Prop 64 – AUMA Legalization for the 1%


Do you want to “legalize” marijuana?  What does the word “legalize” mean?  You might be thinking that is marijuana is “legalized”,  people will no longer be arrested.  FALSE.

The goal of the Pot Billionaires busy working to keep black market profits for themselves.  To do this they must criminalize YOU.  We are talking about plant matter here.  They used to call it weed because it was so easy to grow.  Throw a couple seeds outside and the plant skyrockets.  Far easier than roses.  More like tomatoes.  Fast.  So if the 1% Pot Billionaires (mostly dutch mafia backed, which has notoriously worked with Monsanto, Soros, and the DEA) want to take over the California pot market, the only way it will be profitable for THEM is to make YOU A CRIMINAL.

That is the goal of AUMA.

Here are some of the problems in this 60 page nightmare of over-restriction and over-regulation:

  • You must pay off your local politicians to get a permit.  Currently it is common to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs if you want a store.


  • Anything in the wording is changeable with a simple majority vote of the legislature.  What does this mean to you?  Answer:  It means that the carrots they are dangling about 6 plants or protection for small farmers can and will be thrown out by Monsanto lobbyists as soon as the initiative passes.


  • One more very important thing about the AUMA: none of the tax money generated under AUMA goes to the general fund. NONE OF IT. All the tax money generated under AUMA goes back into the enforcement of AUMA. ALL OF IT.


  • So clearly stated, our prop215 rights are already under serious threat by the recently passed MMRSA. If AUMA passes, it validates the MMRSA by a vote of the people. This is the clearest indication I can give you on how AUMA threatens my hard earned prop215 rights.  You do realize that there is wording in AUMA that gives the legislature complete free reign to overturn Prop 215 without a vote of the people. That doesn’t seem to protect patient rights. It’s more like a sneaky end run play to wipe out patients rights. No rhetoric involved.  Recreational adult use of Cannabis have been legalized in Colorado and Washington State, and in the process Medical Cannabis and the rights and protections there in have been decimated. I encourage the full legalization of cannabis but to throw the baby out with the bath water (destroying Medical) In order to push patients into a scheme of recreational only to get more tax dollars from sales is unacceptable. 



  • Concentrates –  Under AUMA it will be limited to 4 grams. That’s a big step backwards, especially for patients with serious medical conditions like cancer and epilepsy. Patient rights are not protected under AUMA. Under AUMA a simple vote of the legislature can wipe out all prop 215 gains. Re-read the entire 62 page measure and please point out specifically where it says money will be allocated to the general fund. You won’t be able to. The AUMA is legalization in the form of a Trojan horse. This article states that Californians will be able to possess 8 grams of concentrates. That may or may not be correct. Here’s a prime example of how poorly AUMA is written: in one section of AUMA it states that you can possess 4 grams of concentrates, in another section it states 8 grams, and in a third section it reverts back to 4 grams. I think they were under the influence when they wrote this bill backed by shady players like Phizer, Monsanto, Southern Wine and Spirits (aka The Teamsters), Sean Parker of Napster fame, and the horribly corrupt and dishonest folks at WeedMaps. AUMA destroys patients Prop. 215 rights. Why would I trade my right to possess 8 oz of flower so I can possess only one? It just doesn’t make sense. Stop the attempted takeover of the California Medical Industry by billionaire special interests. Please vote no on AUMA.


  • Right now, under prop. 215 I can grow 12 plants anywhere I want on my property. Under AUMA that becomes 6 plants in a locked facility. I can’t grow in my backyard anymore. Furthermore, AUMA grants cities and municipalities the individual rights to ban cultivation and collectives all together. There’s far too much sneaky wording hiding in this overly bloated 62 page bill. The wording on this bill should have taken no more then 10 pages.


  • AUMA PROP – designed for the corporate take over of the California Cannabis Industry by big business and silicone valley billionaires. No more boutique growers, no more festivals like The Cup or Chalice.


