Chris Conrad is Paid Employee of Monsanto through Shell Organization DPA – Drug Police Alliance

Chris Conrad touts that he sat in on meetings regarding Prop 215.  Who didn’t?  This seems to be an activist Credo.  But is Chris Conrad an activist or a paid Shill for George Soros quest to rule the world through Monsanto?  This was the issue debated today on Facebook.  Chris Conrad has privately admitted that he is being paid by George Soros “Drug Policy Alliance”.  DPA as it is known, is a group of ex CIA officials, Federal Reserve Bankers and Monsanto Shareholders that have hijacked the Medical Marijuana movement.  Their endgame is to take away your rights to cultivate your own plant matter so that they can KEEP BLACK MARKET PROFITS FOR THE ELITIST PIGS WHO RUN THIS COUNTRY.  To do this, they must Eliminate Competition.  The only way to eliminate competition is to CRIMINALIZE HOME GROWS.  Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for an ounce of plant matter if you could easily grow your own?

You can look on Chris Page to see photos of him with his DPA friends.  The DPA motto of  “decriminalizing possession” is because they hold the Monsanto goal of “he who own the seeds rules the world”.  DPA owners seek to corner the market place by CRIMINALIZING HOME CULTIVATION so that THEY CAN KEEP BLACK MARKET PRICES AND PROFITS FOR MONSANTO.

George Soros Monsanto George Soros

The role of George Soros

The U.S. billionaire speculator George Soros and the non-governmental organization whose board he belongs, have played a pivotal role in that marijuana has been legalized in Uruguay. Apparently it’s part of a much larger global project. Soros sits on the board of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance [DPA Drug Policy Alliance], the world’s most influential organization for legalization. His Open Society Foundation is listed as a major financial supporter. most recent Annual Report of 2013, the chairman of the Drug Policy Alliance boasted : “In Uruguay we played a crucial role, as we helped a public education campaign to  coordinate. There was a close collaboration with government officials, activists, journalists and others, including President José Mujica with personally. ”

In fact, the President had privately in New York met with Soros, just before he was able to win the Senate for approval to the legalization law proposed by him. Soros and the DPA are active in Uruguay and other Latin American countries.


Auma Marijuana Legalization George Soros Monsanto Chris Conrad with DPAChris Conrad Dale Sky Jones Chris Conrad Harborside James Anthony Chris Conrad Mexico Deal

Chris Conrad post on Facebook about how great AUMA is but never discloses that he is being a paid campaign worker.  Chris is employed by DPA, Oaksterdam and Harborside.  He accepts money as an “expert witness” on marijuana cases but never discloses his employers are operating on a blueprint to raise up the black market, arrest and imprison cannabis cultivators and to keep black market prices by eliminating competition. 


“I especially like all the social support from the Adult Use Act, helping out people who’ve been hurt by the drug war, job training and educational support for people who are at risk, cleaning up people’s records from previous busts. AUMA is good stuff.”
“I’m excited about all the enthusiasm there is to get a legalization measure on the ballot this year. I just wish the CCHI petitioners and leaders wouldn’t feel like they have to badmouth everybody else. IMHO, it makes CCHI look bad, and since I think CCHI is good and have always supported it (and MCLR and now AUMA) I don’t appreciate all the BS. Get it on the ballot, please; don’t bitch and complain about other people trying to do the same thing as you are. Time to make it happen or let it go and back AUMA, which is also quite good. I like the happy CCHI warriors, so lets get a positive groove out there for all legalization efforts!”
Here are some of the responses:
Martin and Lavonne Victor or creators of the Green Ribbon you see people wearing in support of our struggles.  This is their response:
I do know Chris quite well And we have had this discussion before , I myself believe in Direct access for patients , And the people like Chris Would never let 420 work. Chris profits on the backs of the patients. He was for Prop 19 [due to being paid $$$], and he is doing it again. When an iniative takes away patient rights, the only ones that are gonna profit Are the attorneys And the expert witnesses.   I have to say I am tired of all the shit That is why I got out of activism And just became the person That takes care of sick and dying.
Chris Conrad now tries a tactic that the Oakland Soros Dutch Mafia Crowd often uses.  They talk down to people who point out the truth.  This is standard psychology.  Talk to someone like they are a child to bring out their meekness.  Does it work? Let’s see…
Chris Conrad:  “Shame on you, I thought you cared about others as well as yourself but maybe you are not as kind as I had hoped.”
(Aww – Campaign Strategy #4 – Shame)
Someone else chimes in who notices that MERSA (the bill ASA just passed to kill the medical cannabis industry) are connected:

Jason Sterling” I supported Prop 19, though it was imperfect, but so far I’m not comfortable with AUMA. It seems to me that it, MMRSA, and the plague of local bans we’re seeing are connected. I’m concerned that under AUMA, only those who are well-connected or wealthy or both will be able to take part in the lucrative business opportunities about to open up. I think we can do better, especially in today’s political climate.

