Terrie Best admits to being on the board of an anti-drug group – We broke the Story


TheWeedlyNews brought it to you first! Undercover operative Terrie Best finally comes out of the closet about actually working for an anti-drug group.

People have stated to us that she has bragged about being a snitch. We did an article on that.

We did an article on her violent past including Meth sales, heroin, stolen checks, forgery.
We showed you two of her assaults caught on tape in the name of Eugene Davidovich – San Diego Americans for Safe Access



But the one thing left we need Terrie Best to come out of the closet on his her relationship to medical marijuana prosecutor Chris Lindberg (planner of the infamous attack on medical marijuana patients) and why she suddenly showed up 4 months after the Operation GreenRx raids as ASA to help Eugene Davidovich (who also showed up after the raids to take over) throw out all members (except one sheepish anchor – military strategy) and try to get information on others.

She did not even smoke marijuana. Who is Terrie Best and why has she infiltrated San Diego’s medical marijuana community.


This Facebook post is while working closely with Eugene Davidovich on the takeover of SDASA

For more info see this

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