  • All tax revenue generated by AUMA goes into the enforcement of AUMA. You can use terms like “environmental mitigation” and “public health”, but in reality it all ties into AUMA. No money for schools, infrastructure, veterans, senior citizens etc. The vast majority goes to law enforcement. Please if I’m wrong, clearly point out the wording in AUMA that states money will be used for general fund items.


  • One more very important thing about the AUMA: none of the tax money generated under AUMA goes to the general fund. NONE OF IT. All the tax money generated under AUMA goes back into the enforcement of AUMA. ALL OF IT.
  • Prop 64 AUMA Marijuana Legalization ActJerry Brown, our Governor, just signed a new law, the Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act (MMRSA), that violates Prop. 215.  MMRSA purports to change the Prop. 215 rights held by medical marijuana patients, but MMRSA’s provisions that impact Prop. 215 rights are unconstitutional.  That is because the Legislature and Governor have no legal right to change Prop. 215’s provisions.  Those provisions set out in  Prop. 215 can only be changed by a vote of the voters of the whole state.  (Cal. Const. Art. II, Section 10, subsection (c).)
  • WARNING! This is just one way thatAUMA plans to take away patients’ Prop. 215 rights!   What “strict” standards did Brown sign into law in 2015?  He signed the Medical Marijuana and Safety Act, MMRSA, that unconstitutionally attempts to change Prop. 215’s provisions.
  • So, for example, the Compassionate Use Act says that people who have “any serious illness” that marijuana might help have a right to use it.  That is how we’ve discovered that marijuana helps a lot of conditions.      But the Legislature, if AUMA is adopted by the voters, could enact legislation that states that whole herbal marijuana could be used to treat only certain enumerated conditions (which is what some states have done).  Or, as has happened elsewhere, the Legislature could adopt a law that patients must rely on PRESCRIPTION drugs, rather than on whole herbal cannabis.
  • The Legislature could thereby turn marijuana, for purposes of making lots of money, into a purely recreational drug, and force the sick, the “real” patients, back into the arms of waiting Big Pharma.  For people who use marijuana because prescription drugs had bad side effects, or didn’t work, or were too expensive, this will be a disaster,     This provision in AUMA is also how the State can collect even more money from citizens: by requiring patients to get (pay for) a medical marijuana ID card — which until MMRSA passed, has been voluntary.  Why has it been voluntary?  Because otherwise, forcing people get these cards is a violation of their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination (since using marijuana is still illegal under federal law).  But if the federal government re-schedules marijuana, then patients would have no legal excuse to refuse to pay for a marijuana ID card.     AUMA says that the ID cards will protect patients’ right to privacy, but how and why do people need an ID card to protect their right to privacy?  A right is something you already have, so why should you need to buy a card to protect an existing right?

MMRSA and  AUMA were obviously put together by the 1 percent, in order to make more money from the 99 percent.  The MMRSA’s new (and illegal) provisions are designed to drive people to vote for a new law, like AUMA — Prop. 215 is still the law of California, even though our own elected officials are violating it left and right — but only if the voters do not adopt AUMA.


Let us hear your arguments, Pro and Con against the FAKE LEGAL-LIES-ATION INIATIVE CALLED AUMA AKA PROP 64 or leave your comment below


Prop 64 AUMA



  • Thanks for outline of AUMA’s subversive assault on the rights of patients and the integrity of Proposition 215. For 60 years the Federal Government posited and pursued their unilateral assertion they it is/was the sole proprietary owner of all things cannabis. In the face of the big lie perpetrated through the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act passed in the service of the emerging pharmaceutical industry, tens of thousands of seriously ill Americans were denied access to marijuana’s profound medical benefits and allowed to suffer and die unnecessarily by a government that knew better.

    As a result of their intransigence, in 1996, the people of California decisively rejected the U.S. Government’s self-declared sole ownership and life-threatening restrictions on the medical use of cannabis, affirming the proprietary rights of patients and their designated caregivers to obtain, possess, cultivate, and process cannabis (from seed to smoke) for their own self-care and personal medical use.

