Controlled Closing of San Diego’s Safe Access Monopoly

liarliar-pants-on-fireSo now I read somewhere San Diego is closing down the unlicensed MMJ stores. Again, this is the same structure Teflon Don Duncan of Americans for Safe Access aka A.S.A. when he pushed Measure D through in Los Angeles.  It has long been rumored that Don Duncan has a silent ownership in many of the stores that were allowed to remain open under measure D.  The Harborside/ASA/Duncan goal was to shut down the competition.  The goal of a false market with black market prices for Stephen DAngelo and Don Duncan was why they created ASA with funding from George Soros of Monsanto.  The ASA goal is to enact such severe restrictions that only those who have sufficiently paid off various politicians, zoning officials and city attorneys can operate legally.  Duncan and D’Angelo have openly stated that they seek to become the “MacDonalds of Marijuana”.  They have lied to sick patients and diverted the resources and direction of numerous activists who actually sought to work within the law for this inexpensive and easy to grow plant.  Harborsides Don Duncan and Stephen D’Angelo are personally responsible for the shuttering of 700 marijuana stores in Los Angeles in order to keep prices high and benefit their own personal bank accounts.
AUMA SorosIn order to corner the pot market, Duncan has separated himself publicly from Soros (who funded him) and Harborside.  In order to trick an unsuspecting market, Don Duncan had to pretend that ASA was a patient group.  Secondly, pretended ASA also helped small stores obtain zoning.ASA Americans for Safe Access  They would find shady lawyers such as Lance Rogers and Kim Simms to do workshops where they would suck people in by telling them everything was legal and just fork over $3,000 or more in order to have their help with the $30.00 worth of paperwork needed to actually file a non-profit.  Once they had achieved about 40 stores, (many of them a traveling circus that moved from town to town under Duncan’s direction), ASA would approach any given city council and offer to “put a stop to this chaos” if the city would just give Harborside and their Dutch Mafia backers 4 permits.  ASA operatives would then begin working with the police to shut down the very stores they had encouraged to open.  Many of these people tell stories of giving Don Duncan $10,000 or more just to start working with them.  The problem was that the whole time Duncan and all those associated with ASA would actually be working to gather information to eventually get them shut down.
Multiple cities report ASA associates lingering around stores in an attempt to befriend the employees.  These people are called “Scouts”.  These are stooges, who operate as ASA narcs in order to get free weed.  In San Diego the local ASA is associated with working with current federal and state narcs in order to achieve their agenda.
San Diego is a military town, ground zero. Teflon Don Duncan came to the cities he just happen to have shops in or potential interest in and suggested to the city councils his plan to relieve them of this new medical marijuana problem and how to control it from getting out of hand. Teflon Don Duncan suggested using his idea of (Restrictive Permitting and Stricter Guidelines). To ensure his plan would take effect chaos was created to disrupt these cities to help push his idea through. While blindsiding patients into thinking “they” are there for you. In their minds you are there for them. They fell for it hook line and sinker.
To keep and maintain control A.S.A. has been gathering information to use against you as a control method. Exploiting you once you begin to express your grief about police problems, or your protection under prop 215, or SB-420. Is it a coincidence or just bad luck? Eugene Davidovich was placed on San Diego’s “HIGH PROFILE LIST” for 1/2 ounce of cannabis and 1/2 ounce of hashish (A.S.A. San Diego’s Liaison), beat a mocked trial by the same judge So that had earlier dropped charges on a failure to appear warrant, almost a year to the day when Operation Green Rx / Endless Summer was set into action targeting medical marijuana users and distributers. At the same time as Eugene Davidovich appeared So did Craig Beresh, who jumped into and restarted San Diego N.O.R.M.L. which created conflict in San Diego between patients and events over power control that soon caused it to close(N.O.R.M.L.) under Craig Beresh., awaiting for that moment to arrive which Kim Simms along with Mara Felsen became the new management. A smear campaign against Craig Beresh over money/ donations were made, Unfortunately Craig Beresh would not confront or be confronted and willingly stepped away. 
Let’s review what occurred in San Diego on a step by step basis:
A.S.A. does recruit informants,  known narcs, or convicted drug users, meth, Heroin, molesters, even use porn actors, to seek out and use (court documents are available) to do their “dirty work”. All to control sales and profits from the sold medical cannabis.
Each time you allow anyone to swing an ax at our “Tree of Freedom” it weakens with each strike. The work like bee’s, looking sporadic, but on a mission to complete their task for the “Queen”. When any disturbance arrives they all attack as one and eliminate the threat. It’s all about the honey(money).
Again we see it in prop 64 protect and keep what rights you have, which are far better than the offer “they” offer, it’s a shit sandwich with sugar coating and you’re told it’s a pastry.    

Seriously?  A campaign by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith for people to buy pot from a “legal Dispensary”, “yeah, the ones we like to work with”?  I do not know whether to puke or laugh.

Every single person I have spoken with who has obtained a permit has stated that everyone from the City Attorneys office through the Zoning officials has their hand out.  That $8,000 liscence is more like $800,000 by the time you are done.  How much side money are the goons at the City Attorney’s office making?  Cash in Pocket?  Where is a federal investigation into these people using their local government to collect bribe money?

The question that I have is, “How deep into the pockets of the pot business is Mr. Goldsmith?”

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