He’s A Good Activist Chris “CON”rad A.U.M.A.’s Posterboy

monkey   The self claimed superhero Chris “Con”rad as stated on FB was off to help save another patient, this to me is almost as funny as Abbott Costello’s “Who’s on First” with his double talk. I wonder how “he” (con) can help a patient? Through A.U.M.A.? or Prop 19? maybe he’ll introduce them to M.M.R.S.A.? To help get a foothold in “The Door”? Flash back in time, Germans told the Jews the same thing basically. Who can follow his Facebook statements with clarity?

I guess it all comes down to morals? Not that I have a halo, maybe a rusty helmet at best. I have to admit he sure knows how to cover his bases, sponsored to speak in favor of everything that stands to destroy prop 214 & SB-420 so his paycheck keeps coming in, and nothing wrong with making a living, but at what cost to others? I guess it’s like having a job as a police person, most of the people do not care for their kind, but when the doors close and he’s with the ones that sign the check, it’s all good?

Recently Stephen DeAngelo, was complaining about having to pay to have the medication he grows to be delivered to “his” places of business. Everything was fine as long as he didn’t have to take a cut, but since the shoe is on the foot he put out, it appears the shoes are to tight to wear? Repercussions to those same rules you yourself set up for others to follow. Serves him right, but the other repercussion to that is this price will again be passed on to his customers. Trust me, he will not be cut out from anything, if anything, he will increase his profits more, again at “your” cost. Call it simple business, supply and demand, overhead, either way the point is this goes against prop 215 legally. Thank the politicians in California for turning their heads one way and most likely filling their pockets, after all it is “A Cash Crop”. poster-large[1]

Not all hope is lost, there are a few that still stand up and speak the truth about the corruption plaguing California’s Medical Cannabis Community. Abraham Lincoln said it best, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” A lot have been fooled a lot of the time, and some have opened their eyes and ears. Letitia Pepper is one that stands for patients rights 100 %. Has it ever crossed your minds why activist do not stay around very long and seem to fade away? That’s because it seems when others take the battle to “them” for you, you can’t find the time or money to help them in your fight, so like most they move on, see these people are no different than you except they stand for a cause until they feel the battle is lost.

Take a good long look at who’s who in this “Patient’s Rights War”. people like Chris Conrad are no different than mercenaries, they come in  to take all the spoils so a dictatorship can evolved to overtake the people of the land, at all costs, men, women, and children and their spoils.  Suppress the poor by demanding more.  mercinariesThis is A.U.M.A.’s intentions, to first to get you to surrender your rights established through prop 215. This is the patients ONLY defense and why it is their utmost priority, get you to vote A.U.M.A. in and the locked door of your rights will be at their disposal, and disposal is what they intend to do with YOUR RIGHT to SAFE ACCESS. The choice you make for your future and your children’s is in your hands, pay it forward through love like the love shown to you. Let’s put an end to this once and for all. Vote AGAINST A.U.M.A. & M.M.R.S.A. and ask these other groups why they haven’t spoken up? Or could it be they too are in the running?


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  • Shame on anyone that votes for AUMA. Tt’s just wrong.
    Prop. 215 allows patients to grow as much as they need.
    AUMA allows only 6 plants per patients. I’m voting NO.

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