To our friends in California and AZ–Take notice! Be very afraid of FAKE LEGALIZATION! : This is real time Colorado and happening statewide, county by county city by city: “The draft ordinance would also allow inspectors to enter any home where a grow is operating “during reasonable hours” to make sure the grow complies with city code.

Violations of the new ordinance would be considered administrative civil penalties, rather than criminal penalties. While regulating home grows doesn’t provide any tax revenue for the city, there could be an unknown amount money for the city from the penalty fines, staff wrote in the memo.”

Constitutional amendments (voted on by we the people) are NOT “loopholes” and repeating this nonsense for the last 6 years in the public is not changing the minds of any of the voters who passed these amendments. But town and state governments just can’t stop their addictions to the longest war in the history of the US. Using the tree of life or ANY plant as the excuse to get INTO peoples homes is Un-American and SHAMEFUL. From the federal level on downward to city code the corruption and complete disregard for the will of the voter is obscene in a supposedly democratic system. They say we want to end discrimination/prejudices on illegals, gays, disabled etc. but they continue to prejudice and attack people who have voted for the right to grow a non-toxic plant.

A20 is CLEARLY a self regulated patient and caregiver amendment. A20 contains the ONLY language specific to protecting ANY medicine in our constitution. MMJ is more protected than ANY other medicine use. Unfortunately so many have never read A20 or have no clue of their rights and most will not challenge unconstitutional laws in the courts.

And A64 allows for local control of A64 businesses–NOT home growers. A64 CLEARLY allows for individuals to DISPLAY cannabis–the ONLY thing people cannot do in the constitution is publicly consume. Banning grows from the sunshine and forcing people indoors to consume electricity is where the problem started. And the constitution protects ALL concentrates (oil included) in both A20 and A64.

And for the record Boulder County Commissioners could not point to even ONE specific house fire that was directly related to the cultivation of cannabis (or any other plant). No actual problem exists other then prohibitionists hating the loss of their beloved war on their fellow citizens. There are however hundreds of barbecue, stove, heater, candle and X-mas light fires and until we make all off those things illegal, house fires will exist. And until we ban the smell of cooking meat, coffee, pastries, flowers/grasses that people are allergic to the minority will remain offended. Is the the America we were born into or want for ourselves, our friends and families?

By Kathleen Chippi kathleen-chippi-2 kathleen-chippi-3

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