Who Killed Bud Kushman?

BUD KUSHMAN & The Eugene Davidovich Story ….
Bud Kushman said” ‘could not have done a better job’…. ‘than if he (Eugene Davidovich) was working for the government…hmmm ‘ “……….Eugene Davidovich 1
Well, far be it from me, an old grand spook in lower bohemia , to just ‘come out’ and make such an allegation. lol! None the less, what I do know , I will add here. When asked last year where he was from and how he became aware of, and then involved in, our medical marijuana movement in Cali – Mr Davidovich said , that he was from the D.C area. That he moved from there to S. D. and now works in SD leadership in the A.S.A. organization. When asked where he came from before working in D.C., he said he was originally from S.D.Eugene Davidovich ARMA
Now, it is true, that I have found thru the years, many many security techniques that are used by secret agents everyday in their work-and that I have found , that one of the best cover techniques of all time, is to say when asked where your from, that your from where you are presently standing -particularly when asked where you just came from as well . lol! So, because this is what Eugene said, further inquiry was ordered regarding, just where in the State of California he was actually from, if at all?
An interesting bit of info was revealed to me in that regard. Mr Davidovich personal cannabis patient card address info- information, said to have been on file, as his active residential address, within the State of California at that time. The information included an address I had seen before.
So, once again, when seeing Mr. Davidovich at the Jovan Jackson case in S.D. , I personally asked him, if besides being a reporter, was he also a card caring cannabis patient, living in the City of S.D? And then, he said yes, that he was such a cannabis patient, as well as a (sic) A.S.A. journal reporter.
I remember, at the time , although I did ‘not’ let on how I felt , that I found his answer quite troublesome.
For after a hard days work at the S.D. HQ s of A.S.A. , it is indeed , a very long trip home, to the Lake Tahoe address, that Eugene’s personal cannabis patient info revealed. A home address registered , not to Mr.Eugene Davidovich, but instead, to a Libertarian cannabis politician, named Steve Kubby; a man , who among many other lifetime accomplishments , was a previous special assistant to L. Ron Hubbard.**- as well as presently being, a devoted follower of that other cult master, Ayn Rand.ScreenHunter_115 Jun. 24 13.50Steve Kubby 1
So of course- all this being so– further questioning of Mr. Davidovich was needed wanted and desired. lol!!
On the last day I saw Mr. Davidovich at the Jovan Jackson case, I posed the last question I felt needed to be answered , when I asked again…………………………………… “please tell me Eugene , while living in D.C., just how did you come in contact with the medical marijuana movement?”. It was then, that Eugene gave me a big -very strange grin , that sort of seemed to just hang there , sort of like -independent of his actual face, along with this kind of weird thousand mile stare, appearing along with his robot smile, – and then Davidovich said……… ” while living in D.C., I got into the medical marijuana movement on the face book.” lol…………………lol! again… Ahahahaha!!!!!!
Eugene Davidovich 0067
And So , I was left to beg still another question, and then asked Eugene , just how this happened- exactly? And Eugene said, through my friend Steve Kubby ! And so, I then quickly asked him, where he had met Mr. Steve Kubby?
Well man-it was like a bolt out of the blue- how instantly – that same strange grin began to form around his face again , with the thousand mile stare a second or two later, , and then he said it!…………………………. ” I met Steve Kubby on FB.” ……………Ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, it is true, that I have found thru the years, many many security techniques that are used by secret agents everyday in their work -and that I have found, that one of the best cover techniques of all time , when asked how you have met those that have become the ‘key people’ in your life, is to say you met them ‘indirectly’ -through a social organization*, who these very same ‘key people’ were also, (sic) ‘just chance members of’ …. lol…..and that this is particularly important to say, when also asked if the social organization itself, automatically arranged the (sic) ‘chance friend-ing’-or if another person in the group did it…………….lol!!!…………………..ahahahah………………lol! _____________________________________________________________
Eugene Davidovich 0025Eugene Davidovich 0058
FOOTNOTE 1 * (and these days that would include those ‘electronic’ social organizations like FB.___________________________________________________________
FOOTNOTE 2 **As a special assistant to L. Ron Hubbard, Steve Kubby would of had to hold a high position within Hubbard’s elite Sea Organization; at the time, the main source of new personnel within Scientology’s super secret spy service,” The Guardian’s Office- World Wide”.____________________ ___________
FOOTNOTE 3.Another Ayn Rand cultist , and alleged member of the “North American Cannabis Consortium”, is Marc Emery, who’s ‘key people’ include B.C. cannabis activist and dispensary operator, Dana Larsen. The same Dana Larsen, who was recently reported to have attended a meeting in South Africa , with a Mr. Action, a man directly connected to L. Ron Hubbard’s, old Sea Organization people. The meeting has been reported to have included as topics for discussion, -the cannabis grower and cannabis cafe crisis in Holland, the cannabis patient-growers crisis in the USA and the patient -growers crisis in Canada.. Bud Kushman
Marc Emery 3 Marc Emery 4 Marc Emery 1 Marc Emery Monsanto
So the question remains.  Who killed Bud Kushman?

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