San Diego City Police Caught Taking Payoff

medical-marijuana-seal Here we are looking down at the one’s that look down on Cannabis Patients, Which leads me to wonder if it actually is “justice” in our system, or is it “just us”?  Since prop 215’s passing in November of 1996 legal cannabis patients have had to deal with discrimination, harassment, jail, arrests, families and homes destroyed, lives dis-placed, family court battles that should of never entered through the legal doors over a legal plant that was their reason. Even though California had openly, looked upon as second class citizens, by the ones we activist tried to co-exist with. Patient’s were not trying to take over their city, or do anything illegal, in fact when it first began, patients were donating, food, clothes, food,   with not much worth to the community for the most part according .

But that was when it was Chandrala, the people cared for one another, something I saw as a child, we helped out our neighbor’s. A time when you could leave your house unlocked, the America I was taught to love in school, but then we began to over-look the “bad guy’s”,  “let it slide this time” attitude which I feel leads us into today.

It only took a handful of greedy opportunist to find legal loopholes and set into actions way’s to destroy if possible prop 215. Only to capitalize and profitize from sick and dying human beings, just like you will become one day if you live long enough that were tired of ending life as an addict. Through the use of medical cannabis now showing results it contains more human benefits than pharmaceuticals.

Once prop 215 was made into law there was suppose to be an ease in police marijuana arrests, which they had increased them, closing certain shops in San Diego and leaving other’s alone.  In the turn of events what or who’s job is to protect it citizens that pay for their income through tax dollars, both federal and state, have resorted to what to me is “gang style extortion”, after all who are you going to call when someone robs you of your medical medicine, that cares?

In a city that has a history of “dirty politicians”, this video does not surprise me at all. Notice how greedy they are double checking the “hiding spot” twice making it is secure and safe for it’s ride to it’s new owners, to bad prisoners are not treated as well as payoff money.

When one looks at A.S.A.’s “Teflon Don Duncan’s” Measure D that took control of L.A.’s medical cannabis outlets/shops, and now have their “Safe Access” to use law enforcement to do their “dirty work”.  Closing 337 outlets/ shops in America’s largest west coast city. Teflon Don’s famous word’s “The Thinning of The Herds”. now he uses cowboy cops to round up them there varmints. So in his own words, America’s largest group of doctors/ patients/ and all the other shit he feeds you, believe this you are no more than a dollar sign in his eyes, would he say this if medical was the agenda?

“No position is our position”.


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