I know things are still changing, but those are my feelings at this point. Could you explain why you’re not concerned about the same things–or, if you are, how you think they can be resolved and make AUMA viable?

Chris make this false statement: Why are you sniping at Don now? He’s not supporting AUMA, I am. MMRSA is the Problem, AUMA is the answer.
Actually Don Duncan was sponsored and supported by Soros as he and Dutch Mafia Rat Stephen DAngelo opened Harborside, ASA is nothing more than a lobby for Harborside.  ASA is not a patient group.  ASA subverts fair zoning.  ASA creates chaos with their traveling circus of stores and then goes into the city council and presents a Conditional Use Permit for theirselves and their other mafia friends as the solution to the chaos they created. ASA has destroyed many lives.  Again, ASA is not a patient group.
Chris Conrad works for and with them, teaching out of Oaksterdam, which is under their control.  He gets referals for his “Expert Witness Gigs” through ASA which works to bust people to get rid of competition.  Chris takes the money and never says a word.
Don Duncan ASA Prop DASA lobby for harborsideHarborsideDon Duncan HarborsideHarborside

Jason Sterling Thank you for the thoughtful reply, Chris. I haven’t looked at the language for a little while, and if I understand correctly, it can still be amended…is that right? Anyway, I’m worried about the way it allows for local control by cities and counties, not just in terms of land use but also permitting. I see a major problem in requiring local permits as prerequisites for state permits. Also, the multi-tier permitting process–with separate entities having to grow, transport, or sell cannabis–seems unnecessarily burdensome, expensive, and bureaucratic to me. We’re treating the flower and its products as if they’re explosives.

I understand about the trouble getting funding for legalization over the last 25 years. Things have changed a lot in the last few years, though, and a potential funder would be wise to take advantage of the favorable climate. I feel that the time is right for a bold approach, and we may be squandering our opportunity if we go with an incremental approach now instead

Chris Replies using FEAR to try to get followers to CowTow to AUMA:
Chris Conrad Hi, Jason, another problem we are having here is that our movement is heavily infiltrated by police and prohibitionists who troll the internet and come to events to heckle leaders of the reform movement, which is making people stand down instead of standing up to the trolls. I am not cowed by cops or dealers who want to keep herb illegal, but look at what happened to Richard Lee and Sean Parker when they did pony up the money. These trolls are trying to divide the movement and dissuade funders. They are the problem, AUMA is actually quite a good bill and I support it. We don’t have all these opportunities that you seem to think. This is our third legalization initiative on the ballot since 1972. The other two lost, so this one has to win or it may be another four to twenty years before we get to vote Yes to legalization again.
(translated: If you disagree with this bill you are a troll, a prohibitionist or a cop)

Andrew Jon Thomson My favorite of your comments on this topic yet. As one of the meeting facilitators when the movement leaders were debating your Ca hemp initiative vs. Herer’s “everything” initiative and Peron’s medical initiative, some of us felt we went through a rational process of strategy debate but i have since learned that many people were unhappy with the decision we all made to put all the eggs into prop 215. This time around the controversy has been much more public and contentious. I agree we should frame things in a positive way as much as reasonably possible, and yet it seems very important not to take away the existing rights of legitimate patients, and that any system so overburdened with regulation it incentivizes everyone but the biggest corporate players towards the black market like the recent state bill, that seems like a step backwards. A new law must be judged on its actual content and impact, not in a generic blind ideological way based only on what it claims to do, right?

Jeri Rose Letitiia Letitia Pepper has some interesting legal understandings of the different initiatives.
Letitia Pepper
Chris Conrad

Chris ConradI disagree, Jeri.

