Michigan’s New Laws are Predigest to Patients Needing Medication

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LANSING —  michigan-mmj-logo  Michigan would tax and regulate medical marijuana in a tiered licensing system under legislation that has won final legislative approval and that is expected to be signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The Republican-controlled House voted 83-22 for a main bill Wednesday to require a state operating license to grow, process, sell, transport or test marijuana used for medical purposes. Another bill clarifies that allowable marijuana includes non-smokeable forms such as oils, food items and pills.

“Provisioning centers” that sell marijuana to patients or their caregivers would pay a 3 percent tax on their gross retail income.

Advocates say the measures are necessary due to confusion over Michigan’s 2008 voter-approved initiative that legalized medical marijuana.


From a patient’s point of view…..Mary H. writes…..

Imo the future is bright for the rich who paid off the senators and house reps in order to ensure their licensing. Yes, greedy corporate interests have nothing on their minds except money.

With the taxes and the licensing fees, the price for meds will go up for patients like me. The new bills have so many grey areas I am afraid to go get my meds now because of the transportation questions unanswered in the bill regarding patients.

What these bills have given me is a head ache and worries about my future in this business after 6 years because I’m not rich, nor do I pay people off to get what I want. These bills have taken away my freedom to bake at a low cost to patients because my trim is free. Under the new laws, I have to be licensed and buy my trim from a licensed grower.

These bills have taken away my right to be a grower, a baker and dispensary owner because you can only choose one license.

These bills are written by people who have no clue how to grow and cultivate. They don’t know how long it takes for plants to grow from seed to flower and they have no clue about weight. Makes me laugh at their ignorance really, and these people run our country!

One thought on “Michigan’s New Laws are Predigest to Patients Needing Medication

  • Sounds like the laws in Michigan are being written by the same ass hats in California! There is no doubt the people with money who are interested are taking over our industry! It won’t be pretty for it least 10 years. And then it’ll be just beautiful for the rich bastards that have over taken are industry.

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