See How Corperations Run Government, Government Runs People, People Run for Cover

prop 64 auma marijuana legalization

From small towns to big cities across America the plague of corruption using control to maintain “the masses”.  The only way to control is suppress them by slowly take small amounts of their rights away until there so few to fight for. What better way is to tax them so high they can not afford to rebel due to the price of freedom has risen away from the hands it was designed for, YOU. 1-challenge

asa    Our founding forefathers understood this and created a document beginning with “We The People” written on hemp paper to show both strength and perseverance through out time.

In November of 1996 California voters passed A Compassionate Acts prop 215, which allowed sick and dying human beings the right to use natural medications including the once widely used healing herb cannabis until 1938.

Today the new research into it healing properties miracles in medicine are again coming to light for so many of the conventional doomed treatments now being used. Chemicals to combat human tissue just doesn’t sound like medicine to me. The human body is not a chemical processing plant, remembering these usually are just “treatments” for, not cures to end.

the-green-rush    Attempting to siege the moments of opportunity, George Soros again has his eyes on America’s Green Rush in this new cannabis market. The unfortunate thing of this is the real reason this is what it is today. This again created for our sick and dying to freely without arrest from law enforcement agencies both state and local, to use, grow, and safely have access to this herbal medication. There never was any intent for profit making, sharing, the costs of was soon covered under the passing of SB-420.

Under A.G. guidelines the allowance for these new  collectives and co-op’s to open was sketchy leaving the cities to reach a type of co-existence agreement within a year, which cities all across California intentionally denied these patients their rights to obtain their needed medication to tasteless legal delays allowing them time to come up with more road blocks and red tape to untangle.

Before this had began there was N.O.R.M.L.   normlThe great go to for “pot heads” that began in the 70’s misleading everyone into thinking, “Were there for you” idea. Time shows that was never the case, if fact it was a clever designed company that recruited lawyers for marijuana cases, due to Nixon’s “War on Drugs” campaign. With California’s passing of Propitiation 215 in 1996 the doors of opportunity had just opened, Americans for Safe Access aka A.S.A. was in course to set off a chain of reactions that opens the doors of corruption at city levels.

Approaching city council’s in the larger cities with “his” answer to “their” problems in dealing with this new unchartered water, His approach was “The Thinning of The Herds” to begin the elimination of competition with “Restrictive Permitting & Stricter Guidelines” to control the masses and over-night shops that began to pop up everywhere opening the doors of access and money.

America now faces a new war, The War Of Truth”

Withstanding the attack from prop 19, AB2312,Ab266 and all the rest of these monopolized attacks on prop 215 only one so far has made it through Teflon Don Duncan’s gauntlet of proposals Measure D made it, on questionable grounds, using patient traffic as it’s reason, not because they became grandfathered in, but due to it’s ties it appears with…

Manipulating the masses with it’s propaganda of being the largest group of patients, doctors, and what ever sounds good on paper, was A.S.A.’s hidden agenda, patients were only used as donation fee’s, fodder to be tossed away once used to meet their needs. Not the needs of patients. as stated by Teflon Don Duncan himself.

Now after of seven years of legal re-wording using phrases as “legalization” to divert the attention of patients into thinking this may be what “we” are looking for, think again! Let their history speak for them. Have they ever tried to help in any case that did not benefit them for media coverage to place them in “the good guy’s” light? Never once, the same holds true for so many other groups such as L.E.A.P., N.O.R.M.L. M.M.P. D.P.A. just to name a few. So what in God’s green earth would make one think TODAY they changed? A.U.M.A. aka prop 64 is so far the worse plan against patients and their rights so far on paper. It not only takes your right to grow, but possess under an ounce for personal is one right you have now, with a fraction ticket of no more than $100.00 fine, same as a parking ticket, you pay and keep playing now since 2010.

To purposely attack our sick and dying with taxing upon taxing, where will it stop? Better yet how can low income patients afford it? If this is what you wish to choose for the future prop 64 is your ticket to watch people like you or your mother, or father, and maybe your children suffer then place you vote against mankind. 0000056 auma

It’s your choice, your vote, your decision to make, I just ask you to be sympathetic and compassionate in making your vote, it will effect so many in need, and so many in hope of greed that wish to control your weed. While getting richer from your needs.

Prop 64 AUMA MMRSA California

Vote NO on 64 let other’s know YOU CARE if they don’t.

William W. West



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