If Prop. 64 Passes

AUMA        OMG.  Read this article (bottom) and see how, if Prop. 64 passes, then anyone using marijuana — not as medicine but as a dangerous drug, which is what Prop. 64 calls it!  — will lose their Second Amendment rights.  This is coming from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and applies in nine western states.  It will apply in Washington State.
     But if we keep Prop 215, this cannot legally happen in California. Here’s why.
     In California, under Prop. 215, we have a California-constitutionally protected right to grow, use and possess marijuana as medicine.  That was announced in People v. Kelly, and when Bill Panzer or any other pro-Prop. 64 person says that isn’t true, they are lying.
     California citizens also have a U.S. constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the federal Constitution.
       And constitutional law says, you cannot impair a constitutional right by conditioning its exercise on forcing the person exercising that right to give up another constitutionally protected right.  The government can’t say, “you can confront the witnesses against you, but only if you testify in court.”  And it can’t say, “You can keep and bear arms, but only if you don’t use marijuana as medicine.”
   Want to keep and bear arms and use marijuana?  Then keep marijuana as medicine and keep your constitutionally-protected right to grow, use and possess marijuana.  Prop. 64 destroys that constitutionally-protected right, so vote NO on Prop. 64.
    Please pass this one, because you know that NORML and all the pro-Prop. 64 people won’t share it!

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