Democrats are betting big on pot. It could backfire. Mother Jones

Democrats are betting big on pot. It could backfire.

Marijuana might not be their savior.
   Here is what I posted as a comment: Letitia Pepper
 Libertarin Party of California   The California Libertarian Party’s Executive Committee voted UNANIMOUSLY to take a NO position on California’s “marijuana legalization” initiative, Prop. 64, as doing more harm than good and, as they stressed during their August 6, 2016 session, “crony capitalism.” Informed that Gary Johnson had already tweeted his support for Prop. 64 AND also supported the TPP, they said they’d have to have a talk with him.
     I know, I was there, and presented them with a legal analysis of Prop. 64, yet another Trojan Horse out of the George Monsanto Soros stables. (He and his Open Society-educated pet attorney, Alice Holcomb, were behind Washington’s terrible “legalization” law, I-502.)
California’s Prop. 64 is a tediously long, 62-page initiative, full of “pot holes” as one editorial put it. My analysis of this convoluted bit of thievery is here:… , and it was prepared many months ago.

Since then, on multiple re-readings, I’ve discovered even MORE trickery — including how it is designed, with the help of legislation already out in place by a corrupt Democratic Legislature, to contain the last few ingredients necessary to let Monsanto and related corporations grow only GMO HEMP. Only GMO hemp can meet the bogus, THC-content standards previously put in place at, it’s all too apparent, the behest of Monsanto lobbyists.

Yes, Prop. 64 is a trick designed to lock California in under federal law related to industrial hemp, a federal law that will ONLY allow the production of GMO hemp. Under existing state law, Prop. 215, anyone who qualifies as a medical marijuana patient (and anyone who could be prescribed any prescription drug for any ailment can also qualify to use marijuana as an alternative to prescription drugs) can lawfully grow non-GMO hemp!

California farmers, patients, anyone who opposes GMO mono-crops and the use of tons of chemicals to grow hemp, a naturally pest-resistant crop that shades weeds to death, unite! Vote NO on Prop. 64! Tell your friends to register ASAP and turn out and vote NO on Prop. 64. It’s not about legalization: it’s about theft!
Letitia E. Pepper

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