Prop 64 – Auma Money Trail shows Marijuana Legalization only for the 1%

   Here is a chart that shows who is actually funding Prop. 64, prepared by reporters at the Sacramento Bee.
prop 64 auma
      Notice that familiar, evil face in the left lower corner of the above chart from the Sacramento Bee?   Can it be — no, not really? Yes, it’s George Soros, a major shareholder in Monsanto.  This chart (thanks, Nathaniel Levine and Jim Miller of the Sacramento Bee!) should put a hole in the boat that Chris Conrad and Bill Panzer are trying to float to “prove” that Ellen Brown’s two-part article about the link between Prop. 64 and Soros and Monsanto is wrong.  See WEB OF DEBT BLOG on


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   Monsanto actually contacted Ms. Brown and told her that it was not developing GMO cannabis.  Sure.  You just know that you can trust Monsanto not to lie.
    If someone had actually published something untrue about Monsanto, its lawyers would have been serving her with papers as fast as you can say “Round-Up is NOT carcinogenic, so shut up!”  They would not be calling to say, “you’re wrong, and no,we’re not lying.”

George Soros – TruthWiki

The man who “broke the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992 is one of the top thirty richest people in th…
    These interlocking corporations and interlinked boards of directors are how these evil doers try to disguise their campaign contributions, and it’s also how they try to hide their corporate goals.
     Not long ago, Scotts Miracle-Gro, “a convicted corporate criminal that sells low-end fertilizers,” (ouch! that quote, used in several online publications, must hurt) including Monsanto’s carcinogenic Round-Up, used its wholly-owned subsidiary “Hawthorne Gardening Company,” (doesn’t that name sound bucolic and healthy?) to try to hide what it was up to.  Using Hawthorne, Scotts bought General Hydroponics, a General Hydroponics’ affiliate  “Bio-Organic Solutions” that markets under the Vermicrop name, plus the Dutch lighting company, “Gavita,” and Botanicae, a company that makes hydroponics nutrients.  (See a pattern here?  I used to have to unravel this kind of corporate name-knot at work for state and federal judges.  Thank god other people are doing this, too.)
        But it gets better.  Guess with whom Scotts Miracle-Grow has expanded its partnership?  Which I think explains very nicely why it acquired all those indoor marijuana growing products, and why Prop. 64 is written to force people to grow marijuana indoors, using expensive products and way too much electricity.  Just guess.

Monsanto and Scotts Miracle-Gro Expand Long-Standing Partnership | Monsanto…

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (NYSE: SMG), the lea…

Scotts Miracle-Gro Buys General Hydroponics

Hydroponics nutrients manufacturer General Hydroponics has been purchased by a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro.
    These proud capitalists are cheerfully willing to ruin millions of people’s lives, and send hundreds of thousand of people to prison and jail, just to make MORE MONEY. Because it’s not just California they’re after.  They got Washington, they tried to get Ohio, and we’re next.
    As the guy in charge of Scott’s said about the lawn and garden business compared to warfare, “Oh, dude, in a lot of ways, I think it’s better. Today the way wars happen, you don’t get to keep all the stuff. To me this is one where in commercial combat you kind of rape and pillage, and you keep all of the stuff.”  Cannabis Capitalist: Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Bets Big On Pot Growers

Cannabis Capitalist: Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Bets Big On Pot Growers

By Dan Alexander
Scotts Miracle-Gro’ controversial CEO, Jim Hagedorn, is gambling $400 million to reach a burgeoning market o…
    I really, truly hope this A**HOLE did not serve in any military unit for the US, because of this attitude.  Sounds like he would have raped and pillaged if he had a chance, would just regret not being allowed to keep of the booty, like loot and severed ears, doesn’t it?
     In fact, the war to control California cannabis is warfare.  There are no rules against lying, cheating, hacking, etc. And we’ve seen it all, with more to come, since the enemies are the Electronic Robber Barons.
    The profiteers behind Prop. 64 are doing all those things. Wars are fought with dis-information and Fifth Columnists, and they are all here — and have been here and visible since Prop. 19.  This Sacramento Bee-created chart therefore is very timely; just in time to make life a little more difficult for Chris Conrad and Bill Panzer, both masters of dis-information.  They were just planning to release an article “proving” that Monsanto has no connection with Prop. 64, and that Ellen Brown, like me, is crazy.
    Stay tuned for more reinforcements for the No on Prop. 64 team. Dragonfly de la Luz will be releasing a series of articles to address Chris Conrad’s “legal-lies,” with the first one is already available and out soon.
      The reason Prop.19 lost was the grassroots activists; the people who are poor and not being paid by Mnsanot and Soros.   We can defeat Prop. 64, too, if we all fight back. So post this information everywhere. Put it on flyers and hand out at events.  Tell people in the grocery store. The pro-AUMA/Prop. 64 folks will be taking down Facebook posts, memes, Tweets, anything that can be controlled and co-opted electronically.  The people controlling Facebook, Windows, smart phones, Diebold voting machines (what a BAD idea for democracy) managed healthcare and more are all part of the Electronic Robber Baron Club, and they help each other.  Read the Wiki article to see who funded Obama’s AND Hillary’s campaigns and see why they both do and WILL support the TPP.  Prop. 64 is like the TTP for California.
          And don’t forget: while UTIs are bad, UTRCs are worse;
        you can’t get rid of them with a prescription of Cephalexin. 
              So don’t get a UTRC in the first place; vote NO ON PROP. 64
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