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E-Cigarettes ARE the Smarter Choice

Posted by Matthew Willis on

Although this particular device was created in China in 2004, it has only now started to circulating rapidly throughout the American market, and it has literally become an overnight sensation. Hundreds of shipments are coming into the United States every day, and sales are moving like wildfire. If you have not yet heard about the electronic cigarette, then you will soon.

The electronic cigarette might sound odd to you. In fact, it kind of sounds like a toy prank that you can pick up at your local novelty shop at the mall. However, its odd name, most commonly referred to as the e-cigarette, is anything but odd. It offers people a new way to smoke, which is actually called “vape”, without the harmful side effects associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The e-cigarette is just a few inches long and is shaped into a long cylindrical tube. It is usually white but also comes in black colors and the tip of the e-cigarette, which is usually brown in color on a traditional tobacco cigarette, is also brown. In fact, it looks identical to a tobacco cigarette except for the fact that most e-cigarettes are made from a different material, most often a durable, hard plastic. The e-cigarette usually has three components: the atomizer, which is the burning element, the mouthpiece, which contains the refill cartridge and the liquid solution, and the battery.

The battery can be charged with a wall plug or attached to your car charger, and a single charge can go a long way. The liquid solution found inside the refill cartridge in the mouthpiece usually has 10 to 20 ingredients. The main ingredient is propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin in the non-propylene glycol formulas. The other ingredients can include distilled water, vinegar, and natural and artificial flavors. Some popular liquid solution, or e-liquid, flavors are tobacco, menthol, chocolate, strawberry, and peach, but there are much, much more.

The initial investment of an e-cigarette can be a little pricey. Depending on the model and brand, a starter kit, which will include the parts of the e-cigarette plus extra e-liquid, can cost anywhere from $60 to $150. In the long run, however, the savings with an e-cigarette can be seen because each refill cartridge is the equivalent of 12 to 25 tobacco cigarettes, and a typical 5 pack of refills can cost anywhere from $10 to $20. Vapers are also given the option to use e-liquid rather than discard their cartridges to purchase more refills. About 5 to 6 drops of e-liquid are dropped into the current cartridge, which is also good for eliminating waste.

The e-cigarette may look and act like a tobacco cigarette, but it’s easy to see why the e-cigarette is the smarter choice. It does not contain tar or any of the chemicals, toxins, and cancer-causing agents found in tobacco cigarettes, and, as of now, it can be vaped in public because only an odorless, colorless vapor is emitted from the e-cigarette. There is no risk of secondhand smoke to your family, friends, or even strangers who happen to pass by when you’re smoking in public.

Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine

Posted by Matthew Willis on

One of the reasons that people become addicted to obsolete tobacco cigarettes is the nicotine. Happily, with electronic cigarettes, users have complete control over the amount of nicotine consumed. It can be anywhere from none at all to very large amounts. It’s entirely up to you!

Electronic cigarettes contain 4 simple ingredients:

  • Water
  • Food grade flavoring
  • Food grade propylene glycol and for vegetable glycerin
  • Pharmaceutical great nicotine

Electronic cigarettes do not contain pesticides, dangerous unidentified chemicals, and carcinogens as do obsolete tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not produce side draft smoke. In fact, they do not produce smoke at all. You can enjoy electronic cigarettes indoors, outdoors or just about anywhere you, please.


Nicotine is a stimulant that also prompts the body to produce feel-good hormones called endorphins. As such it is quite addictive, but it is not carcinogenic. Happily, endorphin production can be stimulated in many ways including taking specific action. The rituals and habits surrounding smoking trigger a Pavlovian response in the body. When your body begins to look forward to the hand to mouth action of smoking, inhaling smoke and the break that usually accompanies smoking, endorphins are produced. Using E-Cigs delivers all of the pleasurable, habitual aspects of smoking, and your body, trained to respond, will do so.

E-Cigs also deliver nicotine in the amount you choose. Nicotine is a stimulant that gives you energy. When you switch from smoking carcinogenic, obsolete tobacco cigarettes to vaping with electronic cigarettes, you will become healthier, and you will naturally have more energy, This will allow you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you consume to nothing if you so choose. Therefore, electronic cigarettes deliver energy and trigger your body to produce endorphins. These are just two of the qualities that make them an excellent smoking alternative.

Should I begin using E-Cigs with a low dose of nicotine or a high dose?

This decision varies from person to person. Some people find the highest dose of nicotine offered by E-Cigs to be far too much. Others find it to be too little. Some of the best E-Cigs manufacturers fill their starter kits with a variety of nicotine strengths. This gives new vapers the opportunity to find out what works best. If the company you choose does not offer this option, try ordering a few different levels of cartridges. You will soon determine what works best for you.

Choosing the right level of nicotine to satisfy the amount your body is used to is an important step in avoiding nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You can always reduce the amount of nicotine you use later, and you will probably want to as you become healthier and healthier. Don’t worry that you’ll waste money ordering several different strength levels of nicotine cartridges. Once you have found the perfect level to start with, you can save the lower levels to use later and perhaps trade the higher levels with friends who prefer more nicotine. You can also use them to demonstrate the true strength of E-Cigs to non-believing smokers who say E-Cigs couldn’t possibly be strong enough!

