Ashly Branson Missing and Friends Fear for Her Safety – Cannabis War Takes Another Life?

FROM ASHLY BRANSON: ahsly-branson-1

Through this extremely traumatic and unjust situation I’ve been placed under it has stirred up some intense emotions for me. Any and all that have shared this beautiful life with my daughter and I should know the truth in their hearts without having mainstream media tell you what to believe. It saddens me to see so many act like they know because of how the media responds. One man’s jealousy, envy, manipulation, and need to control did this all. I know the emotions I feel every minute of every day with my whole world, my daughter, taken away but let’s be real, this is an 8 year old girl who loves and needs her mom and is being denied so. Just imagine what this little girl is going through. Her mother, I, never hurt or put her in any harm. I have highly educated my daughter on the medicinal purposes of cannabis and she knows and has seen the healing it has done for myself, her uncle, and many others. This is not a crime to educate your kids how you see fit. Not to mention how the people who manipulated her and the situation to gain control would come to us seeking information and help for their ailments. The day he went to the police with the brainwashed video he recorded, was the day after we had a discussion of the things needed to be done to be better parents for this amazing little girl. Those typical co-parenting discussions and decisions such as what school is best, is she getting enough exercise and less screen time, and the inappropriate play and context between his gf and my daughter ( teaching her what cherry poppers are on the playground as she hit herself), all these concerns of mine trying to do what’s best for joie made him get very defensive and vindictive. Knowing we live in a cannabis friendly home and have the right to do so. We follow all the laws, have a separate room with a lock where we keep everything away from kids, plants were gated with a lock, but because he does this the week she isn’t home yes we have stuff out and before she ever returns everything gets put away. Even though our society and laws allow you to keep your alcohol in unlocked cabinets and on counters or in hand around kids… we follow all the laws with kids because of the risks. I never thought he would take it this far. So that gets me onto my real point, if you know me and my daughter and our relationship at all you know I am a wonderful loving mother who would do anything for my kid. Our system is so screwed up that even though we haven’t broken any laws they try and stick you with any and everything they can. My health is depleting as I am being denied the use of cannabis over this ordeal. Whether they try to lock me up for years to life or even get some bullshit plea, I’m not going to survive without my meds. My choice of meds. Screw the hoax of chemo and pharmaceuticals. This plant has been my cure and they have taken it and my child from me. Now I’m asking and begging all of you no matter what happens to me, please keep sharing my love and mission of enlightment to my daughter. Don’t ever let anyone manipulate her from knowing and believing the truth. Her mom is not a criminal for treating and healing herself, for educating her, and for keeping her healthy through CBD oil. Joie is so smart and intelligent and knows this plant has healed many. Just please keep my story and love going until I can see her again. She needs all of you more than ever. We need you.ashly-branson-8











LOOK at her… The Government kidnapped her daughter for being informed about cannabis as a medicine at 8 years old and gave the mother felony charges for cannabis which she takes as a medicine for illness legitimately… . and now this woman went missing on Sept 6 and it is believed she would rather face death on her own terms than be without her medicine of choice – and without her daughter – and spending her life in jail for trying to save her own life and educating her daughter the way any parent should be able to.

This is all of your faults. Look at this beautiful woman and her daughter. Every one of you could stand up and tell our government (OUR GOVERNMENT not our JAILER OR OUR MONARCH or KING)

THIS IS WHY you should make an effort – because it could be YOU next or your daughter, or son or grandchild or brother or sister…. or friend….

PEOPLE STAND UP… Get educated. If you’re reading my post right now – STOP. Breathe. Understand what I am saying to you. People are dying. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? They Do NOT need to die. Not everyone – it doesn’t cure everyone but it does do a LOT. But our Rulers prefer to let us die than to make cannabis legal. Why? Ask yourselves why…

Cannabis causes APOPTOSIS in cancer cells. I’ve been saying this for years – and NOW… CANCER.GOV is even saying it — yet they are still arresting people for taking cannabis for cancer, TAKING CHILDREN AWAY from parents – not letting people cure themselves.

WHY?!? This is OUR country – why are we letting them stop us from curing ourselves in a way that doesn’t cost millions per person? Or thousands and thousands? It doesn’t burden the health care system it doesn’t require insurance…

Why are they arresting people who are doing no harm to others? Why are they not educating the public on proper usage, dosage, agriculture, health? Why are we letting them kill us with poisons? Bayer bought Monsanto – The presidential race is nothing more than a Hunger Games show. Wake up America. What are you allowing to happen to us?

Are you that lazy? Do you fear educating yourself and finding out you were WRONG? Cause why? Cause maybe Aunt Sara would have lived another 20 years maybe cousin Joey’s brain tumor could have been eliminated? Because your mother might have survived cancer – or one of the many other diseases it can help with?

BUT YOU WERE TOO BRAINWASHED to believe that a plant that human beings have used for over 10 thousand documented years as medicine could possibly work and isn’t a horrid drug?

Too lazy to follow the money trail of the information you’ve been fed?

Too lazy to realize that you’re putting your 401K and other retirement funds into the same companies that inject poisons into humans killing good cells and bad cells – when a simple plant would work – and not destroy them? Too lazy to realize those companies or people have been in charge of what you know… and you’re ok with being content and not caring – because it’s not happening to YOU yet… or to someone you love.

Yeah – you are what makes this world go round – you’re content to be at work 9-5 and tired to do anything else and watching news and sleeping and shopping and maybe going to the bar…. content to know NOTHING about what you vote on and how you vote it. You don’t know where the money is going – what bill you just passed with your vote – and you think people who use cannabis are stoners.. evil… stupid…

Wrong. it’s the other way around. You don’t know. You’re not educated and if you think you are – I’ll prove your education to be wrong.

