Post Legalization Reality… this what you want?

Hey…all you Prop 64 supporters….all of you who believe canabis can be MISUSED and

ABUSED….heres how it plays out under your “Legalization Scenario”.

California passes prop 64 with all the strict regulations, AUMA 44


people are only allowed 6 plants per house…

state government decides growing indoors is too dangerous ( because there WILL be grow related

fires, and mold issues etc.) so while they are voting to stop ALL personal growing to

protect “THE CHILDREN” and because there are stores that sell weed they think you dont need

to grow at home anymore….

the feds will reschedule to level 2, SO as for the Precious Prop

215 medical protections, you just VOTED THOSE AWAY, like writing over data on your hard

drive, as long as you dont write over those deleted files you can recover them, but since

prop 64 is a VOTER initiative, it wipes out Prop 215…then it becomes Medical ONLY with a

prescription from an FDA Approved doctor and from a Pharmaceutical company or regular

pharmacy ONLY…no more dispensaries..aUMA DEA


.and the weed at the retail store eventually will be

shitty vape cartridges or pills and oils, NO FLOWER because smoking is BAD for people,

eventually all vaping will be outlawed by do gooders…but dont worry there will be high

priced smoking lounges, just like bars, where only BIG LICENSED players will be able to

supply you with flower, Auma

but you wont be able to smoke in public, and you wont be able to

drive cause you smoked too much..

not to mention all the new roadside cannabis checkpoints,

cotton swabs, breath analyzers….shall i go on?

Say goodbye to the thousands of delivery

services, the distributor model in MMRSA destroyed that, for all the small timers who cant

afford $100,000 or more per year for licensing…did i mention all the new cops that will

have to be hired, all the new code enforcement people out there looking for illegal backyard

grows with state sanctioned drones and special cameras that can detect the specific color

of green on a cannabis plant?

more fines, more jail time, more cops, less freedom, less choice, AUMA


no raw juicing unless you buy the shit at food for less with all the preservatives

and sugars infused…so what REAL benefit to society are all these PROP 64 types

legalization efforts? heres the dirty little secret.


Monsanto will control it all, thisMonsanto Marijuana Monsanto land Marc Emery Monsanto

will be the industry that keeps the BEAST ALIVE..and we the taxpayers will get bent over

again by the politicians, the judges, the penalties, assessments and fines, the cops, the

drug treatment centers, child protective services, code enforcement, licensing fees,

permits, bigger jails chocked full of people who grew weed in their backyard, federal jail

and state jail… unions will be running the huge mega grows that only employ a few people

cause of automation, unions ( like teamsters mafia) will control ALL distribution, only the

rich will be in this industry...


all the small mom n pop edibles and growers and delivery

and dispensary owners will be KICKED to the CURB..NO MORE Cannabis Cups with giveaways or

Beer..This is not freedom, this is NOT civil liberty, This is NOT Decriminalization…what

this is…is a NIGHTMARE…and YOU voted for it, so SHUT T.F. UP and SIT DOWN…its too

late to fix it now….marijuana legalization auma
just another Big Government run industry that is over regulated..

thanks Monsanto Lawyers…thanks Booze Industry and Politicians…


Contributing Author: Joe Hemp6 months 000032 000039 0000056 auma 420nurses-chacha-with-caviar-cones-and-hot 000444

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