    Proposition 215’s total of 274 words were simple and direct in challenging the now 80 year old lie on which which the massive marijuana prohibition industry killed thousands of our fellow citizens through its criminal indifference,. deliberate marginalization of millions of otherwise law abiding citizens through judicial and economic sanctions and mass incarceration, building the largest for profit prison system in the world through its morally corrupt War of Drugs.

    Those who claim to support the interests of medical marijuana patients and responsible adult users, yet who stand in alliance with the agents of deceit and death who have profited for the last eight decades from the abject denial of cannabis/hemp/marijuana as a valuable and life-sustaining natural resource betray not only their own integrity but also endanger the joint responsibility we all share for the good stewardship and preservation of a botanical miracle that has serve humanity well for over 10,000,without the genetically modified witchery of Monsanto / Dow / Bayer and their billionaire proteges.

    You can’t legalize marijuana by re-branding the war on drugs, undermining hard won protections for the most critically ill, enhancing criminal and civil penalties in defiance of current decrim standards, and surrendering to the same corporate forces who brought us prohibition in the first place and who now seek to dispossess the people of California of their constitutionally protected proprietary rights of patients affirmed by the voters.

    The AUMA is the wrong answer, to the wrong question, by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.

    Scott T, Imler
    Co-author, Proposition 215
    Founder, Los Angeles Cannabis Resource Center (So Cal’s first patient-based cooperative cultivation project)

  • Most real patients use CBD Oils, properly dosed edibles, low THC/high CBD strains, cannabis capsules, etc. for their ailments. Prop 215 and SB420 have been turned into a total sham and I knew its lifespan would be limited when everyone and their mother could get a doctor’s rec for $35 just by telling the doctors whatever they needed (true of false) regarding their conditions. I live in the ghetto and I see the misuse of cannabis by a ton of young adults as they make their way to school. It has gotten out of hand and it’s the elephant in the room that many don’t want to talk about. I’m not saying AUMA is a great fix for this, but nothing else has made the ballot. Whatever happened to CCHI? All these years drafting, changing, rewriting it and where are we with that? Absolutely nowhere. AUMA is obviously the most comprehensive “proposal” so far out of the bunch. I’d love to see CCHI make it on the ballot and actually pass…but that’s not reality at the present moment in time. One part I don’t understand, William, is what part of no public consumption of cannabis do you not understand? You’re just adding to the stigma that has been created over the years and only make it more difficult for us to be taken seriously…especially FOR THE PATIENTS! Who’s side are you on if you’re going to paint this picture of what our Medical Cannabis laws currently look like or how they are followed? You’re not helping with that kind of attitude and behavior.

  • Dude, if you’re going to moderate comments, at least expedite that shit. You encouraged PRO/CON discussions and I’m trying to have one here. Put the blunt down just for a second 😉

    • I am a patient. My MD prescribed my first perscription. I moved to a county so I could grow 12 plants on 1.5 acres now I have become the counties enemy anyone with 1 plant in my county outdoors gets it abated, or a $1000.00 a day fine I don’t give a fuck if the AUMA brings that down to $250.00 I can’t afford it. I am no longer allowed to grow outdoors It is impossible for me to grow enough pot in doors to cover my needs. I need 5 +lbs. a year and my Doctor is worried that may not be enough for my needs. If the AUMA passes I will have to leave this state because right now in my county medical patients are the new enemy, the new cash flow for cops. I have to give up my second amendment right I will never get another prescription again. Just another form of tattoing , pink triangle, goverment marking and registering you. In Mexico pot is legal why because it’s a humans right to be able to heal yourself . When did people like you become so brain washed in believing you need to live in a police state? That you know how much and what kinds of medicine is best . You don’t know shit. Yes you are right there is a scam going on and is call prop 64 the AUMA By they wayI doubt you live in the ghetto and if you do you are one cold hearted mother fucker who only gives a damn about yourself. Places like the ghetto are the first place the cops are lineing up to take down. Your neighbors will be the first ones to be shot for pot and go to jail for 30 grams yeah you live in a ghetto all right it’s called your mind. I wont waste anymore of my time on a troll who can’t see the greed in front of him and if he does wants for himself.

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