The State Of Medical Marijuana In Washington State.

 fb_img_1470291032574  High I’m Brian Tiger Weedz Smith. I’m a medical marijuana patient/activist who lives in Seattle Washington. I was against i502 because it’s promise to not affect M.M.J. was obviously a hollow one. It set the stage for 5052 which totally garroted our medical marijuana system which was the best in our not so happy nation.
You hear many saying that we can just get our medical marijuana at the 502 store but many can’t. And those that can’t are the ones who need it most. Those treated by RSO are pretty much left out if they can’t grow or somebody can’t grow for them due to extract restrictions and the low THC content in the few extracts they do sell.  Not to mention that those patients that do  have a grower still by 502 must take part in the growing of their medical marijuana. An impossible feat for a quadriplegic person.

Many patients can’t take part in the growing of their medical marijuana physically. Does this make them second grade patients? Or should they be the top rung? The ones we help first? I believe the latter but my state apparently believes the former. And that is sad. The politicians killed off our medical marijuana laws by saying that medical marijuana was just a dodge so we could get high and that there was no such thing as medical marijuana. Don’t you just love it when politicians commit crimes through the media and nobody holds them accountable? Yet there they were practicing medicine without either clue or license right there on our televisions for all to see.

Yes with my authorization I get a 10% discount which makes a $99 ounce cost $85. At Uncle Ike’s. Not the tastiest bud around but it works medically and I do get the occasional head rush. Recreational users may think that is a poor recommendation but when you smoke between 2 or 3 grams a day to treat things like PTSD, dissociative identity disorder, spasms, severe pain  and even blood pressure you have built a high tolerance so you seldom get that recreational high. I can eat a refrigerator full of edibles and not even get a giggle. It turns out that they don’t call me Tiger Weedz for nothing. I can always hit a bowl in one.

While I do appreciate the fact we have it better than many other states dead babies really piss me off especially when they can be laid at the feet of politicians practicing medicine without a license for personal gain or due to total ignorance. Every time I hear a politician say marijuana is not medicine what I hear is “I support dead babies!” (Children with epilepsy and cancer etc have been saved by marijuana.)  We need to keep this in their faces until everybody gets it and quits voting for criminal filth. What i502 and 5052 did to Washington state was gut it’s medical marijuana laws just to make tax money.

What is truly idiotic with this is that only taxing the end product is chump change. Imagine the taxes collected if every adult had the right to grow 6 flowering plants. First everybody in the state will not start growing. You can make your own beer but few actually do. With that said those that do grow are usually very picky about their materials. Everything from the electricity for the ballasts, lights and fans to the water for hydroponics and the nutrients are taxed. Even the starts, clones and seeds.
Another thing i502 did to M.M.J. & recreational use in Washington State. It made it a felony to pass a joint or give weed to others. Real funny in a “legal” marijuana state huh? This means that the most disabled of our patients who used to survive by the best of us passing them our love now suffer. These people might as well be in Texas.

We have many in our cause who cry out that we must return to unity. Let’s just say that that is a bit naïve. There has always been 2 groups. Those that want weed legalized for the betterment of man and those who want the profit legalized but the plant regulated to where they and they alone have the market cornered. We need to accept this as truth & try to minimalize the successes of the greedy or legalization will effectively pass us by.

A picture of me at the Seattle Cannabis Freedom March dressed as Canna Clause & a pic of me back in my better walking days cheerleading the march. fb_img_1444670030796

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  • well, i hear you brother, and you know, Prop 64 in California will fuck things up unless we learn from what happened in Washington, and reject this piece of shit, we need to collectively send a message, maybe then the idiots who overtax us will listen, and maybe then we can fix the fucked up laws in washington…but i can tell you this, if Prop 64 passes in California, all hope is lost nationwide.

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