$10,000 Worth of Legal Analysis about Prop. 64, FREE!

 letita-pepper  (from Letitia Pepper)
An Attorney Who Uses Marijuana, Loves California, And hates how Lynne Lyman Is Lying about Prop. 64)
Lynne Lyman’s Yes on Prop. 64 message
Most of the specific facts Lyman gives you, and her claims about Prop. 64’s legal effects, are all lies.
It’s a LIE that Prop.64 will release pot POWs, a LIE that patients’ rights are protected, a LIE that very one gets the right to grow 6plants, and a LIE that cities, counties and schools will get ANY of the money!
Part One: Prop. 64 Goes Further than Any Other initiative, So Why Doesn’t It End the Drug War?
Part Two: Is Prop. 64 the Tipping Point to End Prohibition?
Or to Let Billionaires Take Control of Cannabis?
Part Three: The Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety
Act: Could Marijuana End Up Under the Control of the ATF?
The Big Lie: Prop. 64 Won’t Stop Kids from Using Marijuana, but It Will Get More of Them Busted
Part Four: Does Prop. 64 Protect California’s Existing Farmers (NO!); CA Libertarian Party Rejects Prop.
64 as Crony Capitalism; The Very Tall, Very Scary Regulators
Part Five: City and county taxes; does marijuana use always
impair people’s driving, thinking?
Part Six: The Cole Memo; Why More Money to the UC System to Help Big
Pharma Convert Marijuana into
Expensive Single Molecule
Pharmacological Agents,
Means LESS Access to the Herb for Patients, Higher
Prices for Adult Users
Part seven:Prop. 64 Is Tipping Point for Total Corporate, Worldwide Takeover of GMO Industrial Hemp
Patrick Moore, Dr. Hemp, on Why Voting NO on Prop. 64 Can Save the World from Monsanto, Why Voting
Yes on Prop. 64 will fund a new, electronically-enhanced, surveillance police state

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