LOOKING BACK ASA PLOT TO ELIMINATE COMPETITION Stop the ban letter writing campaing aims to distract from initiative

This is what Eugene Davidovich is really working for:

Is he working for the government to harness and control the will of the people, or is he working for Don Doncan, pot mogul who started Berkley Patient group, Harborside and La Patient Group (who never gets arrested but is able to boast of the million in sales). Is he part of the seamy underbelly which is the actual puprose of “americans for safe access” which is to protect the business interests of Don Duncan, his cannbe corporation who strives to be the McDonalds of Marijuana. They are not working for you, they are using you as human cannon fodder to create chaos so they can slip in the back door and pass their level 4 zoning initiative,

This stupid “stop the ban” was nothing more than a self promotional bs for Eugene Davidovich to continue his self promotion campaign and solve the dual purpose of diverting attention from the only thing that would actually keep the stores in operation which is putting a zoning initiative on the ballot where the voters would like approve it,

Did you fall for it? If you see Davidovivch, tell him the gig is up!

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