What Do You Know About Prop 64?

quiz  There will be a quiz…study up children…

Here are the REAL answers, so if any are used in the debate you can tell if they (prop 64 proponents)  are lying, just in case you cant see their lips moving as proof:

1. In your amended filing of P64, Why did you remove the Local Vote of the people on Bans of Recreational?

Because we made a deal with the governor…

2. Why do you believe that corporate monopolies and hyper regulation is a better model than decriminalization?
Because there is more money for us at Napster and Monsanto3. Who is currently in State or county Jail for 6 plants or less, one ounce or less, or 4 grams of oil or less, that will be eligible to have sentences reviewed or expunged, as the initiative states ” things that would have been legal if P64 had been in effect…at the time…”?

NOBODY we just threw that out there to trick the voters

4. Why are you Claiming that taxes will benefit citizens, when clearly the tax revenue ALL goes to crony capitalism, special interests, etc.?

The answer is the same as #3… NOBODY we just threw that out there to trick the voters

5. How much of P64 revenue will go directly to the general fund?


6. How much of the tax revenue will directly benefit: Schools, Teachers salaries, New School Construction, roads, homeless housing, etc.?


7. Since the revised (December 7th) filing of P64 no longer allows the voters to have a say in local recreational, and since this would mean that the current California bans at roughly 75% would continue or get worse, where exactly is the local tax revenue that you say the cities can do what they want to with since they get ZERO taxes back from the special slush fund?

There is none, we lied

8. Does P64 change the California controlled substances act?


9. Does P64 Protect Cannabis medical and recreational, from Federal Raids?


10. Does P64 help bring legitimacy to MMRSA, or lock it into place by a voter initiative, thus preventing its overturn as an unconstitutional threat to Prop 215?

Sure Does, and that’s how the next governor wants it

11. Conflicting rights to drive with marijuana, still illegal after P64 passes?
Cant drive with weed in your car…

12. If I burn a joint at a concert on Friday night…Should I lose my job on Monday morning? Why are there ZERO employment protections?

Because they think we are pussies

13. Mandatory $100 Dollar State ID card to avoid 15% tax on Medical Cannabis…So much for the Prop 215 provision that says its voluntary and that a defense in court can be verbal as well as written, so in this regard does P64 destroy that provision of Prop 215?

Sure but don’t tell anybody

14. No Real Protections for Recreational users from Child Protective Services, Why?

Because potheads shouldn’t raise kids…

15. Do you really believe that the Government is going to make this law better over time with their ability to Amend? that they will Open up our access and restore our freedoms?

Hell no, and we are counting on that to lock in our monopoly

16. Where are the caps or limits on any taxes, local or state?

There are none

17. What does P64 do to stop Asset Seizures for businesses and persons? what specific section prohibits asset forfeiture? NONE

18. Why does the CHP get up to 50 Million a year forever…was that a Bribe?

Yes but don’t tell the voters we pulled that one…

19. Retailers cannot sell at LESS than COST? Why?
Because if we cant do it they shouldn’t either…

20. Why is there no Fee Schedule for Licenses?

The government gets to set those license fees as high as they want to, why the hell do you think the government in Sacramento is supporting this piece of shit ?


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