Did Mommy (Shelby Lucido) Ask Her Kid to Lie?

See the kid in the dark glasses? That’s Alex, the person who called me when I was driving 10 hours to go from Oceanside to Sacramento to get to the Prop. 64 event.
He’s the one who LIED, said the state police pulled the permit and cancelled the event, BECAUSE of MY emails to Shelby Lucido, the pro-64 organizer who set the event up to be a pro-64 show. After lying about it being cancelled didn’t work, he said, calling from a blocked number and refusing to give me his last name or number, “Don’t show up in Sacramento,” and “Don’t show up at the event.”

Guess who his mommy is? Shelby Lucido, who’s trying to get a “track and trace” from seed to bud business called “Budtracker” funded. Shelby Lucido, who really needs this POS 64 to pass to make money from patients not being allowed to grow their own medicines. Shelby Lucido who refused to hold a real debate on Prop. 64, and was clearly hoping to let Russ Belville run the event as a series of zingers.

But that didn’t work out to well; Weed for Warriors Sean Kiernan, Save Cannabis’s Dave Hodges, and Coasterdam’s Kevin Saunders put a few spokes in Belville’s wheels, with me getting called in for one swing by Kevin on the issue of nonprofits.

Yes, I was there and shouting out encouragement and comments from the audience, just like Americans have a right and duty to do when ANY government or tyrant or dictator tries to take away our rights and freedoms.

So despite her trying to use her own kid as some kind of mob enforcer, LOL, I was at the event from start to finish. And then she had the gall to complain about me calling her out on her scam to try to keep me away, by whining that her kid was a cancer survivor. Wow, what kind of mom subjects a cancer-surviving kid to telling lies for her? Tell your own lies, Shelby Lucido.
The man on the right is Dale Shaffer, one of the yes on 64 people, as he tries to promote himself as an attorney who can advise people in the cannabis industry.

Well, if Prop. 64 passes, within two years the only businesses will be mega multinationals, and they already have their own huge law firms.
Prop. 64 is the centralization of power and control. It is bad for anyone who is not part of the 1%.

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