Is The Real 1% Working for or with Gavin Newsom

Auma 44  Actually, it’s more like the .01 percent — and they’ll all be cronies of the next Governor, if this POS Prop. 64 passes!  See why Gavin Newsom and the CORRUPT Democratic Boys Club want 64 to pass?
Vote NO on Prop. 64!  The pro-marijuana legalization CA Libertarian Party’s Executive Committee unanimously rejected Prop. 64 as crony capitalism and “more harm than good,” after FORTY (40) straight years of supporting marijuana legalization. I need tyour vote
Legalize yes, but not like this!!!   Eugene Davidovich 0052  We need a free and fair cannabis market, not crony capitalism!
Plus, Prop. 64 is CA’s version of the TPP!  It tightly ties CA law re industrial hemp to GMO-only federal law, while TTP would tightly tie ALL U.S. law to evil, GMO-pushing Pacific Rim treaty.
And that is why George Monsantosoros has been funding Obama, Clinton, Prop. 64 and this kind of “marijuana legal-lies-ation” in Washington, Ohio (which rejected it), and now here via Prop. 64.
Because Prop. 64 and the TPP are REALLY about GMO industrial hemp, which would be worth TRILLIONS, GAZILLIONS to Soros as Monsanto’s majority shareholder if he can get the TTP and Prop. 64 passed.  don duncan asa
Vote NO on Prop. 64!

PS I am not suicidal, so if I am found dead anytime soon, you know who to suspect!  God keep Julian Assange safe!  Ditto Ecuador and South America

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