Dennis Hinze

Dennis HinzeChris, AUMA is terrifying and horrible. 😐

Chris Conrad
Chris ConradYour statement is meaningless without an explanation, Dennis. What are you talking about? “Terrifying and horrible” are just baseless attacks — I presume you have a reason or are you just afraid of change? Please explain.
(Again, manipulation. If you disagree your are “Afraid of Change” – Watch for this mantra to be repeated)

Dennis HinzeI am not attacking anything, Chris. I am terrified and horrified by AUMA. Terror and horror are not evoked by reason. Explain my feelings to you? It is worse than MMRSA, which is a success for the mm “industry” and a big shafting for patients and their doctors. Change? Chris, the change we need is to bring power to the people, not the plutocrats. In that respect, AUMA and similar measures are sell outs to cops, prosecutors and unhealthy old men who don’t know squat about marijuana, medical or otherwise. 😀🌳

Dennis HinzeNot to mention the guys who have been making big rolls of money by catering to “sick” people.
Dennis HinzeThe hell of it is that if AUMA passes, it will virtually negate CUA, which is a patient’s only recourse against limits imposed by MMRSA. Chris, you note above that AUMA “tries” to accomplish certain things. As to federal policy, it can change with the next Congressional session. I think AUMA fails mm patients and their doctors, and will make criminals out of millions of young adults. AUMA is a new kind of prohibition. Like MMRSA, I sincerely hope it fails. 😀🌳
(buzzer — Nkggg — wrong! —- This is one and the Same group – ASA- Soros-Monsanto-Harborside)
Chris Conrad
Chris ConradBen, It seems to me that you are advocating a full scale retreat in the face of federal prohibition and just leave patients with MMRSA? What exactly is your alternative, if you don’t mind explaining.
Dennis HinzeThat would be fine if the wording were applied to CUA, not to “Laws pertaining to the CUA”. I am advocating an initiative which would have comprehensive DEFINITIONS of marijuana, cannabis and hemp. (None of the current crop of voter Initiatives do.) Also, any proposal that works in favor of mm docs and patients will have to overturn MMRSA violations of CUA, at the least, and should nullify the entire sordid mess. Frankly, I am appalled that you support these punitive, restrictive affronts to medical marijuana. 😀🌳
Tim Covert Sr. Laws and licenses… I know you work hard for what you believe. But I can’t drink this Kool Aid. It sets us all back to losing property and freedom. This is great for the people with huge amounts of money, but what about the Medical user that can’t afford to buy from them? I’m sure you’re a nice guy but you’re backing the wrong people. If CCHI does not pass we’re all in for a terrible time because of the existing New Laws Made Up to Replace 215 a Law voted in by the people not Big Money and a Corrupt Government.
Lavonne Victor  – Thank you Tim.. exactly how I feel.. its all about big money .. all of it.. otherwise they would work to improve sb420 and Prop 215 instead.. but all of them are unconstitutional.. limiting patients and making us into criminals again.. thank.. this is fucked up.. as medical use of cannabis I am against this .. all of it.. I can not grow more than 6plants.. but bad enough i can not have more than an ounce on me.. really this will not put a dent in my MS sizureeeees at all!!!!.. pts yep big time right now.. i am plenty angry about this.. but whom gives a rats ass about my rights.. you don’t.. none of you do.. i wish the hell you would have left Prop 215 alone and SB420 .. let it be left on by itself and your shit as an separate entity.. but nooooooooooooooooo.. power.. power and greedy big money.. whom is backing you ?// mafia cartels.. on the money?
Lavonne Victor I would rather die than put a cent into your pockets..
The Moderates claim that the AUMA does not modify Prop. 215. That is an outright lie. It places severe restrictions on when and where a patient can medicate by forbidding passengers from medicating at any time in a vehicle. So if you are nauseated and need to medicate, but it is raining outside and you are on the road, you are shit out of luck, because the moderates have arranged for you to go to jail for doing so. Moderates are all about weasel words that are in fact meaningless. Don’t be conned by the Loser Moderates lies and deceptions.

Dennis Hinze MMRSA and AUMA are instruments of terror. 😀🌳

Steve Kubby

Chris Conrad  strikes back: Beware anyone who offers the “next hot cannabis stock” – make sure you do a good job researching their credentials.
Lavonne Victor

Lavonne Victor i read it and it takes prop 215 and sb420 out.. i read all of them.. we are not stupid.. we do read what is being put out there. the issues are we do not have the money baking us like they do.. get it..