Can cannabis be misused? Certainly. So can soda pop, money people, sugar, caffeine and everything we do, ingest, breathe, etc. Don’t be ridiculous. Not one person has died outright from cannabis… Not so for sugar, not so for aspirin, not so for honey, not so for caffeine and definitely not so for any pharmaceutical drug made.

Cannabis does give people a high feeling – but we can modulate that – and we can instruct people how to behave appropriately… How high is high? Really – if you’ve never smoked pot but have drank 4 beers —- you’ve been higher on the beers than you’re going to get on cannabis. If you’ve taken ONE vicodin – then you’re higher than you’ll get.Yes some people get really high – and cannot function like driving and they are “couchlocked”- but no different than with any another medication But it’s still comparing apples to oranges. It’s still saying you don’t know.

Why am I writing this?

Because Zach Branson’s Liver Disease Awareness Zach Branson has a sister – who is probably one of the most beautiful young ladies you’ll ever see — Her name is Ashley Branson and she is someone who has an illness and was taking cannabis for it.

So she educated her beautiful 8 year old daughter about the medication she was taking… So the daughter could understand what was going on. So she could understand how the medicine was helping.ashly-branson-5 ashly-branson-6 ashly-branson-7

Her daughter mentioned it – and they took her daughter away and charged her with FELONY charges that may last a lifetime. TOOK HER DAUGHTER AWAY FOR MARIJUANA… FOR SIMPLE CANNABIS — THAT SHE WAS TAKING TO SAVE HER LIFE.

Those charges are an abomination of our Justice system. They show me that someone else is in charge of our criminal system and our laws. Someone else is writing those laws to benefit themselves financially.

Remember this — ALL OF YOU.. there is no money in the cure of a disease or illness — there is only money in treating the symptoms – not fixing the problem. If you have an acid ulcer caused by a bacteria in your gut flora, don’t take antacids, change your gut flora. If you’re getting headaches because you’re eating too much salt, don’t take medication to remove salt from your system – quit eating so much salt.


NONE OF THIS — it doesn’t seem to matter — Because Ashley and Gus took off with the dogs, and haven’t been seen since the sixth of September – their car was recently found with the keys in the driver’s seat near or at a river / state park area…and she left notes that appear to say Goodbye forever, as in she decided to choose DYING instead of losing her daughter and not being able to treat her illness which was FINALLY improving…. with CANNABIS


Really America – this is what you want?

We are a screwed up nation. This woman was not a DEALER Drug addict selling kilos and killing people and doing mafia related things. This is just a woman trying to live – when pharmaceuticals weren’t working – with a NATURAL medication that causes NO harm to anyone.

There has not been a reliable study that has proven damage via cannabis during normal use. NOT ONE. (OK there are several that allude to dangers for children – but you have to follow the MONEY trail and determine what the researchers were allowed to report on – what they were not allowed to mention and what the real information was – not what was put out. You have to understand they’ve been lying to you. American doctors aren’t taught about the Endocannabinoid System — WHY NOT?

Why aren’t you all standing up to this? Together we are strong — whether you believe in cannabis as a medicine or not – you damn well know taking a child away and charging someone with FELONY charges – is going to hurt them…

THIS MEANS THE STATE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER DEATH – SHOULD SHE HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE. In my opinion- they are responsible for harassing this woman, kidnapping her child, destroying her life and absolutely being non-tolerant and UNEDUCATED… This bullshit has to stop.

But it won’t…. Not until you lazy ass people get up – and say something – do something…

Talk to your representatives – talk to people – talk to doctors talk to others – get together discuss – don’t vote for more money being siphoned by groups that are anti-cannabis…

How can you possibly vote for someone who is easily swayed and has not educated themselves on a topic before deciding against it. Total mob brainwashing mentality… Hey but you’re comfortable with not doing anything.


I hope she is alive. But if she is not… It means she has given up on you… The general citizens – the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES who are supposed to ensure our COUNTRY treats people fairly.


This is what you’re not comfortable doing – FACING UP TO THE FACT that each one of you may be looking at a beautiful woman whose life was obliterated because of your fear, your lack of education, your lack of caring, your lack of knowledge.. BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO… And that my dearest friends… is what ..– is allowing this to happen ALL across the country… It happened in Coronado CALIFORNIA. It is happening everywhere because you’re not educated.

YOU ARE THE CAUSE… Be the change.

You’re right – you could keep your mouth shut – because it has nothing to do with you right? There isn’t really anything you can do right?

Not true – get educated,learn then figure out how to teach others. because – this is just the start…. Oh yeah… it’s about to get good. and you know those after world war three apocalypse types of movies where the government does whatever it wants instead of working for the people? Yeah – we’re going there. Unless you step up.

Step up..

LOOK AT HER don’t forget her, you are the reason she disappeared.

Stop being the reason we are allowing cannabis users and people not hurting others to go to jail – to be charged with a crime to save their own lives.
Make a difference. Learn. Please.

And what am I doing about it? I’m telling all of you… I’m giving you the starting point in this race to change our world for the better.


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  • I don’t do cannabis at all, but that is my own personal choice…. on the other hand, I fully understand WHY people need it with the growing evidence of it’s benefits. To be honest weed saved my brother’s life and got him off the harsher drugs because he suddenly felt more relaxed and at ease with his life. Ashley here was an amazing example of motherhood as well as an advocate for cannabis. If she is dead out there somewhere then we, all of us, smokers or not, need to band together … enough is enough! It’s a NATURAL HERB! How is it’s use any different than yarrow, willow bark, cammomile, etc?? Let’s fight together guys … Ashley never deserved to have her child taken … ever!

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