Pace yourself!

When you begin vaping instead of smoking, you must be careful not to overdo it with the nicotine. Because you can just vape and vape with no natural ending (as you find with old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes) it is possible to consume too much nicotine. Try to keep track of how long you have been vaping. Set a timer so that you do not vape for any longer at one time than the amount of time it would take you to smoke an old-fashioned tobacco cigarette. There are a few new types of E-Cigs that come with a timer built in. This is a great innovation that is sure to spread across the industry as more and more vapers demand it.

How long does an E-Cigarette cartridge a last?

Of course, the length of time your E-Cigarette cartridge or cartomizer lasts is partly dependent on how much you use it and how strong your E-Cig battery is. With moderate use and a good strong battery, many vapers can go two or three days without recharging or refilling. Generally speaking, an e-liquid cartridge or cartomizer is the equivalent of 2 ½ packs of obsolete tobacco cigarettes. This should give you some idea of how long a cartridge or cartomizer will last for you.

If you have chosen a low level of nicotine cartridge, and you find that you are consuming your cartridge for too quickly, try bumping up to the next level. You may have chosen a level that is too low to satisfy the amount of nicotine your body is used to.

One of the many advantages electronic cigarettes have over obsolete tobacco cigarettes is that they put the user in complete control. You can take control of your health and your nicotine habit with modern, clean electronic cigarettes. You can choose the amount of nicotine you consume and go from very high levels of nicotine to very low levels, to no nicotine at all.

One of the other tremendous advantages of electronic cigarettes over other smoking alternatives or tobacco harm reduction products, such as patches, gum, and so on is that electronic cigarettes are fashionable, stylish, enjoyable and deliver all of the pleasure associated with smoking and none of the tragedy.

Save On The Best – V2Cigs

Posted by Matthew Willis on

People have been using cigarettes for centuries, and till date, this trend still prevails. The only difference is that today you will find various types of reputed brands in the market. Some people used cigarettes to look stylish, while others consider it the best way to relieve stress. Most of the cigarette lovers are fascinated by the v2cigs. This brand has made its mark in a very short time.

The sales of it have also risen at a very fast pace, due to the fact that it is better than the traditional cigarettes, as it does not harm your health. Besides, they are a highly preferred brand because of their quality seconds none. You too could choose v2 electronic cigarette, as it is not very costly and every other person can afford to buy it.

The main aim of this company is to attain 100% customer satisfaction. It is also very good in terms of customer service and is known for constant innovation. The flavors these brand offers are exceptional.

Moreover, the number of flavors offered by this company is much more than the others in the industry. In order to ensure that all their customers can enjoy using this device, they have introduced V2 Discount Code coupons, which allow them to buy the products for cheap.

Benefits of v2 cigarette

The various benefits of using e-cigs are as mentioned below:

  • This product is the healthier than the traditional cigarette.
  • This brand is quite affordable when compared to others in the market. You can buy the device using various kinds of V2 Discount Code coupons.
  • They are smokeless in nature and do not pollute the environment.
  • When you are using it, there is no ash produced. Thus, it helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment to a large extent.
  • You can carry the kit anywhere you like. There is no need to carry a matchbox or lighter to light it.
  • If you are using this cigarette, then you need not worry about the person standing near you. V2 electronic cigarette does not release any harmful substances and keeps the air free of harmful elements.

Added Benefits of V2 Cigs Which Make Them Simply Outstanding

V2 e-cigarettes have made its place in electronic cig world. It is considered to be of superior quality electronic cigarette starter kits product lifetime warranty, a network of customer service, and their flavor which has no match in the e-cigs world. People like to have choices while buying any products. Keeping this fact in mind v2 cigs, have designed their e-cigs and accessories in various colors, styles, and shapes.

The question where are v2 cigs made arises a lot, in the minds of its users as their quality does not define the locality which matches it. V2 juices are prepared abroad but assembled in Miami. The manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen, China also.

People who get associated with v2 cigs have a lot to benefit, as they are now leading brand in e-cigs industry. Their websites and selling strategies have helped a lot of their sellers to gain high margin profits.

Some other benefits associated with v2 cigs are:
You can become an affiliate by formatting a website to market v2 e cigs. You can sell the product by forming your network. The company provides rewards to all its marketers which add bonus points in your sales.

V2 is the best cigs to be sold in the retail sector. They produce quality products, so there is no chance of fault of damages to your product. They provide you with salable favors. The consumers are sure to browse through your shop and purchase new products> V2 creates new flavor frequently and thus is considered to be users 1st preferenceWhy do people need to use v2 cigs?

Why do people need to use v2 cigs?

While switching over from traditional cig to e-cig, people are not mentally prepared to forget the taste of tobacco and the sensation it creates.V2 cigs is the only brand which performs equal to the normal cig. The feeling of inhaling tobacco with nicotine is fully felt when puffing v2 cig. The supplies which help v2 cig are more beneficial for the users as it provides every comfort while using cigs.

The e-juices create a lot of positive difference while inhaling them. The filled flavored cartridges are favorable for the new starters. The variation in the strength of nicotine creates a magic in e-cigs. People can change the compositions of the nicotine and juice as per their wish.