Lavonne Victor

Lavonne Victor by sb420 i was able to have others help us and share what we grew.. but now we can not do that.. its pretty messed up.. new laws took out what was so it benifits the big cannabis corporate greed.. and not us.. i will never buy from anyone.. ever!! .. what at 300 ounce.. at 400 if you have mney.. at 65for 18th or 35grm.. really guys.. whom you think your fooling.. not us.. that is for sure.. we know what is in our garden and how its grown.. you use non organic shit and charge up an yenyang and charge patients high prices.. .. if you grow your own .. you have knowlege.. of how it is grown.. growing indoor cost much much money investment.. lights materials.. and poison liquid which it is grown with.. not i .. not in my system.. if i want poison in my body i will go back to the pharmacies.. ..

Lavonne Victor
Lavonne Victor read all of what they put out very very carefully.. just like prop 19.. your patients rights are going out the window and supporting the big money cartel business.. .. bullshit bullshit. lies and more lies..

David Allen I will vote against AUMA

Dennis Hinze

Dennis Hinze Me too. 😀

Robert Logan

Robert LoganMe three. Conrad sold out.

AUMA is a crock of over regulation that entrenches prohibition.

William Walter Westsounded almost true Chris, but you sold out and now it’s beginning to show. Everything you seem to support is double talk, you also have “A Hidden Agenda” which is profit over all. Like you’re first boss Teflon Don Duncan, Restrictive Permitting, Stricter Guidelines, and supported someone that made San Diego’s “High Profile List” over 1/2 oz of medicine and 1/2 oz of hash. Now with all your knowledge, who makes that list for so little? It was a police set-up to infiltrate and gather information on local growers to control them and San Diego. You and I both know Eww Jean is a NARC, as well as most of San Diego’s A.S.A. . Or are you so inclined as to over-look this small detail because he’s doing so good? A NARC is a NARC! DO you think Jack Herer would approve of your actions? F-UCK NO. By you not speaking the truth places you in with them.

William WestEugene Davidovich 0069Eugene Davidovich 0067Eugene Davidovich 0054Eugene Davidovich 0025Eugene Davidovich ARMA marijuanaThe role of George Soros

The U.S. billionaire speculator George Soros and the non-governmental organization whose board he belongs, have played a pivotal role in that marijuana has been legalized in Uruguay. Apparently it’s part of a much larger global project. Soros sits on the board of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance [DPA Drug Policy Alliance], the world’s most influential organization for legalization. His Open Society Foundation is listed as a major financial supporter. most recent Annual Report of 2013, the chairman of the Drug Policy Alliance boasted: “In Uruguay we played a crucial role, as we helped a public education campaign to  coordinate. There was a close collaboration with government officials, activists, journalists and others, including President José Mujica with personally. ”

In fact, the President had privately in New York met with Soros, just before he was able to win the Senate for approval to the legalization law proposed by him. Soros and the DPA are active in Uruguay and other Latin American countries.

William Walter WestDO you feel you need to be regulated like everyone else? Once I thought you were someone we needed in this movement, but I see you’re no different than them with one exception, they back you, you don’t back patients. Wasn’t that the reason prop 215 was created? 4 Patients? What makes you think adults need to be controlled, we did it for years before all this came. What’s next, controlling our thoughts or our movements, our freedom, you also know A.U.M.A. is the worst thing available. Leave prop 215 alone, do what’s right for everyone and man up.
Sonorra, Bill West, Dale Gierenger
William Walter West May the trap you’re attempting to set for patients through A.U.M.A. snares you and yours, then maybe then you’ll see? Or is it that home life is so bad you need to screw everyone else to find satisfaction? there has to be a reason you turned against patients rights?
Mara Felsen Bill West
Jason Browne It’s worth noting that none of the folks supporting AUMA got anything on the ballot either, because AUMA is getting on the ballot thanks to one person’s money. None of them had anything to do with it. They’re just trying to jump on that bandwagon and convince the rest of us to drink the Koolaid.
Donna Sunshine – MERSA was the same exact group of people who strategically planned on screwing over California Cannabis industry making them go to their knees and accept Auma.

ASA Don Duncan and Harborside are the ones who helped write and were pushing to get Mersa passed, MERSA is nothing more than SB 1262 in another form. I had many phone calls with people in the offices of all the politicians involved and it was very clear that ASA Harborside was behind mersa as well as the reform California group, which Duncan is a part of.
You are financially motivated because your living comes from these people.

