Attorney Letitia Pepper Arrested for

Here is a brief report on Letitia Pepper’s recent false arrest in West Hollywood on August 20, 2016.

  WeHo Auma No Prop 64 event plus FNS 501  The City of West Hollywood co-sponsored a “Cannabis Education Forum,” an event which was a thinly disguised pro-AUMA/Prop. 64 event. It was open to the public, free, and took place on City-owned property on Aug. 20, 2016.
      Amanda Hyde, its organizer and the 2015 founder of CEF (Cannabis Educational Forum), carefully arranged the event so that there would not be any full and frank discussion of Prop. 64 and its actual impacts on citizens and businesses.  Ms. Hyde’s expertise in cannabis education is unknown, she is, reportedly, an aesthetician.Amanda Hyde
    The City’s decision to turn this event over to Ms. Hyde might be based on the fact that its City Council was somehow persuaded to endorse Prop. 64.  Previously, such well-respected activists as Richard Eastman and Patrick Moore, who have encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis, both hemp and marijuana, had been involved in the City’s annual cannabis event, but not now, not that Prop. 64 is being pushed, not when Eastman  and Moore are actively campaigning against Prop. 64, and not now that five elected City officials are also pushing Prop. 64.
    The Prop. 64 bias was all too apparent.  For example, Lynne Lyman, which has endorsed Prop. 64, and is related to Dr. Donald Lyman, M.D., its legal proponent who sees marijuana as a dangerous and addictive drug.
“Is marijuana bad for your health? ‘Yes,’ says Dr. Donald Lyman of Sacramento, a retired physician and former board member of the California Medical Assn.  “People do not use it to make themselves healthier. They use it to deal with other problems. It is a dangerous and ill-advised substance. That’s why it has to be under control.’  That’s the twist here. Lyman is co-leading a push to qualify a marijuana legalization initiative for the 2016 California ballot. His measure, the doctor says, would control usage, quality and quantity.”  ‘Recreational’ marijuana proponents are pushing a false narrative Marijuana legalization auma prop 64
So, Ms. Lyman, who is helping Dr. Lyman push this POS proposition, had 45 uninterrupted minutes to present an uncontradicted point of view about how great Prop. 64 will be — if people are deceived enough to pass it.
    Letitia Pepper and other activists attended to give out information on Prop. 64 via flyers.  Realizing that there was “no on AUMA” info being distributed, Ms. Hyde first told Ms. Pepper she would have to ask her to leave the event because the flyers had not been pre-approved.  No one can require pre-approval of a First Amendment message; that is called prior restraint and it is unconstitutional.
    When she realized that trying to claim that Pepper was disrupting the meeting also wasn’t gong to work (the meeting in question was over and was in recess when Ms. Hyde asked Ms. Pepper to leave), Ms. Hyde resorted to lies, the common refuge of the pro-AUMA hucksters.
    In order to get Ms. Pepper arrested, Ms. Hyde falsely claimed to sheriffs’ deputies that the 2016 event — co-hosted and paid for by the City of West Hollywood — was a private event, and signed a citizen’s arrest form to have her arrested for trespass after she refused to leave at Ms. Hyde’s request, a request clearly made because she did not approve of Ms. Pepper’s political massage, as contained in the anti-Prop.64 flyers.
Anyone at a public event, on public property, is not committing a crime and anyone doing it cannot properly be charged with, let alone convicted of, trespass. Only Ms. Hyde’s lie to the deputies about this being a private event — and possibly whatever the City staff put on the event permit  — made this arrest possible.
   Lying to law enforcement personnel, and filling out a citizen’s arrest form with false statements in order to have someone falsely arrested, is a crime.
    So when people like Chris Conrad and their ilk start posting lies about my arrest, please respond with this information. Thanks!


  • Shame on you that know the truth and are silent, knowing it will place someone else in harms way. As long as it’s not you is the wrong attitude to embrace. Once you’re been inside looking out then you’ll understand what “they” go through. Human beings are going to jail attempting to protect your rights you NOW have in prop 215. Would you be willing to offer your freedom to help another? Right is right and wrong is wrong. IS “Doing the right thing” in you? Support the activist that support you., your future, your children’s future, and their rights. Haven’t we all gone through enough restriction.s Have Californians turned towards governmental advise? Has the government ever helped you?

  • AUMA is for recreational users, you know the majority of Cannabis users? Cannabis has been illegal for recreational use for 80 years, I think that is long enough. I will vote YES for AUMA, I do not think it is perfect but it is better then today where recreational growing and use is illegal.

    • It would serve yourself ( and the community ) better; if you would simply educate yourself.

      AUMA and its backers are TRASH.

    • If “Hemp Guy” thinks his legal pot will be equal to the medical pot now available, he may be in for a rude awakening. Under AUMA, the Department of Public Health is responsible for setting potency standards, and the Department of Food and Agriculture with production quotas. Chong your bong, Dopey, if you think AUMA is about you getting zonked legally. AUMA is about CONTROL over THC content, REGULATE pot like booze (can you drink and drive, stoopit?), and TAX the hell out of the pleasure-seekers’ readiness to pay any price for AUMA’s rollout of ditchweed. AUMA’s anticipated revenues would soon reach $1 billion and upwards — per year! Who pays that? Ultimately the consumer. That’s you, weedguys and gals. Watch your money go up in smoke!

