You can’t trust the electronic search engines: Prop. 64 is burying the Sacramento Bee chart, “The Proposition 64 Money Trail”

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 I just tried yahoo’s search again, and got this, twice:

“We”  (and who is “we”?) had temporary problems searching for web pages. Search again for sacramento bee nathaniel levine chart jim miller Prop. 64 soros 2016 or type a new query above.

    Soros is desperate to hide his links to Prop. 64, because he’s still hoping to hide the REAL goal of Prop. 64, and it’s not just “legalizing marijuana.”  It’s about who has the right to control industrial hemp as a crop worth TRILLIONS of dollars.
    Yes, the reason that Soros is funding Prop. 64 is the same the reason he’s been funding Obama, the same reason he’s been funding Hillary, the same reason he could NOT allow Bernie Sanders to be the nominee, the same reason our government is pushing the TPP down our throats.
      It’s a little item barely mentioned in Prop. 64, so you won’t think it’s important — just like these Robber Barons did with the Marihuana Stamp Tax Act of 1937.  Think Prop. 64 is about marijuana and its use as a drug or medicine?  That’s just a sleight of hand trick to distract everyone.
     It’s really about hemp, industrial hemp.  The crop that was worth a billion annually in 1937, and which is now worth TRILLIONS.  
On Sunday, August 28, 2016 9:33 AM,
    A yahoo search this morning with these terms “Sacramento Bee Nathaniel Levine chart Jim Miller Prop. 64 Soros”  failed to turn up the chart released by in the Sacramento bee about Soros being behind Prop. 64 funding.
     Why do you think that is?  That’s how I found it on Saturday . . . .
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     A new search “California proposition 64 Sacramento Bee The proposition 64 paper trail” also failed to turn up that paper trail chart or ANY article about Prop. 64, just a lot of “Yes on Prop. 64” hits.
    Coincidence?  Or a sign of ALL the money George Monsanto Soros is pouring into this campaign?  Let’s make him PAY DEARLY for any win in California; better yet, let’s make him pay AND make him lose!  Pass this on!
Folks, here’s a great quote from the article Money and marijuana: Donors with ties to industry give to legalize pot showing the paper trail that leads back to George Soros:

    “Aaron Herzberg, a marijuana entrepreneur and the general counsel at CalCann Holdings, which focuses on municipally licensed marijuana real estate opportunities, said he favors ensuring there are plenty of business “opportunities for the small guy.”

    But, he added, “the reality is it takes a lot of capital and “business knowledge” (Letitia’s quotes] to enter into a highly regulated market.”
    I put “business knowledge” into quotes for a reason.
    Prop. 64”s provisions create “crony capitalism.”  The Libertarian Party’s Executive Committee recognized that, as did I. That means it’s going to take connections to the bureaucrats running the “Marijuana Control” bureaucracy to get a license and/or permit to participate in “the industry.”  And LOTS of capital, because some of that $$$ is going to have to go to “campaign contributions,” or, as they are called in Europe, bribes.
      What a coincidence that it looks that those very same people are also investing money to get this POS proposition past the electorate and into law before anyone realizes what’s up.
    And who will get the limited licenses and permits that Prop. 64 will allow?  The Governor and his friends & supporters.  And who can pick up bribes for “allowing” entrepreneurs to get  a municipal license?
       The crony capitalistic system that Prop. 64 sets up is so offensive, and so ugly, that no one who understands what’s going on could support it —unless they are part of the in-crowd it creates.  Or think they’re part of the in-crowd.  Or are part of the group who’ll get bribes, like city council members, or city managers.
    So be wary of any city council that has decided to endorse Prop. 64 instead of actively opposing it.  And pass this information on to you fellow voters!
Read more here:
IT’S BY  CHRISTOPHER DELGADO and JIM MILLER. it is on google!!  Dateline 8/26/16
I can’t find it on google, either. the closest I go was this:

Money and marijuana: Donors with ties to industry give to legalize pot

A web of campaign committees, nonprofits and wealthy individuals has funneled at least $6.6 million so far to this …

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