You work at Oaksterdam and they get you referrals as an expert witness and yet you have known this entire time for years that they were going into town with their racket of getting their traveling circus to open up stores and then using the chaos to get the local politicians to give them conditional use permit and at the same time using their ASA patient as Scouts to locate competition to shut it down and that’s what this is really all about.

William West is right even in the face of documents and proof being put out that you Eugene Davidovich was actually either working as a NARC for NCIS or was an actual agent you and your wife continued to put his articles and promote him in your magazine. This is because you work for Don Duncan/Harborside. Don Duncan and Harborside are one that unit which they started together, and they were originally funded by George Soros and the Dutch Mafia who now continue their plot to take over the California Park Market. To do so they must criminalize the rest of the population and subjugate and enslave us and you are walking around telling us to drink the Kool-Aid like somebody else said. What you’re not telling people that you’re being paid to do this. You’re not telling people that you’re living comes at the mercy of this group of people and you know exactly what they are doing and you stand there with a smile and tell people to drink the Kool-Aid like Jim Jones over at Jonestown.

You have stood silent in face of the truth and now you are being paid by George Soros through his money funneling group called DPA.
Soros has well over a million shares of Monsanto which makes his motivations quite clear in this whole thing.

This is not Sean Parker’s initiative this is George Soros initiative and after the Dan Rush Scandal where he was extorting stores and telling them “oh yes you need Union approval and for 600,000 cash I will give it to only you and make sure there’s no competition” and that Scandal broke reform California was no longer viable for screwing over the public any longer and so they went across the bay and had Sean Parker file it. THIS INIATIVE WAS ALREADY WRITTEN BY SOROS DPA.

Interesting choice considering Sean Parker started working for the CIA just out of high school and that Facebook itself is a CIA investment through in-q-tel this is not a conspiracy it’s not even hidden all you have to do is Google this.

CIA and Federal Reserve people on the board of DPA (your employers through the “grant money” they have given you) they do not have the public interest at heart. Mersa was part of that strategy “oh God Mersa! let’s all run to Auma” that was what they were hoping the manipulation was planned ahead by the same people which employ you.

Instead of telling people that you are supporting Auma, Exedra you should tell them that you are being PAID by DPA which is George Soros – which is Monsanto – so essentially you are working as an agent of Monsanto and you are working to subjugate the population and further enslave us we’re at a time when we should be facing freedom. There may have been a time when you were an activist but it is long gone and you are now an employee of the elitists which makes you more of a lobbyist and I think when you go to groups and talk about all my you should be clear that you’re being paid by Monsanto indirectly by the shell group DPA.

I will finish with a quote from Bill Zimmerman at the 2003 normal conference who is the campaign manager for most of Soros is initiatives, of which AUMA is a Soros initiative let’s be clear about that.

” we use activists to get the issue into the public spotlight. Once we have done that we no longer listen to or cater to the activists we go ahead and put up initiative that we had already written”.

How prophetic.

You are working for people who seek to benefit themselves by subjugating enslaving and criminalizing the rest of the population. Think about that next time you cash your paycheck please. $$$$$

I cannot stop you but I will warn everybody in the black market! I can do so in order that they not stick up their heads to be chopped off and imprisoned and incarcerated as you and your friends roll forward in your plans to benefit yourselves and make yourselves rich. This whole strategy (because ASA-HARBORSIDE-MERSA-AUMA are one and the same group and strategy) is about keeping blackmarket profits and black market prices for the elitist pigs who run this country and the only way they can do that for an easy to grow agricultural crop is to criminalize everybody else.

And you and I both know that this is the strategy and the blueprint and the plan all along.
I like you Chris and I have no personal hard feelings against you but you are a paid puppet for Monsanto for Dutch Mafia for greed for self-interest not of your own but of these people who seek to benefit at the expense of everybody else
Dan Levine

Dan LevineAre you for or against AUMU Mr. Conrad?

Fred DelmerAUMA continues to criminalize patients.

Robert Logan

Robert LoganWhat is your point? You’re still a criminal just less of one? Sell out.

Grant Palmer

Grant PalmerKeeping people out of jail is he point. It will do that

Robert Logan

Robert LoganUm…better reread it. It WONT keep people out of jail.

Grant Palmer

Grant PalmerIt reduces criminal penalties, so yes it does

Robert Logan

Robert LoganReduces….does not mean abolish.

Grant Palmer

Grant PalmerReduces means less people will go to jail for cannabis.

