Fifty, yes, 50 California attorneys have signed on to this:

shark-lawyer  So here is a listing of Anti-Patient lawyers fighting to take away your rights under prop 215. Do not ever forget these liars and deceivers that are only looking to promote their business from your misfortune.

Fifty, yes, 50 California attorneys have signed on to this:

“I am an attorney and I agree that Prop 64 does not override Prop 215 nor does it authorize the legislature to amend it. California’s patient protections under the Compassionate Use Act will remain the same if Prop 64 passes in November.”

Zenia K. Gilg  Sausalito,  Artur Skrayan  Sherman Oaks,  Ed Denson  Alderpoint,  Jennifer Ani  San Rafael,  Carlos Sanchez  San Diego, Allison Margolin  Los Angeles,  Ean Vizzi  San Francisco, 
Rose Cahn  Oakland,  Lauren Vazquez  Oakland , Craig Wasserman  Anaheim,  James Anthony  Oakland,  Samuel B. Johnston  Stinson Beach,  Terry A. Duree  Fairfield. Robert Lally, Esq. Mikelumne Hill,  Dennis Roberts  Oakland  Evan Zelig  Santa Rosa,  Jessica C. McElfresh  San Diego, Alison Bermant  City Truckee,  Bruce Margolin  West Hollywood, Brendan Hamme  Long Beach, Steven Meinrath  Sacramento,  Tamar Todd Oakland, Matt Kumin San Francisco,  Deirdre Goldfarb  Huntington Beach,  James Devine  Ventura,  Vonya Quarles  Corona, John Duree  Sacramento,  David Loy
San Diego,  S. Edward Wicker  San Diego, David Pullman  San Rafael, Alexandra Rahn  Sausalito,  Bob Boyd  Lake County,  Hillary Blout  Oakland, Eric Shevin  Los Angeles,  Jeff Rosenblum  Sacramento,  Jesse Stout  San Francisco,  , Dale Schafer  Roseville,  Evan Silverman, Ladera Ranch, Natasha Minsker  Sacramento, Jolene Forman  San Francisco,  Steven Burt  Los Angeles,  Mara Felsen  San Diego, Ray Lyman  Irvine, Leslie Barry  Huntington Beach,  Jonathan Markovitz  San Diego, William G. Panzer Oakland

Shame on them for their underhanded ways of sucking you dry. These people are not lawyers but LIARS.

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