  • What about the patients? If AUMA (Prop 64) passes they will no longer need annual permission slips from their doctor for the same ailments that they know cannabis works well for. Before it was what about the children. Now it’s what about the patients? It’s Prop 19 days all over again, where one group believes one thing and the other believes something different. We have to start somewhere and quite missing opportunities, otherwise we’re only shooting ourselves in the foot….regularly. I honestly don’t care who’s backing the proposition (what people, groups, etc.) But we need a comprehensive solution. There are still people going to jail for a plant. The real unhappy camp seems to be the growers who were use to making money and profits under the table and not paying taxes on the product they sold. How is that fair to other similar industries where these things are taxed? I still haven’t decided on which way I will vote this year…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It may not be perfect, but it’s good enough for me…the recreational grower to no longer hide behind a piece of paper from a doctor. I don’t believe the sky will be falling either if it does pass. I think we’ll have a great foundation to restart our quest upon and making changes/improvements as deemed necessary.

    • Doc, there will be no more recreational growers…..this is a corporate takeover through our politicians to regulate the prohibition of Cannabis. You should care who is behind it to see what their plan is. There is more corruption going on for the past 3 or 4 years setting up AUMA. Politicians have been paid for their head nods and it is a true Pay to Play industry these days. We deserve a 100% legalization effort if we are going to do a voter initiative….not a 50% legalize and 50% re-criminalize bill! We have waited this long, we need to vote this Prop 64 down and start over to get a FAIR bill on the ballot for the people to vote on. This 68 page farce makes it unreasonable for people to understand what they are voting for. My attorney said it took her 4 hours to read and comprehend the bill……and it is not good for us!!!!

    • What about the patients?

      Well; let me tell you. They will be utterly and entirely kicked to the curb. I am getting seriously sick of the uninformed chastising Cannabis advocates; while placing their ill gotten faith in a disgusting bill backed by greedy corporate 1%er sociopaths.
      The patients are 100% taken care of under Prop 215.
      AUMA is pure farce.

      There is one reason to support AUMA – of you support blatant corruption.

  • I attended this forum and what I wanted to tell this woman then I will tell her now – she was rude, disruptive & arrogant about the information that she was shouting – like she was the only one in the universe Who knew what was really going on – quite frankly, a turn off – I don’t dig rude- hold your own anti-prop 64 forum- this one was terrific, by the way, thanks to the city of West Hollywood, women grow and all the sponsors 👷🏽😍💚

    • I attended the West Hollywood Cannabis Forum. I was originally invited to speak by Amanda Hyde, but when I appeared at the previous Monday’s West Hollywood City Council Meeting to share my concerns about the actual content of Prop 64 and urged the City Council to table their 64 endorsement vote until after the Cannabis Forum, I was dis-invited from speaking the next morning.. OK, no problem. It was clear that the Cannabis Forum was a pep rally for the Yes on 64 Campaign — paid for by the City of West Hollywood. . I believed the advertisement and thought we’d be able to engage in some dialogue with DPA rep Lynne Lyman about provisions in Prop 64 that clearly undermine patient protections and go so far as to authorize the State Legislature to unilaterally repeal Proposition 215 in the event of federal rescheduling. Unfortunately Ms. Lyman just flat out lied and said no such provisions existed. I don’t know what copy of Prop 75 she has, but the one I downloaded from the Secretary of State’s web-site, which contain the an addition to the Health and Safety Code of Section 11362.85 authorizing legislative repeal of Proposition 215. That the City sponsored event was a total fraud and a co-author of Prop 215 was invited to speak and then dumped for daring to question the wisdom of blindly endorsing Prop 64 without even reading it or getting an explanation pf it strategy and intent is shameful and undermines everything the City has worked on for the last 20 years. The City of West Hollywood has always been a leader in the medical marijuana struggle, but leadership isn’t always about just grabbing the ball and running toward a murky goal line. Sometimes it’s about standing tall by standing still; about thinking up before speaking up; about enhancement instead of replacement. Prop 64 is a Big Ag / Big Pharma hustle designed to crush the largely decentralized small scale farmers, eliminate patients as a protected class, and establish a massive new drug war crusade, with a statewide pot police force to enforce purported “legalization.” and a truck load of new fees and taxes none of which will go to any public needs but drug law enforcement. Prop 64 is the wrong answer – to the wrong question – by the wrong people — for the wrong reason. Adult users who support Prop 64 will only prove one thing,- – they’ve smoked a little too much for their own good or anybody else’s…

      • Marla James is a lying tool of NORML. She was NOT at the session in West Hollywood that I attended! I know what she looks like and she was not even there. If I was disruptive, why isn’t there any video of that? You don’t think that the lying organizer, Amanda Hyde wouldn’t have gotten video of me being disruptive to try to buttress her BS case for having me falsely arrested? Marla James has censored my comments about Prop. 64 for months and months. Who’s paying her to do that? Follow the money.

    • lol…….

      You appear to have missed the point of this piece; where the lying scumbag ( Amanda Hyde) BROKE THE LAW ; by making false illegal claims ( while supporting false illegal claims) .
      Perhaps you should read the article again Marla. This time TRY to comprehend it?

  • Voting in Bad laws are worse than having a gap in the existing laws. As is, at least medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s recommendation. AUMA will undo the positive forward movement we have made. Vote No. Make them write a good law to vote for. Don’t settle for what you don’t want.

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