Robert LoganThat’s not good enough.

Tim Covert Sr.

Tim Covert Sr.Hey Grant Palmer wanna buy a bridge?

Tim Covert Sr.
Tim Covert Sr.As long as people can make a profit of 200% 300% off Weed then there will be greed over compassion every turn of the game. I see everyone here in favore have 1 thing in common… They all are making Bank off “WEED” and want it to stay that way. If you don’t agree you can go to jail…that’s okay with them. CCHI 2016.
Charles Lynch

Charles LynchCome on a felony for more than one ounce

Dustin Frazier LowerySo if you cultivate 6 plants and keep 1 entire oz, where does the rest legally go? I have never cultivated a plant that yielded exactly 28 grams ever.
Steve Raley

Steve Raley AUMA (Asinine Unconscionable Marijuana Act) is a giant step backward to corporate fascism.

Michael Wolf Segal I have said it before and will say it again. If you make your living off of the illegality of cannabis it isn’t reasonable for others to believe you really want pothibition repealed, except the highly gullible.
Tim Covert Sr. AUMA. Brought to you by prisons for profit and the Cartel.
Michael Wolf Segal
Michael Wolf Segal Again you are making a misleading comment. I have no fear of social use being legalized. I object to patients’ needs and rights being compromised in the name of doing so and I look at what the history has actually shown us. In Washington they didn’t even mention patients’ rights in I 502. Result? Most of those who were taking care of the need were pushed out and it is indigent patients that are suffering as a result.
In Oregon Medical was specifically named as being immune from affect by M 91. Instead, we saw the “Joint Committee to Implement Measure 91” begin tampering with our medical program the minute they convened.
Michael Wolf Segal

Michael Wolf Segal Gee, what organizations backed those bills? Who has benefitted the most from them?

Michael Wolf Segal
Michael Wolf Segal Starting with becoming a LIFE member of national NORML in 1979 to the little bit I’ve been able to give since getting out of the Federal joint for the 3,999 plants I pled down to, I’ve put over $100,000 of my money where my mouth is for the repeal of pothibition. I have been there at the very meetings where the tax and regulators and the full-bore legalization people had their big splits.

Monsanto Marijuana, Prohibition prices and profits for the Elite 1% – Plenty of continued arrests for the Americans Injustice System.  AUMA is one more wetdream for the richboy table.

Studies show that Monsanto without much fanfare conducts research projects, the active ingredient in marijuana, namely THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), genetically manipulated.  David Watson of the Dutch company Hortapharm has since 1990 created the world’s largest collection of Cannabis seed varieties. 1998, wrote the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals signed an agreement with Hortapharm what GW Pharma the rights given to use the Hortapharm cannabis for their research.

2003 then signed the German Bayer AG signed an agreement with GW Pharmaceuticals for joint research on an extract of cannabis-based. Was agreed in 2007, Bayer AG exchange of technology with … Monsanto, both according to exchange the results of their research. This Monsanto has discreet access to the work of the cannabis plant and its genetic modification. 2009 GW Pharmaceuticals announced, it had succeeded in genetically altering a cannabis plant and patented a new breed of cannabis .

Since the cultivation of cannabis plants in Uruguay is allowed, one can easily imagine that there Monsanto sees a huge new market that the Group is able to control just with patented cannabis seeds such as today the market for soybeans. Uruguay’s President Mujica has made it clear he wanted a unique genetic code in his country soon legal marijuana in order to “keep the black market under control.”

Genetically modified cannabis seeds from Monsanto would grant such control. Monsanto has been building for decades to his gene-soybean and its GM maize in Uruguay. too, agribusinesses Adecoagro, whose co-owner George Soros is planted genetically modified soybeans and sunflowers for biofuel of .

Apparently it goes for powerful interests behind the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay about far more than you let us know.

Auma 10 Auma 9 Auma 8 Auma 7 Auma 4 Auma 3 Auma 6 months


AUMA – Americans Undermining Marijuana Access


  • I know I’m doing the right thing when the narcs spend this much effort cherrypicking through my web presence to try to discredit me. That’s because they are desperate because we are going to legalize marijuana this year. If they were really news they would at least have contacted me and gotten some facts, but obviously whoever wrote this doesn’t even have the nerve to put their name on their lies. I’m not going to waste my time on this, I’m trying to keep someone out of jail for marijuana right now, gotta go.

