling us that THE “CONTROL REGULATE TAX ADULT USE ACT (AKA. AUMA) WOULD DESTROY ALL THE PROTECTIONS THAT THE “COMPASSIONATE USE ACT 215” HAS CREATED. The Court upheld the “Compassionate Use Act” and made it clear that we have the right (NOW) to grow as much cannabis as we need for our own use.Everyone, adults and children are covered by this.We now have the right to use Cannabis to fight cancer, and to use it to relax etc.A recommendation can be gotten easily for all conditions (e.g. malignant and nervous conditions) from a cannabis doctor.If we vote in “AUMA”, it will destroy all of our rights and turn the control to the back into the hands of the people who want to extend the WAR ON DRUGS. The rights provided in the “Compassionate Use Act” cannot be legally taken from us by the legislature. But we can give our rights away by voting in “AUMA”.

The premise that we should be looking to control cannabis as we do alcohol and tobacco is flawed.Cannabis is healing.It is a natural herb that anyone should be able to freely use.Now we have the Compassionate Use Act 215.We should appreciate how good we have it.The only improvements that we need are to make it legal on a FEDERAL level (Bernie is working on it) and possibly expand it to all herbal remedies.All people should be able to grow as much herbal medicine as they need all the time.


Letitia is not always “politically correct”, but she is sincerely telling it as she sees it.

I propose a truce, civil conversations and respect for all. We should be having round table discussions using “Robert’s rules of order” at all BM and MAPP meeting to see if we can all grow and share our good ideas.

It is hard for us to travel to meetings, but if genuine compromise and fairness could be at future meetings we would make our best effort to show up, participate and support BM and MAPP.If the meetings are not truly democratic I don’t see a future for either organization.

Bygones be Bygones, Fresh Start, Respect for all, Sincerely,

Mickey Theodore, P.O. Box 553, Aguanga, CA92536Harborside 01 Gavin and Dan Rush Dan Rush Gavin Newsome Indictment Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsome Ab266 gavinnewsomCartoon

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