Lanny Swerdlow: Fair Is Fair

Lanny-Swerdlow-RN    Lanny Swerdlow, back in the 2010, the days of Prop. 19, assiduously avoided letting anyone who was pro-marijuana and anti-Prop. 19 present any information to the MAPP or patient support groups.  He did this despite members’ demands that he let me, Letitia Pepper, debate the NO side.  He would bring in the anti-marijuana religious right to debate the NO side, but not me.  That is what is called propaganda: when you only present part of the relevant information.  He did not want people to see that an attorney who as pro-marijuana could be anti-Prop. 19.
     Swerdlow is once again part of the Soros-funded, unlimited taxation, regulation and control (“UTRC”) propaganda machine, this time for the new POS, Trojan Horse, Prop. 64.
    So earlier this years, everyone at the MAPP and Brownie Mary Democratic Club Riverside meeting agreed that they wanted to hear a debate on Prop. 64 (then AUMA), and that I’d do the NO side.
    Since then, Swerdlow, after unlawfully disbanding the Riverside BMDC with the help of the, apparently, corrupt chair of the Riverside Democratic Central Committee just as I was running against him for its presidency, is now  back in business running just the MAPP meetings. (I don’t think he dares call himself a patient advocate anymore.)  And he’s having Judge Gray, pro-Prop. 64 Libertarian, as his speaker in Riverside on the first Wednesday of September at the old location, the THCF medical Clinic on 647 Suite D, N. Main in Riverside.
      In his MAPP newsletter, did Swerdlow mention that the California Libertarian Party’s nine-member Executive Committee unanimously took a NO on Prop. 64 position? Libertarin Party of California  Of course not. Did he manage to mention that both Judge Gray and Letitia Pepper addressed the California Libertarian Executive Committee on August 6, and that Judge Gray couldn’t answer any of the Committee’s questions about Prop. 64 because, he admitted, he hadn’t read it yet?  Of course not.  Did he manage to ask Letitia Pepper to come present the NO side when Gray does the YES side?  Of course not.
      Lanny Swerdlow,  “Remember, people wanted to hear BOTH sides about Prop. 64.  So why aren’t you giving me equal time with Judge Gray?”   Anyone else who believes in fair play and not propaganda, please contact Lanny and ask him why he’s one sided.

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