Morals for Sale, get um While there (their) Cheap

I recently saw an e-mail that disturbed me by shaking my foundation. It just couldn’t be! But it was, or read that way.


   shona OMG.  Some lay person is saying that the pro-64 people are legally correct about Prop. 64 and that I am not?  Whose side are you on, Shona?
     Shona, you are NOT an attorney, and you, like Panzer, Conrad, Lynne fucking Lyman and all the rest of the Soros crew, are WRONG.
     “Not exactly accurate legally”?  You cannot possibly explain why I am wrong, or “not exactly accurate legally.”  I detect sexism at play here; if some guy in a suit says I’m wrong, then I’m wrong and he’s right, right?  And what a coincidence that Panzer and Conrad are parroting the same legal line. That doesn’t give you pause?  WAKE UP.
    So now you are parroting Panzer, a man who is involved with NORML, pushed Prop. 19, is pushing Prop. 64 by lying about its legal impact, and is in agreement with Chris “expert witness” Conrad.  If they are so right, why won’t they debate us?  Or me?  morals-4-sale
      Because they cannot afford to let their message be interrupted by anything contrary; that’s what kills propaganda.
      A lot of people helped draft Prop. 215, and one of the reasons SOME of them were involved is that Prop. 215 was part of Soros/Monsanto’s long game.  Now it’s served its purpose — the nose under the tent — and they need to take it down.  All these spies who “helped” with Prop. 215 are showing their true colors.
      If you want to work with Panzer & Conrad, then you are NOT opposed to Prop. 64.
    And if you are NOT opposed to Prop.64, you are against a free market, against personal rights, and in favor of more laws to send people to jail and fine them, crony capitalism, GMO hemp, and to handing the Government our rights on a platter so they can rent them back to us.
    If Prop. 64 passes, we will NEVER be able to change this stuff, because all this crap will be constitutionally protected by the very same California constitutional provision that is currently protecting our rights under Prop. 215.
On Monday, September 12, 2016 3:00 AM, “Axis of Love SF, Shona Gochenaur” <> wrote:
Hi I don’t think panzer is a minion he helped draft prop215, and I believe the cultivating comes from sb420 and the Kelly decision.
Panzer has never expressed love for 64, only that it made it to the ballot , lessor of two evils. I don’t think? That Panzer is in the know of how evil DPA was about sabotage of Community ballots, few are.

The whole reason why I want to re frame it kills prop215 is because it not exactly accurate legally, and the cut throats know it, and use it, so please stop with that, there’s plenty of ways in which it is blocking safe access that are bullet proof, that’s not one of them. But it certainly pisses all over the spirit of the law.
On Sep 12, 2016 2:26 AM, <> wrote:

     George Soros’ minions, including, sadly, Bill Panzer and Chris Conrad, persist, on Facebook, in misleading the public by claiming that Prop. 215 did not give patients a protected right to cultivate marijuana as medicine. Facebook is an arena from which Sean Parker’s buddies recently have managed to exclude me, so people keep sending screen shots of what these traitors to Prop. 215 are doing.
    Because I cannot refute them in person, it’s up to everyone with Facebook access to spread the word that these guys are lying about the legal effects and benefits of Prop. 215.  Why would they lie?  Guess.  In order to get people to vote for that Trojan Horse, that Newsom crony capitalism slush fund, Prop. 64.
     Both Panzer and Conrad have now claimed that there is no right for patients to grow marijuana under Prop. 215.  That is a bald-faced lie, and they all know it; I’ve pointed this out to them on more than one occasion, and they cannot refute my points. Once again I am sending this email to them, too.
      The California Supreme Court in People v. Kelly specifically stated that patients have a California-constitutionally- protected right to grow, possess and use marijuana.
     A disturbing read to say the least unwanted opinions came to mind, how could someone that I thought was so into patients rights, whom I saw in this fight in “solidarity” drop her guns and run towards our (patients) enemy? How much did she sell out for? What’s the price you’re worth to them today? What’s my price worth to them as a voiced commodity?
Although I do understand pressure, financial, peer, moral, but in all reality, there’s not one penny that goes with you when you leave this planet. Refer to Solomon.
     It’s true that everyone has a price, God knows there has been temptations but When it comes to our future in which our children are our only investment we have, I bite my bullet and bare the suffering today in hopes they might have a better chance tomorrow.  Then in November 5th 1996 my dream of a lifetime was achieved, I never thought cannabis would ever become “legal”.
It’s heartbreaking to see “my dream” be shattered through monopolist so greedy they would sell their children’s future today for a dollar, and keep in the “clique”.
     Then I think, “what if I just go away and leave this behind, let someone else fight this fight a limited few have stayed in for so many that won’t? Then who else would”?
When Mrs. Allison Margolin came on my page saying prop 64 would decrease federal prisoners I blew my top, another person I once respected turned coward and  sided with the masses. Stating how she’s a 2X Ivy League , how she ahs done this and that in this movement, to me is all bullshit, riding on her daddy’s coat-tail and his advise placed her where she is today.
Ironically, sure enough there were her “knights in shining armor” there to defend her, that’s all good, but to me it’s the same as defending Hitler because he helped create Meth.
     If all of California lawyers want to “sell out” so be it. Yet have I ever met a lawyer I could completely trust, not one that didn’t have their own interest in mind EVER!
               So with the selling of your morals, children’s future included, keep them all. I’ll fight the fight I                   have done all these years, if it’s alone, so be it.

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