Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) Created HUGE SLUSH FUND for Gavin Newsom

     gavinnewsomCartoonGavin Newsom is a weasel. (No offense to weasels intended.) As I predicted at the Democratic Convention in San Jose this February, Newsom will urge voters to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) because it creates a HUGE SLUSH FUND that will be under the next governor’s total control. And Gavin really, really wants to be the next governor.
Do those of you reading this article assume, as do so many people, that legalization of marijuana will result in huge, beneficial tax revenues? That is what the people behind AUMA hope you’ll assume. Well, there will be huge revenues — but not that will benefit the State of California!
    NONE of the revenue from marijuana “legalization” will go to the General Fund (so we won’t get any money for highways and infrastructure improvements).
    NONE of the revenue will go to public schools (AUMA even includes a special provision exempting marijuana tax revenues from the initiative that says a portion of all taxes must go to public school).  (remember where lottery money was to go towards?)
    NONE of the revenue will go to community colleges, and NONE will go the the Cal State Universities (that get funded from the General Fund).
    The head weasel, and all the little weasels (and there are quite a few) will say,”But that money is going to go into programs to keep kids from misusing drugs! And into research at UCSD! And into more law enforcement!” weasel
    But we already have plenty of anti-drug programs and federal funding for them. So this SLUSH fund lets the bureaucracy that AUMA creates will let the next governor and his buddies give contracts to people who start NEW nonprofit drug education and counseling programs — and pay themselves hefty salaries as the nonprofits’ officers and directors and “counselors.
     Acknowledging there is a LOT of research into cannabinoid medicine already — being paid for by the for-profit industries. And the amount of money to go to UCSD is relatively small, compared to how much revenue this legalization measure will create.
    Oddly enough since legalization is supposed to result in fewer arrests and prosecutions, why do we need to pour MORE into law enforcement? Why? because AUMA creates NEW felonies, misdemeanors and infractions. And it would send people under 21 caught growing marijuana to jail for 16 months, 2 or 3 years — while it supposedly allows anyone 21 or older to grow marijuana with impunity. If that doesn’t make sense to you — trust me, there’s a reason it doesn’t make sense.
    AUMA is a scam, a scam to create a SLUSH FUND with OUR tax money! To read the text of AUMA in an easier to view format, with my comments about where its tricks and traps lie, go to  If it’s not there, check back; I keep getting hacked!
    Now go back and look at that photo of Newsom that accompanies this article. Weasel? Umhmmm. Brian Kelly? Little weasel? Umhmmm.

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