    • Hey Chris! Still kicking butt up here in hickland Siskiyou County! These are some wild accusations, I must say ;D

      Still, I think the AUMA is horribly written, and will do more harm than good, so I’m afraid I have to disagree with your endorsement of it. No hard feelings tho!

    • Actually I do know Chris and yes Chris has turned his back on the true cause/fight we are all faced with = restoring our natural human rights. Chris’s statement couldn’t be more correct: “I’m trying to keep someone out of jail for marijuana right now, gotta go.”, as Chris for many years has been monetarily benefiting from his ‘expert’ witnessing in criminal proceedings just as NORML lawyers have also been benefiting for decades keeping this issue in criminal court and keeping it out of civil court. If Chris was fighting for actual human rights he would be testifying in civil suits seeking restoration of human rights and doing it for free…ooops my mistake, there are no such civil suits as the DPA (et all) has worked for years to successfully discourage such suits while all the while exploiting the criminal proceedings in effort to forward their (absent of human rights restoration) regulatory legislative schemes that ultimately at the end of the day (in the void where your human rights do otherwise exist) result in biotech taking control of all plant life including cannabis. Thanks for nothing Chris, love always Ron K Ps…I also responded recently to a post about Ed Rosenthal and his support for one of the Ca ballot measures: Ed has always been part of the problem for as long as I have known him…just like many other so called “activists” are proving out to be. Why not just be part of the solution? People and legislators all over the country are holding meetings and hearings ect in effort to regulate, tax and “legalize” cannabis in some way. All such activity is an admittance that the corp/gov was right all along to outlaw cannabis and further goes to concede that the corp/gov does have legitimate jurisdictional authority to outlaw your naturally endowed human rights.
      Instead of demanding our naturally endowed rights be restored, we are insisting we never had such and that corporations should supplant our need for such. Our job as humans is to make sure our children are born into a world that lives together and protects naturally endowed physical rights, if we are not doing such then we have failed at life itself. The only necessary hearing right now should be in fed court where we should be holding gov responsible/liable for crimes against humanity and nature, and where we should be demanding the restoration of our naturally endowed human rights.
      We ain’t dead yet…it’s darkest before the dawn…if we stand together in court right now in this time/moment, we have a chance to supplant all the diversionary efforts and restore our natural human rights before the corporate co-opted “legalization movement” closes and locks the window opportunity we now have. I came upon a petition type opinion poll yesterday that was asking folks to ‘speak out’ about prohibition by voting on the fallowing question: “Would you vote to fully legalize use of the Cannabis Plant for all Agricultural, Commercial, Medicinal, Personal, Recreational, Retail, Spiritual use in 2016?” I did not vote, but I did leave the fallowing comment: ” I just have one question (one for now that is), what about the other ‘illegal’ plants? Are we to just ‘re-legalize’ them one at a time while all the while hoping they aren’t adding to the list? OOps I guess thats two questions….anyway the conundrum begs another question, why isn’t this petition on the subject question of restore your naturally endowed human right to grow any naturally occurring plant for your own needs?” The sad fact is that even those who speak out to end prohibition are still falling short of how a human critter should react to the corp/gov outlawing plants and human rights…

  • The AUMA that Chris Conrad promotes is an anti-human rights initiative that harms the poor and disproportionately, people of color. The AUMA is a discriminatory and racist initiative, a scourge on human kind, human rights and an embarrassment for California. Chris Conrad writes in his comment above “I’m trying to keep someone out of jail for marijuana right now, gotta go.” yet, promotes an initiative that will create even more laws that will keep even more people locked up.

  • This question is for Walter”Have you found any relationship between Lynn Lyman, head of California DPA, and Donald Lyman, author of the LieMan initiative?”

  • I would guess he would do the same thing, hiding his true colors like the rest and keep his badge hidden. Really Chris calling us narcs? well it’s better than whoring your morals out when you know. a whore is a whore, when you sell out at the expense of others whom suffer behind actions like these. You medicate like everyone else, what gives you the right to attempt to restrict others. You backed a known narc from San Diego, when Teflon Don Duncan pimped you out to him.

  • Legalization, No taxation, let’s do it right. That comment got no positive response two decades ago, even with the medical Marijuana movement in 96. Greed trumps rights every time. Tell Chris Conrad and the folks “Don’t be a whore for the Drug War. Jay Lindberg 909-666-3657 Author of “Drug War Economics: The Machine Behind the Madness.

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