Prop 64 aka A.U.M.A. How Can You Run When You Know


images7O3KINHMAnyone with any common sense knows that prop 64 aka A.U.M.A. will destroy any and all rights that prop 215 now offers ALL Californian’s. It seems most people have no idea as to what they soon will be facing. What the future holds if prop 64 does pass this November will place more innocent victims in jail, destroy more families, and place more restrictions upon your children, grandchildren, for no apparent reason but greed. Prop 64 aka A.U.M.A. only serves as a way to launder “their” money and provide an outlet to enable “them” to finally spend their millions upon millions already made.

A thought to ponder; the ability to launder assets legally would be a major priority, after 20 years of saving to finally be able to “go hog wild”. Do the math for yourselves; start when shops began since Teflon Don Duncan’s Measure D, began; include his personal establishments, another B.P.G., along with Harborside; just to name a few. Harborside’s Steve DeAngelo Steve DeAngelo      released a statement about their financial intake exceeding $26, per year. A statement made a few years ago during an interview.

Take into consideration any type of money from cannabis sales is “drug money” Federal law will not allow this to be bankable assets therefore cannot be deposited federally in any F.D.I.C. insured bank, which they mostly are if not all?

Provision’s within prop 64 allow a way to launder profits from this CASH CROP, a so called, “slush fund”. As long as prop 215 is law this cannot be changed except through voters of California.  panic button

I need tyour vote  Statements as “legalization” to sway voters to think they will be free finally to use this healing plant, cannabis, are not true; in fact It increases the jail sentences served for a much lesser amount to posse (per dwelling). There is no fair side to prop 64, it is a total control measure, a slavery act. You’re stripped of your rights, beaten by deceit (legalization). Whipped with suppression; Scared forever along with your children and the rights they could still have, in your vote.


By no means do I mean to sound as I am in search of a hand out, or entitled to, nor expect anything. I am a patient that has watched these beautiful movements of compassion get so manipulated by greed from the grass roots it stood and still stands for. A human being helped by using natural healing properties found in cannabis.

What is before you is an act to eradicate access through controlling over regulating, and greed if prop 64 aka A.U.M.A. is passed. This is one of the most patient impacting acts we users and patients alike soon will face. What you may think is legalization, is through your vote will change into criminalization .  Understand the mind-set of the people that hire lawyers or con men to think of every way possible to take away what you now have in prop 215 and SB-420. These are the foundations of compassion passed in 11/1996. That hold up to the attempts of greedy monopolist hell bent to abolish the rights now given to us all bound together in prop 215 wording NOW.silence

If history has taught you anything in life; suppression works for short periods of time before something from an opposing point of view occurs to change it. Peace can be found equally for all under prop 215 and SB-420. California changed the whole world in 1996, what the voters did then was the right thing to do, and they manned up and did what was needed. Since then see how much has changed! Just in medical discoveries using C.B.D.’s in cancer cures, not treatments like chemo therapy, costing millions administered in a hospital by someone who you may or may not like. Compare what one achieves growing medical cannabis; which can be consumed in the privacy of your home your way, be it oils to cook, rub, or ingest, or ignite.

Both therapeutically valuable mentally and physically is soothing and relaxing as well as rewarding upon its completion. Who do you not know that didn’t want to share their achievement?


These monopolized attempts to control for so long needs to find its end and be done away with. Greed serves no one but infects so many innocent people in its wake of destruction. There is no difference in genocide and control in matters like this.

words don't add upSo many people are being so mislead because they do not or cannot or will not see the “hidden agenda’s” Oz has behind his curtain. What was it that gave Oz his power? Preying on their fears and weakness’s because they didn’t know any different. Can you or do you remember when Dorothy understood Oz’s agenda and slapped him saying how bad of a person he was? Well maybe Oz needs slapping again to remind him how bad his prop 64 aka A.U.M.A. is to everyone who falls victim to it?

Over the years we have watched time and time again when prop 19, AB266, AB 2312, and so many more attempt to change prop 215 have failed, the question to ask is why? If you need to ask yourself that, then you have not read it or understood how strong it is. Built of a foundation of compassion it stands for the weak, the oppressed, and suppressed, and the right to choose what medication we use to treat ourselves. It allows you an option.

Good laws do not need to be changed, what needs to be changed are the greedy attempts to change good laws. Let the people know what they are actually voting for, illegally using words like “legalization” to mislead voters. It’s these people we need to look more closely at; investigate their motives. It’s time we start doing the right thing and get rid of these parasites that feed off the weak, which sooner or later we all become.

“Vote for him now, you can’t refuse, When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose, you’re totally evincible until he steals from you every right he can steal. So now tell me, how does it feel?”


What’s happened to the men of America? Where has the American pride when we helped one another? Was the blood of freedom spilled in vain? What has happened to “The American Spirit”? The American way of life I remember as a child was to help your neighbor. Our lives have been taken and sold it for a bag of beans. With lies and schemes and our most importantly our rights it seems. As of today I’m looking into a life of slavery where my hopes and dreams are bound by greed.


William W. West

Owner & editor


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    ^this page explains — using the text of the initiative itself — exactly how prop 64 will destroy prop 215, once and for all. And details a host of other reasons to VOTE KNOW ON 64. Spread the word!

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