Green Planet Nutrients Are You Poisoning Cannabis Patients?


Dear Mr. Wilcox; Mr. Conroy: Mr. Betts; Mr. Cooper;

Please be advised that I am demanding that an election be held for officers immediately and that audited financial statements be produced  or else I shall demand that the organization be struck from the federal corporate registry due to failure to comply with corporate and registry annual filing protocol.

Furthermore, I understand that you withheld vital information from the founders of the Coalition in the fact that you had partnered-up with the co-owners of Green Planet Nutrients who were providing you with funds and product for distribution among the patients as fund raisers.

Please be advised that I am now in receipt of the attached advisory from the United State of Oregon warning that some Green Planet Nutrient products contain a highly toxic product known as ‘prethrin’ which is extremely harmful to patients and for which the city sewer systems that are not designed to handle such deposits of toxins from urban medicinal marijuana gardens.  I am advising you that withholding of such vital information is an offence and had I know that such an unholy alliance existed, I would have never contributed my professional skills or time or money to your private partnership with Green Planet or your private venture with Conroy as his sole client in the joint-personal representative solicitor client relationship you formed with Conroy to file an injunction against the MMAR.

Failure to respond to this email shall initiate the aforementioned action immediately and, notwithstanding, I shall be contacting the respective authorities under section 17(1) of the Environmental Protection Act regarding the toxic products contained in Green Planet Nutrients products which are being freely distributed among patients through the Conroy-Wilcox-Green Planet private partnership operating as the MMAR PPL/DPL Coalition against Repeal aka Cannabis Rights Coalition.

Thanking you in advance for conducting yourself in a professional manner in this very important matter.


Nadine E. Bews,

MMAR PPL/DPL Coalition against Repeal, Founding Chair & Secretary-in-exile

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